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More Details Emerge About Clare Crawley’s Debut On ‘The Bachelorette’



The new season of “The Bachelorette” was paused along with most other television due to the pandemic, and ABC is finally sharing some info about the upcoming debut of new Bachelorette Clare Crawley.

“After putting Juan Pablo in his place on the memorable, 18th-season finale of ‘The Bachelor’, and gaining a new sense of resolve and self-worth, Clare is more than ready to put her romantic disappointments in the rearview mirror and start a wild ride to find her happily ever after on the season premiere of ‘The Bachelorette’,” shared the ABC announcement.

“Thirty-one amazing, accomplished men from all over the nation have left their families, friends and everyday lives behind for the opportunity to meet the stunning hairdresser from Sacramento, California,” the announcement continued. “The bachelors do whatever they can to stand out from the pack, whether it is arriving in a Rolls Royce or a station wagon. An attorney finds Clare guilty as charged for looking spectacular in her sensational first-night dress. A former football star bursts through a ‘Your Future Husband’ banner, while another former athlete sports a baby belly in homage to Clare’s arrival on Juan Pablo’s season. Which ones are there for the right reasons, and which one is here for a lifetime of happiness?”

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According to the announcement, “time stands still” for Crawley when one of her suitors steps out of the limo, “taking her breath away,” and while she’s “impressed with all of the men,” when one of them reveals “a shocking secret about one of his rivals,” someone will be getting a ticket home.

At the end of a long first night, just 23 men remain, while “viewers will get their first glimpse at the shocking moment that will change the course of this passionate, crazy journey, unlike any other in franchise history.”

The new season of “The Bachelorette” will debut on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

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Tory Lanez slammed for ‘capitalizing’ on Megan Thee Stallion shooting




Tory Lanez is getting bashed online for trying to capitalize on his alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion to promote his new album, “Daystar.”

The “LUV” rapper sent out a cryptic tweet on Thursday evening that said, “To my fans … I’m sorry for my silence …. but respectfully .. I got time today …… 9 PM PST.”

People on social media speculated that Lanez, 28, would finally tell his side of the story.

However, at midnight, the rapper simply shared a photo of his new album cover, and captioned it, “There is a time to stay silent . And a time to speak ….. I said all I could say on this … ALL PLATFORMS … in 5 MINUTES ….. ,” implying that he would speak up through his music.

“He capitalizing on the situation by releasing a song … makes me sick,” one person commented.

A rep for Lanez did not immediately return our request for comment on the backlash.

Several people said they expected the rapper to address the situation on Instagram Live.

In July, sources told Page Six that Lanez had allegedly shot Megan, 25, while she was “trying to leave” his car following an argument. Lanez was arrested when they pulled over his SUV after the incident on gun possession charges.

“There is video and the police are investigating,” a source told us at the time. “This is a case of a man physically harming and abusing a woman.”

Meanwhile, Megan has since spoken out, claiming that Lanez was the person who shot her.

“Yes, this n—a Tory shot me,” she claimed in a video. “You shot me, and you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lyin’ and s–t. Stop lyin’. Why lie?”

An investigation into the incident is ongoing and no additional charges have been filed against Lanez in connection to the alleged shooting.

Roc Nation attorney Alex Spiro previously told Page Six of the delays in the case, “I can confirm we have turned over our investigation and files to the LA District Attorney’s office and that we remain concerned that, given the irrefutable evidence, they have yet to take action.”

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Say It Ain’t So! Demi Lovato and Fiance Max Ehrich Split After 6 Months Together




It’s over. Demi Lovato and her fiancé, Max Ehrich, called it quits just two months after getting engaged in July, a source confirms to In Touch.

While the “Cool for the Summer” artist, 28, and the Young and the Restless actor, 29, were no doubt one of Hollywood’s sweetest couples, Demi and Max, who only began dating in late March, moved fast. The “pressure” of their impending marriage was too much for the former Disney Channel star to handle, a source previously told In Touch.  

Courtesy of Demi Lovato/Instagram

Moreover, in attempts to salvage the relationship, Demi traveled to Georgia “to be close” to Max while he was working. “She’s so in love with him that she’ll do anything to protect it, but it may be backfiring,” the insider noted at the time. “Max loves Demi, but he needs his space. It’s no secret that he’s feeling overwhelmed.”

