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SFFILM unveils Documentary Film Fund grantees



Non-profit film organization SFFILM has selected four non-fiction film projects as recipients of this year’s SFFILM Documentary Film Fund.

The fund, with grants totaling US$80,000, was created in 2011 to support feature-length documentaries that are currently in the post-production stages and spotlight “compelling stories, intriguing characters, [and] an innovative visual approach”.

The four films awarded $20,000 each in funding include Giovanni Buccomino’s After a Revolution (working title; pictured), about a brother and sister who fought on opposite sides of the Libyan revolution; Clarke Lyons and Gabe Dinsmoor’s Squeegee, which documents a young group of people in Baltimore and their struggle to overcome poverty; Farah Kassem’s We Are Inside, profiling the relationship between a Lebanese father and his prodigal daughter who returns home after a decade away; and Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh’s Writing with Fire, about a newspaper run by Dalit women in one of India’s most socially oppressive states.

Reviewing the 11 finalists’ submissions was a jury panel consisting of Sofia Alicastro, SFFILM artist development manager for filmmaker programs; Jennifer Battat, founder of the Jenerosity Foundation; Jason Ishikawa, senior executive at Cinetic Media; Anne Lai, SFFILM executive director; and film producer Diane Quon.

“Each project tackles its particular exploration of identity and place in remarkably thoughtful and creative ways, and they all have the potential to move and inspire audiences all over the world,” said the jury in a statement. “We’re impressed by the vividness with which these films depict their communities, the spaces they inhabit, and the conflicts they face, and we look forward to these stories being told to as wide an audience as possible.”

Past SFFILM Documentary Film Fund grantees include Ljubo Stefanov and Tamara Kotevska’s Honeyland, RaMell Ross’ Hale County This Morning, This Evening, Hassan Fazili’s Midnight Traveler, and Luke Lorentzen’s Midnight Family.


Tom Cruise Is Heading to Space for a New Movie!




Tom Cruise is on board to film a movie in space!

TMZ reports Cruise will head to the International Space Station on the SpaceX Crew Dragon rocket and capsule to shoot an action adventure movie. Tom’s name has already been added to the 2020 to 2023 ISS manifest.

Director Doug Liman will also be along for the ride, and the voyage is set for October 2021.

The star reportedly worked closely with SpaceX boss Elon Musk and NASA to make the project happen.

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‘Big Brother’ Legend Dr. Will Kirby Breaks Down ‘Neighbor’ Twist, Why He’s Not Playing ‘All-Stars’




Dr. Will Kirby/Instagram

A legend moves in. Dr. Will Kirby made a surprise appearance in the Thursday, September 24, episode of Big Brother: All Stars as part of a new twist.

The celebrity dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway popped up at the end of the episode as the houseguests’ new “neighbor” to tell them about the upcoming competitions, which will proceed the unprecedented triple eviction .

“For the next HOH competition and Veto competition, you’re going to have an important decision to make, go for power or go for prizes,” Kirby said while dressed in a bathrobe. “I sure know what I would do. Good luck. I do live right next door, so you will be seeing me again.”

Check out what else Dr. Will Kirby told Us Weekly about his appearance:

Dr Will Kirby Big Brother All-Stars
CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

Us Weekly: Fans would have loved to see you as part of the cast, but I guess this works too. What’s it like coming back as the “neighbor”?

Dr. Will Kirby: The world absolutely needs some levity right now and my role this season as the Big Brother neighbor offers exactly that! If I can take people’s minds off of their daily life stressors for even a few minutes with some fun content then I’ll have successfully accomplished my goal!

Us: What can you tell us about the twist?

Dr. Will: The “neighbor” kicks off one of the greatest weeks in the history of Big Brother. Immense powers and opulent prizes are at stake. Plus, it’s capped off by the first ever triple eviction. This will be a defining moment for the series!

Us: But really, why aren’t you playing All-Stars, Dr. Will?

Dr. Will: Well, while placing no judgement on people who are playing this season, I personally didn’t feel like I could leave my family or take an absence from my career obligations right now. Disappearing for three months wasn’t wasn’t something that made sense to me personally. But I of course wanted to be involved in this season in some capacity and this role seemed like a great fit!

Us: What makes a Big Brother all-star?

Dr. Will: While some players are physically attractive, or smart, or strategic, or charismatic, no other single player brings the complete set of skills. So, at the risk of self aggrandizement, I bring a little of all of those characteristics to the game and that allows me to be an agile player, it allows me to adapt. When you have a number of different attributes to lean on, you don’t have to rely on just one strength. So as the game has evolved over the past two decades, I’ve been fortunate enough to evolve with it. But to get more granular, it comes down to one word: Entertainment. I truly try to entertain the fans. Loving or loathing, when they watch I want them to walk away from their television and tablets thoroughly entertained.

Us: Did you expect to see a season happen this summer?

