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Pokémon Colosseum: Setting, Game play, cheat codes, strategy guide and much more! Click to know!



Pokémon Colosseum is an RPG video game; that is, it a role-playing game. Genius Sonority is the developer, while the Pokémon Company is the publisher. Moreover, the distributor is Nintendo. The video game is a part of the Pokémon Franchise. The RPG first premiered on November 1, 2003, for GameCube in Japan. Later on, it released in North America and Europe on March 22, 2004, and May 14, 2004, respectively.

The video game differs from the previously titled games, as this version does not feature random Pokémon encounters. However, the players can snag the Pokémon of other Pokémon trainers. Furthermore, Pokémon Colosseum also contains various battle modes for the gameplay of Single-player and multiplayer.

At E3 2003, the creators exhibited Pokémon Colosseum. Furthermore, the pre-order packages for North American gamers contained a bonus disc, which allowed the players to download the Pokémon Jirachi.  The video game received high appraisal for its graphic and music. According to the numbers, it was a commercial success, with 656,270 copies sold in Japan and 1.15 million in the USA.

Pokémon Colosseum: Setting and Characters

Pokémon Colosseum begins in the Orre region. Orre is a desert region, with zero wild Pokémon found.

The area in the game consists of several cities, towns, and colosseums.

Pokémon Colosseum consists of a central protagonist, Wes. The name Wes is by default, but like most Pokémon games, the player can change it according to hisher liking. The starter Pokémon for the main character are Espeon and Umbreon. The two foxes like Pokémon’s begin at levels 25 and 26, respectively. Moreover, after the game starts, the player comes across the game’s partner character, Rui. Rui moves along with Wes throughout the game, and help battle the game’s antagonist, using her ability to see shadow Pokémon.

The game’s villains include Team Snagem and Team Cipher. Team Snagem is a criminal organization that snatches the Pokémon of Pokémon trainers. Furthermore, Team Cipher teamed up with team Snagem and became the antagonist too. Later, Team Cipher obtains the snatched pokemon and corrupts them, only to, later on, distribute them among Cipher. The game also includes characters like disco-loving Mirror B, the explosively-tempered bodybuilder, Dakim, the queen of the Under Venus and the strategist of a scientist, Ein, who are employees of the organizations.

Pokémon Colosseum: Gameplay

Pokémon Colosseum is a role-playing video game in 3D. It is viewable through a third-person perspective. The player controls the main protagonist Wes, a Pokémon trainer while moving through various parts of the Orre region. The character of the player travels through a one-wheel motorcycle. Along his way, he battles enemy trainers and completes missions. In the game, items are purchased through Pokémon mart, using Pokémon dollars, the game’s currency.

The game screen switches to a turn-based interface when a battle begins. In the struggle, the enemies’ Pokémon and the players’ Pokémon fight.  When the match starts, the screen switches to a turn-based interface where the player’s and enemies’ Pokémon fight. Often, movements are of the double battle format, where two Pokémon matches at each side. The trainer can only carry six Pokémon at once; therefore, once a Pokémon suffers defeat, the trainer must switch the Pokémon until none are left. The character obtains more pokemon through snagging, via Poké Balls

Pokémon Colosseum: Cheat Codes and Strategy Guide

Following are some cheat codes, to help you move forward in the game with ease, and form a strategy guide:

  • Infinite PokeBalls: For unlimited PokeBalls, you must have at least two Pokémon while in battle. Along, with Pokémon, you also need one type of PokeBall, different from the one you need to double in your bag. You need at least one other type of Pokeball that’s different to the one your duplicating in your pocket. Select the items with the first Pokémon. Then move it, with the second Pokémon, by selecting the Y button to the position of the second Pokémon.
  • Get Rid of Rui: To stop Rui from following your character around; go to a staircase and from precisely from the edge, walk-off. Rui will remain stuck up there.
  • Trade Machine: You can trade Pokémon to and from Sapphire and Ruby via the trade machine. Defeat the boss of Realgam’s Colosseum to unlock the trade machine.
  • For Orre Colosseum Level 100 Battles: In both Single and Double battle, finish the Tower Colosseum.
  • For Orre Colosseum Level 50 Battles: Finish Pyrite Colosseum, Phenac and Under Colosseum in both double and single battle.
  • To Catch Ho-oh: You must satisfy two conditions-
  1. In story mode, snag and purify shadow Pokémon.
  2. In either single battle mode or Double battle mode, beat 100 trainers in Mt. Battle.

However, you cannot use the team from Sapphire or Ruby game pack, but rather from Story Mode. For further cheats, use the trade centre in the City of Phenac, and import your Pokémon in the story mode. This way, you’ll evade the conditions.