In addition to the challenges Demi and Max faced behind closed doors, the Grammy nominee was forced to address some shady rumors involving her ex-best friend Selena Gomez. In early September, Max’s allegedly edited thirst tweets about the “Rare” singer resurfaced on the internet. “Selena and Demi are cute together but boy if you think Demi is prettier … you’re WRONG!” one such message from December 2010 read. 

With that, the New Mexico native took to her Instagram to set the record straight. “It’s really sad when people FAKE images to put women against each other. If women have conflict, that’s between them, NOT YOU,” Demi began her lengthy statement. Ultimately, the songwriter stressed there are “more important” things to be focusing on in 2020.

Demi Lovato and Max Pregnant
Courtesy Demi Lovato/Instagram

“It’s hella rude but damn, I get it. I don’t wanna look at what’s really happening in the world either but WE HAVE TO,” Demi added. “Yes, it’s easier to tear apart celebrities and their relationships because 2020 sucks and scares the s–t out of us all but it’s only gonna stay terrifying until we address it all and WORK ON SOLUTIONS TOGETHER.”

To conclude her powerful post, Demi said if “you aren’t 13 years old trying to grasp the reality of right now, put on your adult underpants and write about what actually matters. Please.”

Prior to that, their romance seemed picturesque. “I knew I loved you the moment I met you. It was something I can’t describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand, but, luckily, you did, too,” Demi gushed on social media after Max proposed.

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Jill Duggar: Jim Bob Hates the Way I’m Living … But I Don’t Care!




There was a time when Jill Duggar seemed to be more committed to her parents’ ultra-conservative belief system than any of her siblings.

Needless to say, those days are long gone.

These days Jill wears pants, rocks a nose piercing, and generally disregards the ultra-strict dress code she was raised with.

And that’s not all.

As we recently learned, Jill drinks alcohol, which is strictly forbidden in her parents’ household.

Jill Duggar Drinks Coffee

She’s able to do all this because she made the wise, wise decision to distance herself from Jim Bob and Michelle once she got old enough to realize that the way she’d been raised was more than just abnormal … it was damaging.

One of the things that led her to this realization was the fact that Derick feuded with Jim Bob so severely that the two families essentially cut ties.

Jill was taught from a young age that a woman should be loyal to her husband no matter what, and so, she sided with Derick and finally gained some perspective on her parents’ bizarre belief system,

Jill and Derick Dillard on Instagram

Jill discussed her newfound freedom in detail in a recent YouTube video in which she and Derick answered questions from fans.

“I kind of always thought they were cute,” Jill said in response to a query about her nose ring.

“But I think that some of the decisions that we’ve made, even if I liked something before, I wouldn’t have done it because maybe of the backlash that I would get or something, from people close to me or something,” she added.

Jill and Derick on YouTube

“I just hate confrontation so maybe I would’ve avoided it.”

We probably don’t need to tell whom Jill is referring to when she mentions people close to her who caused her to question her decisions.

“I think because of the journey we had already been on as a couple that I was more comfortable with decisions that we make as a family,” Jill added.

The Dillards on YouTube

“Being OK sometimes with other people not being OK is a hard thing, but as long as we knew the decisions were not wrong, they could just be ones that other people might not make for themselves and that’s like, good for us.”

Jill went on to reveal that the first public place she ever wore pants was an amusement park, and she did so only after receiving Derick’s approval.

So she’s not exactly living the life of a modern, liberated woman, but she’s taking steps in the right direction.

Jill Talks Wearing Pants

Jill stated that’s it’s not always easy going against her family’s belief system, and not all of her siblings are supportive of the path she’s embarked on.

“Are they supportive? Not always,” she said.

“Everyone’s gonna have their opinion about different things. Some of my siblings are probably more likely to have something to say about it than others. Some are more like, ‘Hey, I’m happy for whatever y’all are deciding.'”

Jill Duggar Drinks!

It sounds as though Jill has come to accept that living life on her own terms will never be easy, and we suppose that’s true for everyone.

Another sign that she’s no longer interested in accepting every bit of advice and criticism the world has to offer?

Jill turned the comments off on her Q&A video.

Hey, she said she’s not good with confrontation!

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