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Mollywood heroines show off their legs saying, “women have legs”



After the Thanneer Mathan Dinangal actress Anaswara Rajan posted a picture in an off-the-shoulder top and shorts on her social media handle, the actress was flooded with slut-shaming comments. She was abused for her “inappropriate” dress code at the age of 18. 

Well, the young diva gave a fitting reply to the haters by sharing a few more pictures of herself in shorts and she wrote “Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing.” Several actors including Nimisha Sajayan, Surabhi Santosh and Divya Prabha aextended their support for Anaswara in the comment box too.

The actress’ response to haters has triggered a interesting campaign on social media leaving several top Mollywood actresses posting pictures of themselves showing off their legs with the hashtag #WomenHaveLegs. Rima was the first to extend her solidarity with the Anashwara. The actress shared a throwback picture of herself in a swimsuit showing off her well-toned legs. She captioned, “Surprise surprise!!! Women have legs #ladies #showthemhowitsdone.”

rima Kallingal

Following her, actors Anarkali Marikar, Ahaana Krishna, Anna Ben and Kani Kusruti took to their respective social media handles to express their solidarity with Anaswara Rajan by posting pictures of them showing off their legs. 


“Show em off girls ! They’re yours !”, wrote Anarkali Marikar. Meanwhile Ahaana wrote a lengthy note, “Posting a really nice picture of me wearing a tiny dress , showing most of my legs to take attendance of the number of creeps who will line up in attention in my comment box to post third-rate comments 🙂 2 things.

Firstly , what I wear isn’t your business. What anybody wears isn’t your business. Your business is just your business. Probably you don’t have enough of it , so you try and poke your nose into other people’s business. I will wear Shorts , Sari , Shirt or a Swim-suit .. it’s not your license to question my character. Neither is it my oppurtunity to prove my own character. So , WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS , NOT MY CLOTHES ??

Secondly , as far as I know .. legs , stomach , hands etc .. they are all the same, be it in the body of a man or a woman. I can’t see any difference that is so important that it justifies the difference between the kind of comments that make it to the comment box of a man in little clothes and that of a girl. If a man shows his well toned body , it’s Inspiring , Mass and Frickin’ Hot. When a girl does the same , she looks like she’s ready for Sex? She’s Shameless? She’s an Attention Seeker? She’s trying to turn people on for work?

Pick up this flamboyant display of patriarchy and discard it in the first dust-bin you can find around you. Me posting a picture in a super short dress has only 1 meaning – I like that picture and I felt like sharing it on my own social media profile. Any other meaning that you derive out of it is nothing but a reflection of the unfortunate situation of your life and the things you lack in it.

Gross mindsets might not change way too much. But the license to publicly speak out one’s gross mindset can be shut down. Call out slut-shamers. Call out dirty patriarchy. And stop giving a damn about what a random person has to comment on your clothes. Do these 3 things and slowly but surely , creeps who want to say creepy things will be so scared to spit out the poison that they will learn to keep it within themselves.

I’d like to sum up this slightly long post with a quote I read recently on Social Media – ” Oh my favourite season will be the Fall of Patriarchy ?? “.

Ahaana krishna legs

Anna ben shorts

kani kusruti legs

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15 Chubby Doggos Who Are Actually Teddy Bears




Did you know that dogs and teddy bears are pretty much the same? Well, of course, they have a lot of differences and they are not even related to each other. But the pictures that we have found of fluffy and chubby puppies says the opposite. 

In these pictures, you can clearly see that cute puppies look exactly like teddy bears. And after seeing the photos all you would want to do is squeezing them because they are so damn adorable. The furry angels are very chubby and one can easily mistake them for teddy bears. But who cares because little puppies and teddy bears both are cute (or maybe, dogs are more adorable). We don’t know. You can just scroll down to know this yourself.

#1 Newfoundland Puppy.

#2- Alaskan Malamute.

#3- Black Chow Chow Puppy.

#4- German Shepherd/ Akita/ Corgi Mix.

#5- Teacup Pomeranian.

#6- Poodle Puppy.

#7- Samoyed Puppy.

#8- Tibetan Mastiff.

#9- Gray and White Chow Chow Puppies.

#10- Caucasian Ovcharka.

#11- Chow Chow Puppy.

#12- Pomeranian.

#13- Keeshond Mixed With An American Eskimo.

#14- American Akita Puppy.

#15- Another Chow Chow Puppy.

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Shaadi Mubarak 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Written Update




Preeti saying we should start work today itself. KT wishes her all the best. Ik tara….plays… He does poetry seeing her. She gets shocked and asks what. She gets Kusum’s call. Kusum asks how is your first day at office. Preeti says KT has gone mad. She shows KT on the video call. Kusum laughs and says he is acting. Preeti asks acting? Kusum says its his famous film dialogue, he is doing this for me. Preeti says KT was acting. KT records his video. He says you tell me, isn’t my acting real. Kusum says yes, tell him it was real. Preeti asks why did you start acting suddenly. KT says you said we will do work, I promised Kusum to send a video to her, I can’t forget my promise. He sends the video to Kusum. Kusum says I m his big fan, I got his video. She ends call. Kusum checks the video and smiles.