Ho-oh will show up right after beating the 100th trainer and automatically appear to on Your PC.

  • Catch the Missed Shadow Pokémon: If you accidentally kill the shadow Pokémon during a battle with another trainer, you can recover it. You have to leave the area and return. The trainer will offer to fight again, which will give you a second chance to capture the shadow Pokémon.

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Payal Ghosh’s lawyer says the actress will file a police complaint against Anurag Kashyap




Payal Ghosh has decided to file a police complaint against Anurag Kashyap, revealed her lawyer, advocate Nitin Satpute. He released an official statement in which he revealed that the actress was molested and was treated badly at Kashyap’s house. He added that the paperwork is still on and the actress will be filing an official police complaint on September 21, according to a report on Times of India. Also Read – Payal Ghosh’s lawyer says the actress will file a police complaint against Anurag Kashyap

The lawyer added that the actress tried to file a complaint before but she was apparently threatened. He also stated that she was pressurized that if she files a complaint, she would be boycotted. Also Read – Amid #MeToo allegations, Anurag Kashyap’s assistant reveals how an actress was suggesting a few ‘favours’ to the director

Yesterday, Payal Ghosh wrote on Twitter, “@anuragkashyap72 has forced himself on me and extremely badly. @PMOIndia @narendramodiji, kindly take action and let the country see the demon behind this creative guy. I am aware that it can harm me and my security is at risk. Pls help!” Also Read – Celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani says she is ready to file an official complaint against a man who sexually abused her.

Denying the allegations, Anurag wrote, “Wow, it took so long to try to silence me. You lied so much in this effort and also dragged other women despite you being a woman. Have some dignity madam! I will just say that all your allegations are baseless.” Anurag Kashyap said, “In the process of accusing me, you also dragged the Bachchan family and my artists, but you failed.”

He added, “I married twice. If it is a crime, then I accept it. I also admit that I have loved a lot whether it was my first wife, my second wife, or any lover, or any other woman I have worked with. I will never behave this way nor will tolerate such manners. will see what happens. Pray and love to you. Apologies for answering your English with my Hindi.”

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Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 5




Hi all!!!!
Scene 1
Place: Ahmedabad

The scene starts with Naina and Anand looking at each other.
Naina (in a feared tone): Chachaji…
Anand slaps her.

Anand: I have always felt proud of you Naina and also will select you before preeti and pooja. When Bhabhiji was discussing about your marriage, I spoked in favour of you. But you cheated me.
Naina: Chachaji, please listen to me once.

Rakesh: Who is that boy?

Naina and Anand both get shocked seeing Rakesh there.
Rakesh: Come on Naina, tell us who is he?
Naina: Sameer.
Anand and Rakesh get shocked.
Rakesh: He is a useless guy. How can you be so stupid Naina. You are an intelligent girl. But what happened to that here? I don’t care about caste. But I do worry about my daughter. I cannot give you to such a useless guy.
Naina: But papa, Sameer is a good boy. He has a gem of heart. Look at him, he fell for me when he had so many rich and modern girls proposals.

Anand: Naina, don’t stoop yourself low as you don’t have money. Rich and poor depend on the people’s heart and not on the piece of paper. I know Sameer is a good boy. But as bhai told, he is not even studying properly. How can he survive in this world with you?
Naina: Chachaji, please give him a chance, he will prove himself. He promised me that he will clear all his exams. He is going to takeover his grandfather’s company too. He will be the boss. Papa and chachaji, I didn’t fell for him either seeing his status or money. I fell for him for his pure heart.
Bela: Ha, I have trust on my upbringing. I had never teached the girls to go behind a guy seeing his money. If Naina has selected someone, then definitely he must be good. And also, he had helped me in past in the market.

Preeti also supports Naina.
Preeti: Tauji and Papa, Sameer loves Naina a lot. Please give him a chance?
Naina pleads…
Anand: Ok Naina, we will give Sameer a chance. He has 6 months’ time. Within this period, he needs to clear his exams and should join his ancestral company. We will decide only after that.
Rakesh: Before that we need to talk to him. Call him now.
Naina: Papa, he left to Rajkot for his sister’s wedding. His phone was about to switch off. So only he called me.
Rakesh: Naina, hereafter I won’t encourage you standing at balcony and talking in midnight. If anyone sees, then it will be a huge problem.
Bela: Ha Naina, if your taiji sees, she will make a big scene. Even now, I came here seeing light glowing at balcony. If she sees all of us, definitely she will get suspicious. We should hide this from them.
Rakesh and Anand agree.
Naina: Thank you papa, chachaji and chachiji for supporting me.

