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John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Renewed by HBO Through 2023



John Oliver will be bringing his biting satire to HBO for at least three more years.

The premium cabler has announced it has renewed “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” for three more seasons, taking the British comedian’s run through 10 seasons and through the year 2023.

News of the pickup comes around two weeks after Oliver aired his last episode on the Republican National Convention and the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin over the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Season 7 also saw Oliver cover the coronavirus pandemic, which forced “Last Week Tonight” out of its CBS Broadcast Center studio back in March, police brutality, and the George Floyd protests.

Casey Bloys, chief content officer for HBO and HBO Max, unveiled Oliver’s new deal.

“For the past seven years, John and his incredibly talented team have taken on topics that are both in the public mind and off the beaten path, always managing to shed new light on these subjects with intelligence and searing humor,” said Bloys. “We are beyond thrilled to continue this relationship for three more years.”

“We’re all extremely happy to be able to continue to do our show on HBO for another three years, or until the end of the world, whichever comes first,” added Oliver, a “The Daily Show” alum who gained prominence filling in for the Comedy Central series’ former host Jon Stewart back in 2013.

“Last Week Tonight” is produced for HBO by Avalon Television and Sixteen String Jack Productions. The show is executive produced by Oliver, Tim Carvell, Liz Stanton, Jon Thoday and James Taylor, as well as director Paul Pennolino.

John Oliver is represented by WME and attorney Leigh Brecheen at Brecheen Feldman Breimer Silver & Thompson.


Greenhouse Academy Season 5: Is A Release Date Spilled By Makers?




Greenhouse Academy is one of the famous teen drama series from the creator Giora Chamizer. The storyline of this teen drama series has been inspired by an Israeli TV program, Ha-Hamama, from the same creator.

The teen drama series has talented cast members, which generally comprises of youthful entertainers appropriate for their roles.

The series first arrived for the fans on September 8, 2017, with the arrival of its first season, on the streaming program Netflix. The show being a Netflix original has increased immense acclaim and appraise, which urged it to be introduced for the global crowd.

Source: What’s On Netflix

Will We Going To Have The Fifth Season

The fourth part comprises a sum of 8 amazing episodes, with an estimated 25 minutes running time. The teen drama series got enormous popularity and gratefulness from its admirers because of the astounding plot of hits the most recent season. Anyway, after the arrival of the fourth season, fans started questioning Will the series going to have the next season.

See, nothing has been confirmed till now, so the answer is No, we won’t get the fifth season of the series. However, the appropriate response which the fans got from the team’s end concerning this, was not to their greatest advantage. A couple of months after the arrival of the fourth season, it was reported that the show had been canceled on teh streaming program Netflix after four seasons.

What’s The Reason For Cancelation

The cancelation has not been revealed as reviewing how the show depends on another plot, there was still a lot to be secured through more seasons and episodes.

In any case, the cancelation of the upcoming season has clearly disheartened the fans of the show. It is likewise not satisfactory whether the teen drama will change its unique organization for the fifth season and proceed with the production, yet keeping high expectations and expecting the best is recommended for the fans.

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Melting Arctic ice doesn’t increase Sea levels, but is still impactful in other ways! What is it? Find it here




Another strange phenomenon. This recently has come under the attention of U.S government scientists is that the Arctic ocean’s floating ice cover has shrunk to its second-lowest extent. According to satellite records which were made known in 1979. Until recently after nearly the last 42 years has earth’s frozen skull cap has been covered less than 4 million square kilometers. What does this mean? Is melting artic poses danger in other ways? or is contributing to something way more serious than what we’re led to believe? Read on more to know more bout the impacts the melting ice on the Arctic has over the environment.

What are the problems diminishing ice level poses?

plastisch chirurg salaris Researchers observed in their studies that the sea ice has diminished to an alarming 14 % percent over the decade. And in 2035, there is a possibility that the Arctic will experience it’s first ice-free summer. But the melting of the ice levels in the Arctic doesn’t guarantee the boosting of sea levels than melted ice cubes overflow the glass of water. Which you might be wondering what does this have to do with it.