Priyanka gets shocked seeing Tarun. He asks her to say sorry to her boss. She says sorry. He says I didn’t her you. A man gives the bill. Preeti says its a loss on the first day. KT asks her to write the ad and give it to him, so that they do the publicity. He reads her ad and smiles. He says I feel like marrying the writer. Preeti says what are you saying. He says your words and my face, I will shoot this today, you go to your cabin and take interviews, you like to work alone, you can choose your associate, you can decide it. She recalls Tarun’s words. KT asks her to go. She thinks of Priyanka’s words. Rati says I have come to give interview at a classy office, I will get high salary here. KT says you wrote well. Preeti thanks him and goes. Rati comes and meets KT. She says your taste was always classy, but look at the office, its a superstar’s office. KT asks how did you come here. Rati says I have experience to work for your company. He asks where are you working now. She says Chanda’s company. He recalls Chanda. Tarun insults Priyanka. She gives the presentation.

He changes the presentation and puts their pics on the screen. She gets shocked. KT asks why are you leaving that job. Rati says its tough to work with Chanda, she doesn’t respect employees and doesn’t pay money. KT asks really. Rati says you think I can do any job, shall I work with Chanda to get insulted, she took my marriage’s credit, when my mum in law had decorated everything during lockdown, you have seen it. He says yes, it was amazing, how is she now, did she come back home. She says yes, she has health issues. He says I understand. She says she looks fit, she is ill. He says my partner manages recruitments, if you can impress her, then job is yours. She says I will do it. He wishes her all the best. She thanks him and goes.

Tarun asks did you still saved my pics, focus on your work, don’t get obsessed with me, I m married. He tells everyone that she was in love with me, she proposed me, I refused to her, she pleased to me, she is Desi for me, you tell me, is there any match. Everyone laughs. She cries. He insults her. She goes. Rati comes to Preeti’s cabin. She gets shocked seeing her. She says I made you meet KT, you are working as a maid here, you should have thought of our respect, come with me, KT’s partner will come here, come fast. Preeti says listen to me. Rati asks her to go. KT comes and looks on. He says why are you standing outside. Rati says she was going. He asks did you like my surprise, meet Preeti Jindal, Shaadi Mubarak’s co-owner. Rati gets shocked. KT says Rati praised you a lot, she is right. He asks Rati did she talk to Preeti for the job. He asks Preeti to take Rati’s interview. Rati sits on the chair. Rati recalls Tarun’s words.

KT asks Preeti to keep the atm card. Preeti asks Juhi how to insert the card. Juhi guides her. Uncle says KT’s atm card is lost, someone has withdrawn the money, the thief will be caught.

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Bollywood Actors Come In Support Of Bhupesh Kumar Pandya As He Battles Cancer




Bhupesh Kumar Pandya, who is well known for his performance in Ayushmann Khurran’s Vicky Donor, is currently being diagnosed with lung cancer at Ahmedabad’s Apollo Hospital. He is in need of ₹25 Lakhs for his treatment as his family is falling short of finances to fund his treatment. After the actor’s batchmate Kashish Agnihotri started a fundraiser on Ketto for Bhupesh’s treatment, actors Manoj Bajpayee, Rajesh Tailang and Gajraj Rao came in support of the Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi fame and requested fans for financial aid.

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Bollywood comes in support of Bhupesh Kumar Pandya

On September 18, 2020, producer Achin Jain shared a thread on Twitter, wherein he shared the link of the fundraiser and pleaded everyone to extend their help for Bhupesh Kumar Pandya’s treatment. Taking to the micro-blogging platform, Jain tweeted, “Bhupeshji who worked with us in our upcoming film, Pagglait is fighting a massive battle with Lung cancer. It’s a tough time that everyone is going through but your little support can allow him to fight this battle more strongly.”

Soon, Bollywood celebrities like Manoj Bajpayee, Gajraj Rao and Rajesh Tailang too took to their Twitter handles to urge Twitterati to help their colleague in his tough times. While Tailang retweeted Achi Jain’s tweet and wrote, “Please support our dear friend and great actor”, Mrs. Serial Killer actor Manoj Bajpayee shared the link of the fundraiser on his Twitter handle and wrote, “Request all of you to step forward help out colleague Actor Bhupesh A Nsd graduate!!”.

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Check out their tweets below:

The description of the fundraising website Ketto, started by Bhupesh’s batchmate Kashish reads, “My Friend and batchmate from National School of Drama, Bhupesh Kumar Pandya is suffering from Lung cancer and I am raising funds for him. He is undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-India. The family has done all it can to collect the total amount required for the treatment but Rs.2,500,000 or $33,964.84 and more is required to pay for all the medical expenses.”

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As of now, the fundraiser has been successful at collecting over ₹20 Lakhs. Bhupesh’s Vicky Donor co-star Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife, Tahira Kashyap donated ₹2 Lakhs to the fundraiser while Guneet Monga and Achin Jain’s Sikhya Entertainment has also made a donation worth the same amount. Furthermore, Soni Bhatt made a donation of ₹1,00,000, Kashish Bajpai donated around ₹1,30,000, as shown on the website.

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