Anand and Rakesh pat her and goes.
Bela: But I’m angry with you Naina. I was having a fake belief that my girls will not hide anything from me. But you both hid this much big issue.
Naina: Sorry chachiji.
Bela hugs her and preeti.

Bela: Now go and sleep.
The girls go.
Bela: Rama Bhabhi, I know you are watching this from heaven. Please bless Naina that she should marry Sameer and be happy.
She prays and go in.
Naina: Preeti, I didn’t expect this gesture from papa and chachaji.

Preeti: Even me too. I thought, some scene and high voltage drama will occur. But it solved smoothly. I’m happy for you my sweet sister. Tell this to Sameer tomorrow. He will feel happy. We will tell our friends too.
Naina nods.
Preeti and Naina hug and sleep.
Scene 2
Place: Rajkot

Sameer and his family reach Mishti’s home.
Mishti is doing Rangoli.

She is in deep thoughts of Abir.
Sameer comes and scares her.

She gets happy seeing the family. All comes and exchange greetings.
Sameer: My Kuhu didi is getting married. We will have lot of fun and masti.
Kuhu: Ha, definitely.

Sameer: When Mishti di is going to get marry?
Kuhu: Even she gave her heart to someone.
Mishti pinches her.

Sameer: Really???
Mishti: First you come in. Let’s go in.
The family goes.
Sameer, Mishti and Kuhu spend some quality time together.
Mishti: How did you do your exams?
Sameer: Pretty good. I have an important thing to tell you.
Kuhu: What?
Sameer tells them about Naina.

Mishti and Kuhu gets excited.
Mishti: So, our little bro has become a grown-up hero.
Kuhu: Show us her pic.
Sameer realizes his phone’s batter is very low and is about to switch off.
Mishti: Oh no. Here is the charger Sameer. Put soon orelse rebooting will take time. We are excited.
Sameer puts charger and sees Naina’s so many missed calls and get shocked. He worries.

Mishti: Nothing would have happened. Call her and speak. We will see her later.
Mishti and Kuhu goes.
Scene 3
Abir and Neil sits talking at Neil’s room.
Abir: So, tell me. You love Mini right?
Neil: I’m confused regarding that. I definitely have feelings for her, but I’m scared that if my past hurt her.
Abir: Neil, you should move on. Isha is leading a good life with someone.

Neil: How did you know?
Abir: Last month I went to Delhi for some work. There I saw her with some guy.
Neil: What about Kia? I know Isha is not spending time with her. I feel she is left out.
Abir: You better get divorce from her as soon as possible. Because, I saw her with a guy and a kid. But that’s not Kia.

Neil: What? Kid? I’m ashamed of her. Is she married someone without divorce or living together?
Abir: Don’t worry about it. First finalise divorce and try to get custody of Kia. Better tell everything to Mini.
Mini comes there.
Mini: What he needs to tell to me?

Abir and Neil is shocked.
Neil: Nothing Mini Madam. Do you have any work with me?
Mini: Yeah, I came to give the menu. You start your work. I have an important thing. I should go out now.
Preet and Bobby come.
Preet: Mini, are you sure? Do you want to go there?
Bobby: Ha Mini, please don’t go. Atleast inform Babita aunty.
Mini: She will forbid me to go there. I should go there and end this matter right now. I don’t want that to hang in my life.

Neil: Where are you going?

Mini: To complete the incomplete story.
Mini goes angrily.
Neil: Preet, where is she going this much angrily?
Preet: To meet her dad.
Neil gets shocked.
Scene 4
Neil goes to Ashok’s house.
She sees the name plate as Ashok Khurrana and Mita Khurrana and gets emotional. But the house was a small one.
She with a heavy heart rings the bell.
Mita opens the door and shocked to see Mini.

Mita: Mini come in.
Mini sees Ashok playing with a kid.
Mita: He is vihan, our first boy.
Mini sees Mita’s stomach and realizes she is pregnant again.
Mini gets emotional seeing Ashok with Vihan as she had never received Ashok’s love and care during her childhood.

Ashok turns and see Mini.
Ashok gets happy.
Ashok: Mini, finally you came here. I’m happy.
Mini: I came here to end all the ties with you. I came here to tell you to stop sending letters, mails and calling me. Babes doesn’t know that I came here to meet you.
Ashok: But you are my daughter.
Mini: Did you fulfilled your duties as a dad? When I need you most, you were with some lady in London.
Ashok: Mini, talk with respect. Address Mita as choti ma and not as lady.
Mini: I didn’t come here to celebrate relations. I came here to warn you. If again, you try to contact me, then definitely I will take the next step of complaining to police.

Ashok: Oh stop. Till when you are going to be like this? Even Babita is married now and has a kid.