One thing’s for certain that it will lead to the extinction of polar bears. Which their numbers are dwindling and nearly going extinct. And leading to drastic changes in the region’s marine ecosystem affecting whales and phytoplankton. This leads it to a very crucial question as to how will it affect humanity? Turns out there’s more to it which we need to watch out for.

It creates a Feedback loop, according to geophysicist at Columbia University Earth Institute Marco Tedesco. “Sea ice removal creates dark ocean, which in turn creates a powerful feedback mechanism”. Freshly fallen snow bounces 80% of the sun’s radiative force back into space.  Imagine if that snow is gone, oceans already absorb 90% of the excess heat generated by greenhouse gases. Which is already harming the planet at a greater pace with massive marine heatwaves, altered chemistry, and dying coral reefs e-lotte.

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Louis Partridge: Who plays Lord Viscount Tewksbury on Enola Holmes?




Louis Partridge on the set of Enola Holmes
Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Enola Holmes, first meets Lord Tewksbury, played by Partridge, hiding in a bag on a train. Pic credit: Netflix

Louis Partridge is starring as Lord Viscount Tewksbury in the new movie, Enola Holmes, and we’ve got all the details about the young English actor, right here.

Enola Holmes is a brand new Netflix movie that was released yesterday, September 23, and has so far received some rather glowing reviews, including one from Monsters and Critics.

Enola Holmes tells the story of Sherlock Holmes’s teenage sister, Enola, who embarks on a detective case in old-timey England with the same tenacity and skill as her more famous brother.

The movie has been adapted from one of the young detective novels written by Nancy Springer. Enola is played by Millie Bobby Brown (who found fame as Eleven in Stranger Things), and Henry Cavill plays her brother Sherlock.

Enola’s life is turned upside down when she meets the young Lord Viscount Tewksbury (Partridge) on a train. It turns out somebody is trying to kill Tewksbury, and from that point on, the lives of Enola and the young aristocrat become intertwined.

The pair form an unlikely alliance as they try to save Tewkesbury’s life and track down Enola’s mother. Despite their differences, Enola is direct and full of action while the Viscount is a gentle, thoughtful chap; the pair form a strong bond.

The character of Tewksbury is played with great aplomb by Louis Partridge, but who is this young English actor?

Who is Louis Partridge?

Partridge is seventeen years old and is from London, England. He first fell in love with acting when he was just 12-years-old, and since then, he has been juggling auditions with his school work.

In an interview with MTV, he spoke about how he couldn’t spend too long celebrating after hearing he’d got the part for Enola Holmes as he had to study for an exam in English literature.

Partridge has not been to acting school, but he says he was heavily influenced by Leonardo DiCaprio, particularly in the movies Shutter Island and The Aviator. He also says he’s a big fan of Timothee Chalamet.

As you might expect from an actor, he’s quite creative and is currently learning to play the piano. Otherwise, he says he really likes 80s music and is a fan of The Cure, The Smiths, and The Strokes.

His most significant role before now was on the TV series Medici when he played Piero de Medici. He also appeared as Young Henry Bates in Amazon Adventure. He also worked on Paddington 2 as G-Man; however, sadly, his scene was eventually cut.

Yes, Louis Partridge is on Instagram

You can find Louis on Instagram, where he has the handle @Louispartridge_ He doesn’t seem to be on any of the other major social media platforms, not yet anyway.

He took to Instagram yesterday to express his excitement about the release of Enola Holmes, “it feels like Christmas Eve of a birthday or something.” He also thanked co-star Millie Bobby Brown and everyone who believes in him.

Louis Partridge Instagram post
Pic credit: @louispartridge_ /Instagram

Partridge is not a prolific poster but check out his feed to see some cool pics of the actor in some stunning locations. Also, check out the pics of his pet dog, which he enjoys walking around his London neighborhood.

Instagram by Louis Partridge
Pic credit: @louispartridge_ /Instagram

Enola Holmes is currently streaming on Netflix.

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