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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11th August 2020 Written Episode Written Update



Vansh seeing Riddhima. They get married. Riddhima greets Dadi and takes blessings. Dadi asks Riddhima is she happy with the marriage. Riddhima says marriage is a dream of every girl, when it becomes reality, then many times its unbelievable. Anupriya does their grahpravesh. Vansh and Riddhima walk in. Vansh calls her out. Riddhima shuts the door. She goes upstairs. Dadi says let her go, she will be fine till morning, she is tired of the rituals. Vansh looks on. Riddhima goes to washroom and cries. Kabir walks somewhere and cries. Ishq mein marjawa….plays….. He shouts Riddhima and hits a tree in anger. Riddhima shouts why, Kabir. She washes her face and cleans the sindoor. Kabir says sorry Riddhima.

Vansh gets angry. Angre says I have checked all the caterers personally, the intruders succeeded to leave the mansion, sorry, maybe they took Shera. Vansh says they have come to take Shera. Angre says trust me, I will not let our business details go out. Vansh says no need to call anyone. He shows Shera. Angre looks on. Vansh says Shera disappeared from home and I found it at home, it means that intruder was unsuccessful or its something else. Angre asks where did you get it. Vansh says when Riddhima was missing from her room, I went to her room. He checks Riddhima’s room. He sees Shera kept on the shelf. Angre says it means Riddhima is the intruder, she wanted to take proof and run out of the mansion. Vansh gives Shera to him. He says keep it safe. He goes.

Aryan says I told you, not to take Shera’s name, I have hidden it at the right place, you won’t be suspected now. Aryan recalls keeping Shera in Riddhima’s room. Siya asks Riddhima to wait in her room. She compliments Riddhima. Ishani taunts her. Riddhima goes inside the room. She cries. Vansh comes and holds her tear in his hand. He says tear in bride’s eyes on this night, for whom is this pain, you aren’t able to hide, you are an expert in hiding things, what else did you hide. Riddhima asks is it your habit or like to live in doubt. Vansh says I m helpless to doubt, its imp to live, strangely, my doubt never got wrong till date, there is no place for third person in a marriage, it maybe a person, Lord, matter or a secret. Riddhima says you said it right, marriage happens between two normal people, we aren’t normal. Vansh says interesting….

Vansh says if a thorn hurts, its removed and thrown, if you had a problem with the marriage, then why didn’t you run away, you had the change, why did you return, any special reason, any mission. She gets back. He gets close to her.

She gets tensed. He gets away and says whatever the reason, truth is you are my wife, its said that a husband gives a special gift to his wife on the wedding night. He shows the box. She sees a gun. He says gift should be such that it takes life, isn’t it perfect. He asks her to take it out. He takes the gun and points at her. She gets scared and closes eyes. He pulls the trigger. He says if you dare to cheat me, then shoot yourself with this gun before I get to know. He smiles.

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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 28th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update




Anurag saying I didn’t know this, how shall I apologize to you, I hurt you so much, sorry, I misunderstood you that you want revenge on me, I thought what did I do, I didn’t know that you are in pain since years, now I know why you behave so rudely with me, why you get angry, I swear, I didn’t know, I thought Sneha… He cries. Prerna looks at him. He says I thought she is alive, she is in hostel, she is with you, you are hiding her, I came in Shivani’s sangeet to see Sneha once, I wanted her to call me Papa, I would have forgot the pain and hugged her in a second, you don’t know there is no day when I didn’t think of her, I always thought to tell her that I m her dad. He says sorry Sneha, I promised I will always protect you, I will do anything for your happiness, I couldn’t keep it, I didn’t know she won’t come back, I deserve it. Prerna hugs him. They cry. Kasauti…plays… doctor comes to them.

Kaushik gets Monu’s call. He answers. Monu says Anushka called and told me everything, how is Kuki. Kaushik says she slipped in coma. Monu says very sorry, your love will end before starting. Kaushik says no, I will love her always, even if she doesn’t respond, she will be my first and last love, I will always love her. Kuki hears him and opens eyes. She recalls talking to doctor. She says I m fine. He says I will give the good news to Anurag. Nurse asks shall I give the good news to Kaushik. Kuki says wait, tell him that I m in coma, I want to keep him away, I feel he is lying to me, if he loves me, he will wait for me, else not, truth will be found. FB ends. Anurag and Prerna come to see her. Kaushik thinks I can’t tell them that Kuki slipped in coma. He goes to call nurse. They ask how are you now. Kuki says I m fine. Kaushik goes to nurse and says Kuki’s mom has come, I can’t tell her that Kuki slipped in coma, can you tell her. Nurse says Kuki told me say that to you, don’t you know she isn’t in coma, listen to me. Kaushik feels bad. Prerna says I will drop you home. Kuki says I will go home with Anushka. Anurag calls Kaushik and asks what, you could have informed me. Kuki asks where is he. Anurag says he suddenly left for home. Nurse says I told him, sorry, nothing. She goes.

Prerna says I will send driver. Kuki says you go, I will go with Anushka. Prerna goes. Anurag says take rest. He leaves. Kuki thinks he knows that I want him away, he would feel bad. Kaushik thinks of her. Prerna comes to orphanage and asks for adoption papers. She says I have to adopt Samidha. Chandrika sees Priyanka.

