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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The reunion is not wrapping up loose ends



The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion is meant to hash out old feuds and facilitate moving forward for the cast, but this reunion is doing the opposite.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion part 2 had all the characteristics of a good reunion: glamour, anger, deep-seated resentment, and hairspray.  Unfortunately, all it seems to be doing is reminding us why Denise Richards left.  Kyle Richards is taking no responsibility for anything except her love for Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave.

Lisa Rinna simply feigned ignorance the whole time and said she did not remember saying any of the atrocious things she said.  Her chosen personality for the day, Joan the wig, was the most interesting part about her.  She licked her lips no less than 30 times in some sort of intimidation tactic that left her looking like a lizard in your yard.  No responsibility was taken at any point.

Denise leaned back in her chair most of the episode and might have been watching television while filming.  She seemed checked out and had already announced her departure, so we don’t blame her in the lease.  “I was like ‘whatever.’ I don’t care.”  Kyle noted that she reached out and apologized, but Denise was quick to remind her that she only apologized after the backlash from viewers started.

Denise said that if they wanted to see her texts with Brandi, she was totally willing to do that and show her texts with everyone else too.  Rinna didn’t look thrilled about that, either.

Garcelle Beauvais held her own and didn’t even bother responding to Teddi’s comment about the eating disorder discussion.  That’s how unimportant Teddi and her questions are.  Garcelle also only responded “Okay” to a response to Rinna, too.  What a queen.

Andy Cohen was not asking the important questions we all wanted him to ask, which made for a pretty boring reunion.  Teddi talked about someone losing a finger, Kyle complained about her mumu’s and how hard that was for her, Denise was busy thinking about her grocery list for the store later.

All in all, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ruined the best thing they had going for them: Denise Richards.  Who would want to go on this show after they’ve run off two very important characters in the past two years?  I’m sure Brandi and Kim Richards are waiting in the car with bated breath and microphones on.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion part 3 airs Wednesday, September 16.


Ryan Reynolds Makes Hugh Jackman’s New Coffee Commercial Into Yet Another Meme! It seems their playful rivalry is never ending!




Reynolds did the voiceover for his frenemy’s company Laughing Man Coffee’s latest ad

Ryan Reynolds is a true blessing to our generation. And what’s an even bigger blessing is his ongoing feud with Hugh Jackman. The two make for an even more hilarious pair who hates each other than Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon.

Hugh Jackman launched his brand Laughing Man Coffee in 2011, and Ryan had been associated with it for more than a year now, just like Hugh’s association with his brand Aviation Gin. And now Reynolds is providing the narrative for Laughing Man Coffee’s latest ad, and the person who is subjected to all the trolling is none other than the owner, Hugh Jackman.

The ad

Jackman shared it on his social media, with the caption, “An honest glimpse into a day in my life.” It starts off with Jackman waking up in a sour mood. Reynolds starts listing his accomplishments, which are very flattering, but what we see is Jackman doing the exact opposite. We see him throwing his alarm clock, yelling at kids playing on the street and being rude to his dog.

But the ad closed on a positive note, just like most ads the duo do for their companies. It ended with Ryan saying, “Hugh Jackman founded Laughing Man Coffee so he could give back 100% of his profits to the fair trade farmers who grow it, and also to make himself way less of an a**hole. That coffee is actual magic.”

Both actors are experiencing success in their ventures, and Ryan is especially gifted at making creative ads for Aviation Gin and his other company, Mint Mobile.

The only thing left for the two actors to do is to team up as Wolverine on Deadpool for a movie, but in a grander way than X Men Origins: Wolverine. 

(Cover: Getty)

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Future Man Season 4 Release Date, Cast, And Plot & All Latest Updates




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Future Man Season 4, Future Man is a comedy series created by Howard Overman, Kyle Hunter, and Ariel Shaffir. The first year proved on November 14, 2017, also has until now completed three seasons. The show airs on Hulu and revolves around Josh Futturman, who is an underachieving janitor. He is called upon by cryptic people to conserve the world.

Every season has obtained a favorable response from audiences and critics and was commended for throwing compelling chemistry and a sense of comedy. Although the third period was said to be the final one, nevertheless fans want more of it. So will Future Man come up with a fourth season? Or it’s canceled once and for all? Learn everything you need to know about it.

