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People Think They’ve Figured out the Name of the LaBrant Family’s Baby Z



When you make a living off of YouTube videos and internet fame, it makes sense to keep some information a secret from your followers in order to keep them invested (and subscribed). Few internet celebs have mastered the art of the info tease as well as the LaBrant family. And clearly, their technique is working — they have more than 12 million subscribers to their YouTube channel.

Back in December of 2019, Cole and Savannah LaBrant announced that they were expecting baby No. 3. The LaBrant Fam already has two daughters: Posie Rayne (who will be 2 years old in December), and 7-year-old Everleigh Rose (Savannah’s daughter from a previous relationship). After a few months, they revealed that LaBrant Baby No. 3 is a boy. They also revealed that his name starts with the letter Z, but that’s all they’ve said. As of July 29, Baby Z LaBrant has made his arrival — but what’s his name?!

The LaBrant family welcomed Baby Z! Now, what’s his name?

Keeping the baby’s name to themselves isn’t just a way to maintain their popularity. The LaBrants have shared in the past they want their baby to be the first person to hear their name. Obviously, they’ve probably said it out loud to one another and family members, but we get the sentiment all the same.

Ever since the internet learned Cole and Savannah’s son’s name started with the letter Z, they’ve been trying to guess the little guy’s moniker. Zachary? Zane? Zebediah? Zeke? Savannah and Cole definitely seem to have a specific taste when it comes to names, making their son’s name even more difficult to guess.

However, Redditors on the r/LaBrantFamSnark subreddit are convinced they’ve sussed out the name (although for a while, they were just referring to him as “Z’Paycheque”). The top guess is (drumroll, please): Zealand! The sub’s mods claim to have sources close to the couple who have confirmed the name, as well as a few extra details about Baby Z’s birth: Namely, that he weighed 7 lbs 8 oz, and that both he and Savannah were recovering well after the birth.

Some people also claim that when they commented on Cole LaBrant’s Instagram announcement sharing that the baby’s name is Zealand, they were blocked — which definitely raises some eyebrows, right?

Of course, if you’re familiar with the LaBrant family, you probably know that there’s a good chance they won’t officially announce their son’s name for some time. Back when Posie was born in December of 2018, it took a few vlogs after her birth for viewers to finally learn her name. They could do the same for Baby Z, although the fact that their family members can’t visit in the hospital due to COVID-19 could speed up the process a bit.

Obviously, Cole and Savannah are welcome to share the name whenever they feel like it, or even keep it a secret forever. Something tells us they probably won’t do the latter, though. We have a good feeling that they’ll announce Baby Z’s name sooner rather than later — and also that his name is (most likely) Zealand.


Katie Holmes is about to be a mom again real soon! But who is the father of her baby- Jamie Foxx or Tom Cruise?



The lovely Katie Holmes, a well known style diva, and an astonishing Hollywood entertainer is expecting a child soon enough which presently comes as a stun and brings up an issue concerning who the dad of the infant really is.

Katie’s past with Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is the ex of the celebrated Hollywood entertainer Tom Cruise, who separated from her because of his strict convictions in Scientology. The couple had one little girl named Suri Cruise from that marriage who currently lives with her mother, Katie Holmes, and leads an upbeat and mollified life. The marriage makes individuals wonder if the infant is Tom Cruises.

What began the pregnancy bits of gossip?

As of late, hypotheses have been made about her pregnancy and who the dad of the infant is, which has made a significant mix among fans. What began the pregnancy gossipy tidbits was a photograph of the exciting model where she presented with her pregnancy stretch imprints. She posted the image on the web, after which fans went totally gaga over it and began complimenting her and commended her inspirational standpoint towards life.

Katie Holmes posted that image saying this was her genuine self and that she was glad for it as should everybody be. This inspiration was rousing and outstanding, and she underscored the should be straightforward, and genuine to one’s own self consistently.

Have the pregnancy bits of gossip been affirmed?

The pregnancy has been affirmed as Katie had expressed some time in the past that she needed a kin for Suri and furthermore needed a child. The main inquiry that remaining parts is, who the dad of the child is. Jamie Foxx and Katie had a six-year-long, amazingly private relationship, which persuaded that perhaps he is the dad of the child.

Yet, it’s been a year since the couple separated so this news can’t be affirmed. Following the separation, Jamie Foxx even announced Sela Valve as his new sweetheart, which dishonor the bits of gossip considerably more since the ex-couple is not, at this point together at this point.

Starting at now, fans can just sit tight for Katie to affirm some other news about the child. Till at that point, everything they can do is pause.

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Elite Season 4: Release date, Cast, Plot And Expectations this time !!



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Elite is a Spanish teen drama thriller web television series. The show first premier on Netflix in 2018. Till now show has three successful seasons. Latest season fall in early 2020 only. Despite of it’s short airing time , the series is one of the most streaming shows on Netflix. Apart from teen audience show has a lasting impression on critics too.