Shivani takes care of Kuki. Kuki says I don’t like guys, since they think girls are timepass, I misunderstood Kaushik. Shivani says you love him. Anushka asks when were you going to tell me. She says you liked him and saved him for yourself, I m very happy for you. She hugs Shivani. Shivani thinks of Prerna and Anurag’s love story. Chandrika says sorry, but someone already adopted her. Prerna asks who adopted her, tell me. She says give me the number once, I will tell them that Samidha is like my daughter, Samidha and Sneha are one for me. Chandrika says I can understand, but now its not possible. Prerna says please, I plead you, I will give you money and property, anything, give me Samidha. Chandrika says please, its late now. Priyanka says Prerna can check the register if you can’t say. Prerna takes the register. Chandrika tries to snatch it. Priyanka asks Chandrika to leave it. Chandrika slaps her. Prerna sees Komolika’s name. She gets shocked. Priyanka says Komolika… She scolds Chandrika. Prerna asks what are you both talking. Priyanka says Komolika has separated your daughter once again, Samidha is Sneha. Prerna gets shocked. Chandrika worries. Priyanka says Samidha is your daughter, her name was changed in this orphanage, she is your Sneha. Prerna happily cries.

Komolika says Samidha is a lovely girl, she was getting emotional, so I got her. Anurag smiles. Nivedita says own blood is own. Komolika says Samidha is Sneha, Anurag shouldn’t know it. She gets shocked seeing Anurag at the door.

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Vettri Movie (2021) | Mugen Rao | Cast | Trailer | Songs | Release Date




Vettri is an upcoming movie starring Bigg Boss fame Mugen Rao and Anukreethy Vas in the lead characters. Directed by Anjana Ali Khan of Veppam fame, the film was bankrolled by Shirdi Productions. Touted to be a thriller drama, Mugen Rao playing an engineering student in the film, while Anukreethy and Kishore play a crucial role.

R Rathnavelu, known for his works in Rajinikanth’s Enthiran, will be cranking the camera for the film. Nivas K Prasanna composes the music while Anthony handles the editing. Amritha Ram (Vada Chennai) will be designing costumes in the film.

Director Anjana Ali Khan
Producers Shirdi Productions
Screenplay Anjana Ali Khan
Genre Thriller Drama
Story Anjana AliKhan
Starring Mugen Rao and Anukreethy Vas
Music Nivas K Prasanna
Cinematographer R Rathnavelu
Editor Anthony
Production Company Shirdi Productions
Release date 2021
Language Tamil

Vettri Movie Cast

Here is main cast list of upcoming tamil movie Vettri,

  • Mugen Rao
  • Anukreethy Vas
  • Kishore

Vettri Movie Trailer

Mugen Rao’s Vettri movie trailer will be updated soon. Stay Tuned with

Vettri Movie Songs

According to sources, the film has five songs and one theme music composed by Nivas K Prasanna. All the songs will be updated after it get released officially.

Vettri Movie First Look

The first look poster of the Vettri film was released on 28 September 2020. It features an identity card starring Mugen Rao as a student at Rajendra Engineering College. Also, it hints that a war between police and student. Take a look at the interesting first look of Vettri movie,

mugen rao Vettri movie
mugen rao Vettri movie

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The Kapil Sharma Show, 13th September 2020, written update: The cast of Mahabharat regales us with some epic throwback tales




This Sunday, 26th September, The Kapil Sharma Show welcomes the cast of one of the most loved and biggest epic TV shows ever to be telecast in the history of Indian television, Mahabharat. Everyone from Nitin Bharadwaj and Gufi Paintal to Gajendra Chauhan, Arjun and Puneet Issar graced the set of the sketch-comedy show today, and their stories of the show, the love from fans back then, the unforgettable BTS moments they shared and the overnight fame they earned were music for the ears, especially for longtime fans. Even the creator of Mahabharat, BR Chopra’s daughter in law, Renu Ravi Chopra, made an appearance. So, in case you missed all the fun from tonight’s episode of The Kapil Sharma show, worry not, because we’ve got you covered. Also Read – The Kapil Sharma Show, 13th September 2020, written update: The cast of Mahabharat regales us with some epic throwback tales

Royal entry

It was only befitting that the cast of Mahabharat were welcomed on stage by host Kapil Sharma in a manner reminiscent of the days of their epic serial, wasn’t it? Also Read – The Kapil Sharma Show, 13th September 2020, written update: Annu Kapoor recounts how he was once mistaken for Anil Kapoor and received a bigger cheque

Throwback diaries

The nostalgia and trivia from when Mahabharat was the craze all over India didn’t end. From lovely moments on set to insane fan reactions, all was revealed. Also Read – The Kapil Sharma Show, 20th September 2020, written update: Renuka Shahane REVEALS Shah Rukh Khan made a funny mistake on the sets of Circus

Chandu charms

Having returned to The Kapil Sharma Show since yesterday, 26th September’s episode, Chandan Prabhakar won our hearts again with how he entertained the guests.

Bharti and Kiku get everyone grooving

So entertaining were Bharti Singh and Kiku Sharda’s segments that the guests couldn’t help but join them for an impromptu jig.


In true Mahabharat fashion, Sumona Chakravarti appeared on stage, ready for a swayamvar with one of the male cast members.

Selfie time

The entire cast of Mahabharat signed off with the customary selfie with Kapil Sharma and Archana Puran Singh.

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