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Online Gaming Businesses You Can Start



So you like to play online games? Consider starting a business in the gaming industry. Think critically. What exactly do you like about games? What do players love, but which no one offers? This is the market difference right there.

All you have to do is find some capital and start your own business. Running a gaming business is not easy. If you have challenges related to smart business ideas related to games, here are some that need to be considered.

Create Gaming Apps

            Top 10 game apps have over 1 million downloads. Indie developers obviously didn’t create them, but it shows how big the gaming business is. Every day, Pokemon GO, Candy Crush Saga and Mobile Strike generate at least one million each.

With a decent level of programming, you can make a simple mobile game app within six weeks. You have to be extremely creative to create a game that impresses players. Patience will also be required to succeed.

An Online Casino Review Business

            The online casino industry is bigger than Facebook and other social networks. It also continues to grow in size, which means it requires more casinos to meet the growing demand for quality services from players.

You can post your reviews on a website or YouTube. Preferably, it is best to have both platforms. More importantly, you need to learn how to grow your site so that you can attract an audience and make players possible. Most review sites drive traffic by referring people to the best online slots.

Video Game Parlor

            Video game salons are becoming more and more popular around the world, now that eSports is fast becoming an Olympic sport. For this idea, open a place with powerful gaming machines and stable internet connections.

Depending on the location and the business space, you can launch a small or large salon, where dozens of people could come to compete. If the business becomes popular, you can create a local league and organize tournaments for the most active customers.

While you can grow your salon very quickly with proper management. Game computers require frequent maintenance. They throw ruthless power and can break down when you least expect it.

Start a Website for Gaming Tutorials

            You might be wondering, who would watch someone learn how to play? But there are many real reasons. For starters, online gaming is a big industry for skilled gamers. This also includes casino players. If you can play online poker or blackjack better than everyone around the table, you will always take the pot home.

For video game players, people want to get better at games for several reasons. Some want commendable rights. Others want to win tournaments or know how to complete missions quickly. As a mentor, you also need to be an expert in a specific area of ​​play.

In an example, let’s say you like to play Fortnite and know everything about the game, its stories and controls. You can start helping people with your tutorials learning how to play the game for the first time.

App Designer

            To develop an application you need a designer to put in perspective your idea of what the desired application will look like. For this job, not everyone can have talent, imagination or inclination towards this field, so if you are passionate about design with very few resources, you can become a successful app designer.

All you need to do is create a portfolio to present to future clients and a small advertisement on social media or on sites for designers, where your creatures can be exhibited. So do not hesitate to become a successful designer if you have guidance in this field!

To conclude, if you love playing online games, you can create a living out of it. You can simply need to know what gaps in the market do not fill it and touch it. With all the ideas mentioned above go ahead and don’t hesitate!

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Free Slots Online to play today




Free slots online allow you to play without having to bet real money. Just like other online slots you can play them 24/7 and there are hundreds of different games available online. They are fun and easy to play. In fact, the most challenging thing about playing free slots no deposit online is choosing which one to pick. Below you can read about some amazing free slots online to try out.


For years Goldfish has been one of the most played slots in Vegas land-based casinos so when WMS launched an online version of it, it immediately became extremely popular. The theme of the game resembles an aquarium with tropical fish, coral, and seaweed.

The game has 5 fish symbols and each of them offers a different special feature. The gold fish can give you free spins. The purple one offers a big bonus pay. The red fish tells you to choose between a treasure chest, a clam, or a castle and your choice will determine a cash pay reward. If you trigger the green fish you will need to choose from a few bubbles to reveal your prize. Finally, if you trigger the blue fish you will be get between 1 and 3 super scatter wins.

Siberian Storm

The Siberian Storm slot machine is a 5-reel, 720 paylines game developed by IGT. It offers high quality graphics and 720 ways to win. The theme includes images of the beautiful Siberian white tiger. The game has RTP of 96% and it provides players with innovative features and huge payouts. Symbols used in the game include the Siberian tiger, an orange tiger, a claw of the tiger, an eye of the tiger, an emerald ring and the Siberian Storm game logo.

The real money version of the game can be played at land-based casinos and the free version can be found online. To play the free game online, you need to select the value of the coins you would like to bet and press spin. As the minimum bet is 50 credits, the game is thought to be a good choice for high stake players.

5 Dragons

The 5 Dragons slot game is a five reel and 25 payline non-progressive video slot that offers 243 ways to win. Players can enjoy fun features like free spins, disperse symbols, wild symbols and jackpot bonus. All that can increase chances of getting big payouts. The theme is related to dragons and a game has impressive animated graphics. For example, the Dragon icon will burst into flames when you hit the winning combination.

Symbols include koi fish, turtles, tigers, different dragons, and high value playing cards. The slot includes a bonus game where players can get envelopes which can increase their winnings 50 times. The slot also offers free spins feature when if you land the coin disperse symbol on the reels, they will increase your winnings by 100%. Many players around the world love 5 Dragons because of the amazing sound effects, impressive graphics and thrilling features.

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Free Slots No Deposit Explained




Free slots where no prior cash deposits are required are fairly self-explanatory. They do exactly what they say on the tin. They allow you to get started playing slots games online without spending any money. These free slots no deposit bonuses are usually in the form of free spins on selected games or bonus money to spend on the site.

