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LMU veterinary students improve their clinical skills using Alexa Technology




LMU veterinary students improve their clinical skills using Alexa Technology

Veterinary students gathered round the test table with pills in hand, listening intently into a digital apparatus since the Alexa voice introduced as a puppy owner. Throughout their case study to get a 12-week-old pup, pupils could ask the false owner questions to ascertain exactly what it required for good health.

“Is he becoming food created for dogs?” Asked one aspiring animal physician.

The apparatus responded, dependent on pre-programmed data, “He’s usually so full of exactly what the children give himhe does not eat all his meals.”

The pupils went on to talk about nutrition and the demand for worming together with the digital puppy owner. They’re using technology together with interviewing celebrities who occasionally help them clinic for medical care.

“When you’ve got an actor it is a bit different and it is kind of another stressor,” said next year LMU pupil Charlotte Talbert.
“But when you’ve Alexa, you have to create those alternatives, you get to make those mistakes and capitalize on these next moment.”

The pupils are utilizing Alexa technologies customized by Assistant Professor Jamie Perkins, DVM. She explained she used this tech herself when moving through veterinary college, and she was eager to create it for other pupils to use. Perkins’ demonstration of using Alexa to create clinical skills acquired her first place honors in the 2018 Hyperdrive competition at the DevLearn Seminar in Las Vegas in October. She stated other colleges have been asking about utilizing this technology.

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Perkins said with the Alexa tool can streamline analyzing, prepare pupils for real-world practice work and possibly save the vet college cash training pupils.

Perkins clarified that Alexa can bridge the gap between classroom instruction and preparation for medical clinic, “it is a procedure where pupils will need to undergo, and they will need to bring all that information they have learned while sitting traditional lectures, all those facts and really apply them into a patient”


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