In early 2018, Microsoft rebranded its MSN news app to the Microsoft News app on Android and iOS. The app can be found in 28 languages, also transmits across breaking news alerts on various chosen topics of your attention. Now, the technology giant has introduced yet another news app, now calling it Hummingbird. This app also enables users to locate news of the attention, and get up-to-date with present affairs. Hummingbird appears to be accessible for downloading just in the united states for today, and just on Android.

Microsoft’s Hummingbird app uses AI learning how to curate videos and stories on the subjects that you pick whilst establishing, but finally learns your curiosity and reveals content so. The app asks you to login with your Microsoft or LinkedIn accounts, then proceeds to request you to set up your ‘Mix’. You are able to select from choices like Entertainment, Politics. Science and Tech, Sports, Food and Dining, Fashion, and much more. Once that’s set up, users may then watch their feed packed with videos and stories. You may tap on the 3 dots along with every narrative to dislike it, block it, save it for later reading, or discuss it with buddies on other societal apps.

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Tapping a narrative takes you to the website where it’s been printed, but the best banner retains Hummingbird’s societal features of dislike, block, save, and discuss. There is a’+’ button at the top edge of this app which enables users to add more themes to feed. There is also an internet search tab which lets you type in keywords to seek stories about an individual or topic. There is also a profile that allows you to edit your subjects, see your stored record, and studying history too. The profile also has the comments button and the Preferences button to get more customisation of information. You are able to elect for videos not to appear in the feed so as to save information by heading into Settings and then unchecking the’Show videos from feed’ alternative.

As previously mentioned, Hummingbird app is apparently only obtainable in the united states for downloading in the Play Store, but users at different areas can give it a try by downloading the APK Mirror to get Android


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