Future Man Season 4 Renewal Status:

Hulu’s Future Man returned for a third season on April 3, 2020. It fulfilled the fans of this series and was not let down with that which was presumed to be a final season. However, fans are desperate to know the whereabouts of the fourth season.

After season 3’s premiere, it was announced that this would be the show’s last. The reason behind this choice is not exact, but lovers are in for a jolt and took to social media to call for more episodes.

But now, it looks like the time-travel series won’t be returning. Even then, fans may nonetheless have the ability to watch all three seasons of Future Person on Hulu.

Future Man Season 4 Cast Details:

Even when the fourth season was canceled, but contemplating the fan’s response to the rescue, an individual might consider the slightest possibility of its renewal. So if this happens, expect to find the very same characters and actors again.

This will include –

  • Josh Hutcherson as Josh Futturman
  • Eliza Coupe as Tiger
  • Derek Wilson as Wolf
  • Ed Begley Jr. as Gabe Futturman
  • Glenne Headly as Diane Futturman
  • Haley Joel Osment as Doctor Stu Camillo
  • Seth Rogen as Susan

Future Man Season 4 Expected Plot:

In the show, Josh is recruited by Tiger, and Wolf is the one who will save the world from Biotic Wars. He time travels into the future to do that.

In season 3, we found Tiger, Wolf, and Josh time-travelling and using all their resources to stop themselves from being recorded by Susan’s cops. They met with historical figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bruce Lee, Abraham Lincoln, and many more. The third season appropriately wrapped up the show and left no loose storylines.

The show was quite good with a combination of science and comics, but it is sad we will not have to see more from that series.

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Sherlock Holmes 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All The Latest Details You Need To Know!




Sherlock Holmes will reunite with its third season. Under the leadership of Guy Ritchie, this action thriller play put an excellent spot for itself in Hollywood because of its remarkable writings and performances.

In 2009, the film was the very first release by Warner Bros Pictures, accompanied by the series in 2011 as Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and after a lengthy wait, it is going to be likely to release its third series.

Michael Mulroney and Kieran Mulroney compose the plot.

The film is tremendously motivated by the characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The previous series was conducted successfully on the industrial level with global earnings of $500 million and $545 million.

Read below the further about the next series of Sherlock Holmes.


Warner Bros has formally declared the release of Sherlock Holmes 3 as 22nd December 2021.

Even though it was determined to release the next sequel on 25th December 2020, coronavirus’s international pandemic could be the main reason for a complete season mortal in maximum.

The first series released on 25th December 2009, followed by the next on 16th December 2011.


The cast of the final series will win the center of its fans with their enormous performances.

Here’s the list of potential casts who reprise their roles at Sherlock Holmes 3:

Robert Downey Jr. at the character of Sherlock Holmes

Jude Law from the personality of Dr. John Watson

Jared Harris from the nature of Professor James Moriarty

Noomi Rapace from the nature of Madame Simza Heron

Stephen Fry from the character of Mycroft Holmes

Kelly Reilly from the nature of Mary Morstan

Rachel McAdams from the nature of Irene Adler

Eddie Marsan from the nature of Inspector Lestrade

Paul Anderson from the nature of Sebastian Moran

Geraldine James from the nature of Mrs. Hudson

The faces may show up in the next picture, but we do not have any official announcement about the other cast.


We’re expecting the plotline of this next series to begin with Holmes with his Moriarty, as we all watched from the previous series, which from the warfare together with Moriarty, Holmes himself put his bogus death and covertly entered at the office of Watson’s to amass more shreds of proof. Thus, it will be exciting to see if the previous crew of villains in Sherlock’s life will be the master this moment, or we’ll observe some extra villains.


Sherlock Holmes 3

The Entire Story of Sherlock Holmes revolved around the warfare between Sherlock and Moriarty, Depending on the detective mystery stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

As Sherlock Holmes lovers, we’re expecting the next sequel to become fuller of experiences, heartbreaks, excitement, and criminal drama using a comedy clinch. Since the manufacturers have not given any advice or a hint with this forthcoming project plot, we can not presume the next series’s straightforward story.

After an official preview of Sherlock Holmes, three will be released; we’ll introduce a broader picture of its storyline.

Until then, please Stay in contact with us for more upgrades! Stay safe!

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