Elite Season 4 Release Date:

Elite will return once again for it’s audience but with some different looks. The surprise is an announcement of season four and five together. And that too before release of season three. Though season 4 is currently in pre production phase but may face some delays. Because of Corona pandemic and global lockdown entertainment industry is facing problems. But there are anticipations that show may fall in 2021.

Elite Season 4: Plot

Fourth season is about to witness a new batch of students entering Las Encinas . While few of our former cast members will still be involve. But the story will shift away from them and revolve around new characters. A new set of story to introduce them and forge their bonds. Even then , show is unlikely to shy away from challenging the conventional. Till now only these much details are available for further info stay tuned.

Elite Season 4: Cast

The show is in pre production phase that’s why there is no information regarding cast. But the whole set of cast will renew with new phases. Expect some roles that will reprise .
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Good Omens Season 2 to return with Michael Sheen and David Tennant! Read about the release date, cast, plot and more



In times such as these, a short comedy fantasy show can uplift your spirit like nothing else. And, Amazon Prime’s Good Omens can offer you that. The show is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s bestseller book of the same name. Also, Gaiman himself serves as showrunner for the miniseries, with Douglas Mackinnon as the director. Prime Video green-lit the show in early 2017. Two years later, on 15 January 2019, the first of the six-episode series aired weekly on BBC Two. Additionally, Prime Video released all six episodes later that year, on 31 May.

Good Omens Season 2: Release date

After the immense success of season one, fans understandably can’t wait for the second season to come. However, neither Amazon nor BBC has announced a renewal. But that doesn’t mean that the makers have lost interest in it. And although Neil Gaiman initially intended the show to be standalone, he also has expressed his desire to continue the story.

The issue that prevents the second season, for now, is Gaiman’s schedule. As mentioned before, not only is he the co-author of the novel, he’s also the show’s creator. And, being a prolific writer, he doesn’t have much time to focus on the series for now. Plus, he’s busy with the production of his other adaptations at the moment. Therefore, it’s apparent why the series hasn’t received season two yet.

Still, fans should not lose hope, as we are quite confident of the show’s return, though it might take time. Besides, considering the current situation, we don’t expect to hear about season two before 2021 at the earliest.

Good Omens Season 2: Possible Cast

Because we don’t have confirmation on the next season, it’s quite challenging to predict the cast. Yet, we’re willing to bet that Michael Sheen and David Tennant would again star in the new season as Aziraphale and Crowley. Also, we assume Jon Hamm’s Gabriel will return in the second season. Alongside them, Jack Whitehall (Newton Pulsifer) and Adria Arjona (Anathema Device) will most probably be back to portray their roles. As for Adam, the prophecized Antichrist, we think a different actor will play the character in season two. Plus, like the first season, season two will also have a large ensemble cast.

Good Omens Season 2: Expected plot

At the moment, we don’t know much about the plot. The book itself didn’t have sequels, so there’s no source material to work with for season two. However, some time ago, Gaiman revealed in an interview that he and Pratchett had some ideas for a second book. Supposedly, the sequel novel would have explored the origins of the angels and delved into their pasts. Hence, we think that might be the main plot of season two.

Besides that, there’s alot that we don’t know about Agnes Nutter and her book, which Anathema destroyed. We believe that the new chapter will go into that as well. Furthermore, the chances of Satan leaving his son alone are very few. Thus, we won’t be amiss to predict that viewers might see the aftereffects of that.

Good Omens Season 2: Storyline

Good Omens revolves around the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley, an unlikely pair of friends. In the backdrop of 2018, the series follows the friends as they try to stop the Antichrist from causing the end of days. And to do that, they go against heaven and hell, in the literal sense.

Good Omens Season 2: Reception

Upon release, the show collected massive plaudits from critics. Plus, it became a hit among viewers as well. The show’s comedic tone, usage of mythological elements received enormous praise. Moreover, Sheen’s and Tennant’s performances as Aziraphale and Crowley became a focal point of its success. The miniseries has also won several awards.

Good Omens Season 2: Controversy

Considering the subject matter of the miniseries, it’s not a surprise that some weren’t happy. Many, especially religious groups, criticized Good Omens for its portrayal of Christianity. Some accused it of spreading satanism. At the same time, others attacked it because of the usage of a female voice to play God. One of these groups also incorrectly submitted an online petition to Netflix, asking them to cancel the series.

However, fans need not worry about this triggering a cancellation. All of the team, along with the distributors, are firmly behind the show. And even if the series doesn’t get a second season, this won’t be the reason for it. For now, are sure to see the miniseries return to our screens sometime in the future.

Good Omens Season 2: Trailer

Trailers usually release a month or two before the premiere. But, since the producers haven’t confirmed the second season, a teaser is off the cards, for now. However, if any new development happens, we’ll let you know. For more on this, follow Next Alerts.

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