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Rihanna Is Selling Her $41Million Mansion As The Singer Is Moving Out Of The House After Two Years! Check It Out!!



Rihanna is bidding farewell to her Lavish London Home and it is up for a sale. The house costs a whopping $41 million which most could only dream to earn in a lifetime. She has been living in the North-London mansion since 2018. Even though she lived there on rent, it was one hell of a house. Since the house on sale, it might pique the interest of her fans and they might be able to catch a peek of it as well. At this staggering amount, one will be on the receiving end of an eight-bedroom house which extends across 6,332 square feet consisting of a home gym, a private lift along with a home theatre.

How Did Rihanna Manage To Bag This Mansion?

panda jeu

Rihanna was assisted by Michael Sulkin. Sulkin helped rent the house and is now the one. who is helping with its sale as well? As per Sulkin, the house is a very unique space. According to him, the private nature of the house was one of the most important qualities which attracted Rihanna to it. The majority of houses Rihanna saw had a straight view. Due to the privacy, this house provided Rihanna went for it. The house was a bit of a mystery up until recently when a fan spotted Rihanna.

Fans React To Her Mansion

Rihanna's London home is for sale for $41 million - CNN Style One of the fans excitedly took to his social media handle after spotting a carrier bag with Rihanna. The fan jokingly says how finally a celebrity owns a bag that they can also have. Another fan humorously says that she’s one of the people. If you compare other celebs, Rihanna tries to live a relatively low-key life. This mansion allowed her to do so live a life of seclusion and enjoy her privacy without getting disturbed. Sometimes celebs are fed up of the love they get from the paparazzi and their fans. A little me time never hurt anyone.


Charlie Confronts Elizabeth Potthast: I Won’t Let You STEAL Dad’s Money!




This last episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? left us all wondering if Andrei was going to beat up Charlie.

As you can see in this video, things are looking more complicated than that … because Charlie is just as mad at his sister right now.

In this sneak peek clip of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5, Episode 15, Chuck narrates the apparent aftermath of Andrei and Charlie’s confrontation.

“Him and Charlie confronted each other,” he explains to his concerned daughter, Elizabeth.

“He didn’t want to get in a fight with Charlie,” Chuck continues, “so he was like, ‘no, not now. And he walked away.”

Chuck Potthast - so right now, he was the bigger man

“And so,” Chuck explains to Libby, “right now, he was the bigger man.”

It sounds as though he is speaking up in defense of his layabout of a son-in-law. That, folks, we did not see coming.

Charlie … is not doing himself any favors, here.

Charlie Potthast - he's soft! he's soft!

Poking his father in the chest but addressing Elizabeth, Charlie says “He’s soft! He’s soft!”

“He, like, f–king, like, bends over backwards for you guys,” he accuses.

Keep in mind that Elizabeth’s brother has been drinking all evening.

Chuck Potthast - this is my daughter's wedding

“This is my daughter’s wedding!” Chuck points out, explaining why he wants things to go well.

“I don’t give a f–k!” Charlie retorts. “I don’t give a f–k!”

Oh, Charlie, this is not a good look. And it gets worse.

Charlie Potthast - I'm going to protect him

“Going forward,” Charlie slurs, “I am going to protect him.”

Still referring to his father, he declares: “And y’all aren’t stealing any of his money.”

A perplexed Elizabeth replies: “Nobody’s stealing anybody’s money.”

Charlie Potthast - y'all aren't going to steal his money

“This is my night, like, this is my night,” Elizabeth emphasizes to her inebriated brother.

She implores him: “Please, don’t ruin it.”

Charlie then walks away, vanishing into the crowd.

Elizabeth Potthast - this is my night this is my night

“They don’t pick the right place or the right time to do any of their bullsh–t,” Elizabeth expresses to her father.

“They have zero regard,” she laments.

“And,” Libby continues, “I just want to dance and have a good time.”

Elizabeth Potthast - ... or the right time to do any of their bulls--t

“I don’t want to do this right now,” Elizabeth says.

“Forget about it,” Chuck stresses to her. “Forget about it.”

It is his turn to plead: “Don’t let it ruin your evening.”

Elizabeth Potthast - I just want everybody to dance and have ...

Reassured to some degree by her father’s words, she walks off and joins her husband, Andrei.

“A part of me worries that, what if my family never gets along with my husband?” Libby tells the confessional camera.

“Like, what if they always have this constant tension and drama and negativity?” she openly fears. “Like, what if it doesn’t end? I just … I don’t know.”

Elizabeth Potthast to the confessional camera - I just don't know

On the one hand, we can more than understand the root of her fears.

Andrei’s piss-poor attitude and his refusal to take generous job offers from her family have rubbed everyone the wrong way.

But her fears in this moment may be misplaced.

Andrei Castravet - I don't understand your english

It sounds like Charlie’s conflict isn’t just about Andrei, but about Elizabeth herself, too.

He sounds insecure about his role in his family’s finances and resentful of what Chuck has spent on Elizabeth.

He is also, well, drunk. He’s not going to be drunk at every family gathering for the rest of time. At least, we assume not.

Elizabeth Potthast and Chuck Potthast at the reception, purple lights

As for Chuck, he is actually Team Andrei at the moment, an almost unbelievable prospect.

He was praising Andrei’s behavior to his daughter and is clearly embarrassed by Charlie’s behavior.

This is all seemingly in the aftermath of Charlie’s confrontation with Andrei, so we take it from this that nobody got beaten up. That’s good.

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SALEM – “Starfall”




Earlier this week, SALEM popped back into all of our lives when they used their official channels to post their recent STAY DOWN mixtape, which originally aired on NTS Radio back in May. The mix contained new material from the group, including an isolated track called “CAPULETS,” and it marked the first new proper SALEM material since their 2011 I’m Still In The Night EP.

Now, just a couple weeks before their debut album King Night turns 10, they’ve returned with a proper single called “Starfall.” It’s booming and syrupy slow, and it comes attached with footage taken from an excursion the duo took with a group of storm trackers during tornado season. Check it out below.

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Halsey & Sydney Sweeney Are Jaw-Dropping ‘Dream Girls’ In Skimpy Swimsuits




Halsey, who just announced her acting debut, will appear with Sydney Sweeny in the TV show, “The Player’s Table,” and if this is any inclination as to what viewers will be in for, consider us IN! Just when you think they couldn’t get any better individually, the two joined forces and have left fans speechless.

Halsey dropped a number of swimsuit shots showing her alongside Sydney Sweeney and before you even scroll, know these should come with a NSFW warning!

Scroll to see their bikini shots!

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