Dr. Will: These are unprecedented times but the Big Brother producers, Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, Chris Roach, Shawn Laws, Robyn Kass and Don Wollman are truly the best in the business! No other team could pull this off. I’m not allowed to discuss details, but right now the Big Brother house looks like a space station! I’ve never seen anything like it! These guys are under-appreciated artists. Pulling off a show of this scope during a global pandemic is so much more difficult than people realize.

Us: Some fan favorites – like your old friends Janelle and Kaysar – were evicted early this season. Do you think they’ll play again?

Dr. Will: Would they want to play again? It must be haunting to constantly wonder if you will get another shot at playing and even more disturbing to get that chance and then fail again. Look, I totally get why a second chance makes sense for some houseguests, but if you have lost Big Brother three times then this just isn’t the right hobby for you. So the question is, ‘Do we want to see them play again’? I’m of the personal opinion that we as viewers deserve some fresh blood.

Us: You host the jury roundtable, but be real, will we ever see you play again?

Dr. Will: Let’s be honest, I’m uniquely qualified to host the jury roundtable. I’ve done it for seven seasons now and I love it. And I’m honored to do it! But I’m not even sure that we can have a jury roundtable this season because of social distancing and quarantine requirements. That said, I would hope that I could continue to serve the show and the fans in that capacity for a long time to come. As far as the possibility of me actually playing again goes, in the interest of full candor, it would just have to be just the perfect situation. So, as it stands right now today, I’m officially retired from competitive reality television programming and I’ll just continue to focus my efforts on the aesthetic dermatology world. Will I ever come out of reality retirement? Stay tuned.

Us: What else is going on with you these days?

Dr. Will: Fans who follow me casually are always surprised to find out that I’m a board certified dermatologist and one of the most sought after key opinion leaders in the field of aesthetic dermatology. Moreover, I’m the Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway, the nation’s leader in aesthetic dermatology. Our 60th clinic opens next month and I’m thrilled about our 2021 expansion plans! It’s a true privilege to work with the LaserAway team.

Us: So how does your job compare to Big Brother?

Dr. Will: Dermatologists are even more competitive than Big Brother houseguests! Scheming and more petty too. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how jealous they are! Also, the stakes are a lot higher in dermatology. But whether it’s on television or a clinic, the cream always rises to the top. Bottom line: Dermatology isn’t a competition but, rest assured, LaserAway is winning.

Us: Oh, and one more question. You’re a fan of good speeches. What were your thoughts on Da’Vonne’s speech tonight?

Dr. Will: One of the best exit speeches of all time. I think that puts her at the top of the list for America’s Favorite Player.

Big Brother: All-Stars airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.

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Kristin Cavallari Was Totally Unfiltered When Talking About Divorcing Jay Cutler




  • Kristin Cavallari opened up about her divorce from Jay Cutler.
  • She said it was definitely the reason why she quit Very Cavallari.
  • The Laguna Beach alum revealed that she and Jay had issues for years and kept a lot off the show.

Kristin Cavallari was an open book when it came to discussing her marriage to and divorce from Jay Cutler in a recent interview with People. While promoting her new cookbook, Kristin revealed she never considered her relationship to be “couple goals” like her fans did. She admitted, “I was like, ‘If you guys only knew.'”

In April, Jay filed for divorce three days before Kristin submitted her own papers. When they announced the news to their followers on Instagram, they chalked it up to a “situation of two people growing apart.”

[instagram align=’center’ id=’B_c7Xe9HnB_’][/instagram]

Though it seemed like everything hit the fan at the same time for Jay and Kristin this spring, their marital issues were definitely ongoing. “It didn’t happen overnight,” Kristin said. “We tried really, really hard for years and years. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever made.”

Ultimately, Kristin is proud of herself for realizing it was best for them to separate. “When you work at something for so many years and nothing’s changing, I think you have to just make a decision,” she said, later adding, “It wore at me every single day for years. I feel like my whole world is opening up now because of it, and I’m just feeling the best I’ve felt in a really long time.”

[image id=’bdfab932-0d1d-4379-9b7e-fd036700eac2′ mediaId=’885d5671-fad6-4de8-a94b-6f3838343c2d’ align=’center’ size=”medium” share=”false” caption=” expand=” crop=’original’][/image]

As for the end of their reality show Very Cavallari, which she quit in May, Kristin felt like it was a major weight off her shoulders. “I’m just relieved,” she shared. “I just knew I was going to have to talk about everything, and I didn’t want to. Thinking about filming was giving me anxiety.”

The reality star and designer also said there’s a lot fans didn’t see on Very Cavallari, but don’t get your hopes up that it’ll eventually air. Kristin and the show were very intentional about keeping some things private. She said, “Producers saw stuff, but they didn’t put it in the show—which is good, because I don’t want my kids to ever [see that].”

[instagram align=’center’ id=’CC3wFr3n-dD’][/instagram]

At the end of the day, she and Jay may be separated, but they still talk all the time to co-parent their kids. Kristin said, “I still care so much about him and talk to him almost every day. We have three kids together. He’s going to be in my life forever.”

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