Mini: She is different from you. Don’t compare yourself with her.
Mita try to calm her. Mini scolds her for breaking her family.
Just then Mita’s parents come.
Mita’s dad: Enough of this. Mita, being adamant you married this man. He lost his job now and you people are living a low-cost life without any bank balance. Look at yourself. Society taunts you badly. This Ashok cheated on you. Look Mini, my daughter is not that bad to spoil someone’s life. Your dad is the one who approached Mita first. Even he hid about his married life. If Mita had known already, then she would have not done anything. After knowing, she was about to break up. But later she found pregnant. So only she married him.
Mini: I’m not here to listen all your stories. Hereafter I want you to stop everything Mr. Ashok Khurrana.

She leaves angrily.
Mita’s mom: She is very arrogant.
Mita: Don’t tell anything wrong about her. No girl will be as strong as her.
Mita looks Ashok angrily and goes. Vihan looks at this puzzled.

Mini reminisces about vihan. She thinks about her and Babita talk during her school days.
Mini: Babes you know what, today my friend’s mom delivered a boy. Now she has a baby brother. Even I want one.
Babita feels shy.

Mini laughs seeing that.
Now she cries thinking about that.
Mini: I’m having a brother but couldn’t hug him atleast.
She then thinks of Arya.
Mini: My chutanki is more of a boy. She is my sibling and that’s it. I need no one in my life.
She goes sternly.
!!!To be Continued!!!
(Author’s Note
Sorry guys for not having much romantic scenes and couple scenes. I always give importance to story line. So please bear with me. Definitely you will have high voltage romantic track coming up in upcoming episodes. Thank you!!!
Please leave in comments about Ashok-Mita’s track. As Patiala Babes ended abruptly, many knots were untied. So, I just wanted to tie all the knots and end that. You can comment on it and also on the storyline. Also share your response on how the future episodes can go. Next episode is on Tuesday.)
Stay tuned!!! Stay Safe!!! Stay Awesome!!!
Signing off,

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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update




Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 21st September 2020 British police attack swadesis with lathis/baton. Abdul comes searching Subash/Subi and seeing a British officer trying to hit him bears attack and gets severely injured. He falls down and says he is feeling dizzy. Another officer on horse tries to stampede him. Subi throws dust on his face and diverts his attention. Abdul asks him why did he do that, officer will not spare him now. Ananth gets angry seeing Britishers torturing Indians and rushes to fight back, but his companions stop him saying if he is arrested, cuttack’s kranti will be at risk and they can’t free Bharath mata from Britisher, even Anupama will give guns only to him. Anupama searches Ananth and sees Subi there. She rushes to him.

At home, Prabha gets shattered worrying for Subi. Subi’s siblings get worried for him and says he never gets out of school, but why did he go out. Badi maa consoles Prabha. Prabha says what will happen when Subi’s father returns home. Jankinath returns home calling Subi

British officer Richardson shouts in pain and asks someone to bring water. Anupama reaches Subi and asks what is he doing here. Subi says Richardsaon was about to stampede Abdul chacha, so he threw dust in his eyes. Anu and Abdul rush Subi from there. Indian officer Mukund washes Richardson’s face who says a boy threw dirt in his eyes and seeing Subi running away orders Mukund to catch that boy. Mukund rushes towards Subi shouting to catch khaki coat wearing boy. Abdul and Anupama hide Subi, Anupama throws Subi’s coat away. Officer see them, but not finding khakhi coat walk away thinking he is a different boy. Anupama tears her cloth to tie on Abdul’s forehead injury. Subi ties it. Anu asks him not to tell about this incident at home. Subi says he cannot lie. She says he should just keep quiet and maa kali will protect him. She asks them not to inform that they met her and leaves.

At home, Janakinath fumes that he sent a letter to school to send Rono and Subi home, but they didn’t respect his request, he is angry for that; now he will go and bring Subi, looking at Prabha and reminding of not fulfilling her duty properly. Choti maa thinks if she should inform Janki that Subi went to Mela maidan. Prabha also thinks same.

Abdul takes Subi to chariot. Mormo babu gets happy seeing him and asks to get in soon as family is worried for him. He asks Abdul about his injury. Abdul says he fell down. Mormo says a boy threw dust in Richardson’s eyes and he has ordered to prosecute all boys in town. Subi thinks if he surrenders himself, he can save other boys.


Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Jankinath asks Subi why his clothes are dirty. Subi says his classmate Charles challenged him for a running race. Tauji informs that a boy threw dust in Richardson’s eyes. Charles informs Richardson that Subi threw dust in his yes. Charles shouts he will not spare Subi.

Read Online Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 21st September 2020 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial ByAnd TvIndian Drama Serial Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 21st September 2020.

Telecast Date:21st September 2020
Distributed By :And Tv And Zee5

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