One of the most frequently asked questions about playing free slot games is whether you can win any real money. In all honesty, although sites will advertise that you can, it’s very hard to win money from no deposit slots bonuses. The reason for this is that they often have high wagering requirements and maximum wins in order to protect themselves from giving out free money.

Always check the terms and conditions before diving in as the small-print will tell you exactly what the requisites are.

Guard your card details

Some people are also sceptical about giving away their credit or debit card details if they just want to browse some free online slots games. However, most sites offering free slot games require you to insert all your payment details just so you can claim their offer.

Again, be savvy and read the T&Cs before giving away your details. If they’ve got your card details and you haven’t read the small-print, you may be in for a surprise when you find money withdrawn, quite legitimately, from your account.

There are still sites out there that don’t necessarily need you to give your card details away. However, normally you’ll have to verify your email account and sometimes your mobile phone via some kind of SMS text message.

These websites are popular because there’s no commitment, allowing you to try out the games completely risk-free.

Nevertheless, when it comes to trying to cash out any winnings you’ve made, in almost all cases, you will have to make a deposit and fund your account.

Are free slots bonuses too good to be true?

Playing something for free, with the possibility of winning real money does seem like a really good deal. There aren’t many places left in the 21st century that offer real money for free.

There’s a catch though. Online casinos offer these bonuses and promotions in order to tempt you to sign-up to their websites. They’re fishing for a bite, and when it comes to no deposit slots sign-up bonuses, it’s often hard to win real money due to various wagering requirements.

All in all, although most sites will state that you can play for free with the possibility of winning real money, there are always the terms and conditions to content with first.

Make sure you read them, and that you know exactly what you’re signing up to. Bear in mind that if casinos gave money away for free on a regular basis, they’d all be bankrupt. They always make their money somehow.

Lastly, if the site you’re considering isn’t licenced and regulated by the UKGC, stay well away. Never disclose any of your personal or financial details as you’ll be open to fraudulent activity against your account.

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What Makes a Good Online Casino?




A quick search for an online casino will reveal hundreds of results. However, these casinos are not created equally. Some are better than others in many ways. That’s why you cannot settle for the first option that catches your eye. You need to do thorough research to ensure you settle for a casino that will give you a better experience – and some good money in the process.

So, what makes a good online casino?

The truth is that there are many reputable casinos online – and new ones keep popping up with each passing day. But the few bad ones spoil the name for the others. These casinos scam people. They are eager to make deposits but not keen to give players their money back, pay their affiliates, or even stick to their terms and conditions. These casinos – scam or rogue casinos – are exactly the types you want to avoid.

Unfortunately, most of these rogue casinos disguise as good ones. You might have a hard time telling them apart, especially if you are just getting started. To help you make an informed decision, here are some qualities that make a good online casino.

It does not feature in the blacklist

One of the easiest ways to tell a good casino from the bad ones is by looking at different online casino blacklists. Different reputable platforms always release yearly blacklists to protect casino players from gambling scams online. They put bad casinos on a list for everyone to see and ensure no one signs up to any of those casinos in the future. Since these sites differ, chances are you won’t find the same casinos on every blacklist. But the fact that a casino makes the list means they have one or more of these problems:

  • Change terms
  • Predatory terms
  • Slow pay
  • Unfair games
  • Nonpayment
  • Marketing spam
  • Licensing and regulation

Choice of games

As a player, you’ll appreciate the choice of picking whichever game pleases you. That’s why you need a casino that offers more games. Browse around to find the casino games that the provider offers to see if it’s a good fit.

It’s fair, secure, and serious

As you may have noticed from above, many casinos end up on the blacklist for many reasons, including unfairness and security issues. Good online casinos use random number generator that determines the chances of winning. On top of that, they work with third parties to check the fairness of games. What’s more, these casinos display various certificates on their platforms, giving you further assurance that things are conducted fairly.

Has good customer service

You can tell a good casino by how their customer support team treats you when you send a request or inquire about something. They will be willing and happy to serve you. they will also have adequate knowledge to address your concerns and be available 24/7.

Accept your payment methods

A good casino accepts a wide range of payment options, ranging from online payment options to instant bank transfers and even credit card solutions. This allows you to use your preferred payment method and not feel locked out. Stay away from sites that provide limited payment options. Some of them fail to get approved by payment platforms, which by itself is a red flag.

Has a bonus offer

It’s easy to assume bonus offers and other incentives, especially if you are new to the game. However, you should work with a casino that provides a consistent bonus offer and not just a good welcome offer. You’ll need these bonuses even as an existing client. Moreover, the site should provide promotions without deposit, reload offers, and many free spins. Don’t feel limited. Many casino sites offer these bonuses, and if the one in question doesn’t, you might as well keep looking.

Free games and easy registration

As a newbie, the last thing you want is to sign up with a casino that doesn’t provide free games. You need to practice without having to deposit money or fear that you’ll lose money. Free games allow you to practice and be good before playing real money. Additionally, the casino should have a simple registration and easy account opening process. If it’s too complicated, then maybe it’s not the right casino for you.

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