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She-Hulk Disney+ Series Wants It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Director Kat Coiro



She-Hulk has found its director. The upcoming live-action Marvel series, which is being developed for Disney+, has set its sights on Kat Coiro to take the helm. This will mark the arrival of Hulk’s cousin Jessica Walters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the lead role still needs to be cast, a hugely important piece of the puzzle has slipped into place, bringing the show closer than ever to reality.

According to multiple reports, Kat Coiro is currently in negotiations for the job. Should the deal close, and the indication is that things look good, Coiro will direct the pilot and several other episodes of the show. Additionally, Coiro would join the team as an executive producer. Jessica Gao (Rick and Morty) is on board as the showrunner and head writer.

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Kat Coiro has an impressive resume of directing credits, having worked on a number of hit shows over the years. Some of her credits include It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia, Dead to Me, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mozart in the Jungle and Shameless. Coiro also has a new movie, Marry Me, starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, set to arrive on Valentine’s Day weekend next year. This would mark her most high-profile gig to date.

She-Hulk was originally announced by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige last summer at Disney’s D23 Expo. It joins a growing lineup of new, live-action shows that will be more directly connected to the movie side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Hawkeye, Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel are also at various stages of development. Originally, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had been set to arrive on August but the production shutdown forced Disney to delay the show. No new release date has been set at this time.

Jessica Walters was one of the last major characters co-created by Stan Lee for Marvel Comics, making her appearance in Savage She-Hulk #1 in 1980. John Buscema created the character alongside Lee. The cousin of Bruce Banner, Walters is an attorney who ends up needing an emergency blood transfusion to save her life. Bruce gives her some of his blood, which provides her with Hulk-like powers. But she is able to maintain more control over her strength and emotions, with Walters continuing to practice law, in addition to her duties as a superhero.

Mark Ruffalo previously revealed that discussions have taken place for him to appear in the series, but nothing has been set in stone at this time. As far as casting Jessica Walters, Marvel was said to be looking for Alison Brie type for the part. There is also no word on when production could begin but that is dependant on outside factors, given that the industry is still contending with how to proceed following the shutdown. As we’ve seen, productions are still facing major issues even when seemingly exhaustive precautions are being taken. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as further details are made available. This news was previously reported by Deadline.


Paul Heyman On If Brock Lesnar Is Aware Of Roman Reigns, Their Pairing Being “The Biggest Move”




Paul Heyman recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to promote Friday’s SmackDown on FOX main event, which will see his client, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, team with cousin Jey Uso to battle Sheamus and King Baron Corbin in a Samoan Street Fight.

Heyman commented on his new alliance with Reigns, and said the role is a chance for him to reinvent himself.

“It’s an opportunity 33 years into my performing career to completely redefine, reimagine and reinvent myself,” Heyman said. “I’m now the special counsel to the tribal chief, a role I’ve never played.

“I’ve been a manager. I’ve been an agent. I’ve been an advocate. I’ve been the CEO of the Dangerous Alliance. I’ve been an executive producer in ECW. I’ve been the executive director of Monday Night Raw. I’ve been the general manager of multiple brands. This is a completely different role for me. That’s the way I look at it and approach it, and it’s a completely different dynamic than I’ve ever had with any other talent.”

Heyman acknowledged that the history and rapport he has with Reigns is much different than what he has with Brock Lesnar. He said Reigns rescued him, and described the process as exhilarating.

“With Brock Lesnar, I began by advocating for the next big thing, an NCAA Division I champion,” Heyman said .”We were tied together at the hip on his way to the top. That’s not what this is. Roman Reigns has been established as the top act for eight years, and I was the one thrown out into the ocean of obscurity. Roman Reigns rescued me.

“We’re not navigating his trajectory to the top. Our entire focus is keeping him fresh, relevant and reinvigorated, and making that presentation seamless. That is exhilarating, even for someone who had a career in wrestling that dates back to being a photographer as a kid in Vince McMahon Sr.’s Madison Square Garden locker room.”

Lesnar has not appeared with Heyman since dropping the WWE Title to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. Heyman said Lesnar is aware of the new gig he has with Reigns.

“Brock Lesnar is very aware that I am working with Roman Reigns,” Heyman said. “There shouldn’t be any confusion here. Brock Lesnar legitimately does whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do. There is no shortage of box-office appeal in the name Brock Lesnar. If and when Brock Lesnar wants to capitalize on that box office appeal, his name will be ringing from the headlines the moment he decides to return to the ring.”

It was noted that while Lesnar and Heyman built an extremely lucrative alliance over the the past 20 years, Reigns and Heyman share more of a personal history. Heyman recalled how he’s always praised Reigns, and said the backstory makes sense.

“If you look at the backstory, it all makes sense,” Heyman explained. “Since day one, I’ve pontificated the greatness of Roman Reigns. There was a time going into WrestleMania 31 when it was Roman Reigns against Brock Lesnar for the title.

“And I said, in any era, my money’s on Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns in his prime versus Bruno Sammartino in his prime? My money’s on Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns against Ric Flair, both in their prime? My money’s on Roman Reigns. Reigns vs. Hulk Hogan? Reigns vs. the Rock? Reigns vs. John Cena? Put whomever you want against Reigns, and I’ll take Reigns—and I was stating this a half-decade ago.”

Heyman said WWE putting he and Reigns together was the biggest talent move WWE could have made at this time.

“With all humility aside, this is the biggest move WWE could make with its talent at the moment,” Heyman continued. “We have the tenured, still-young, just-hitting-his-prime WrestleMania main-eventer, the undisputed No. 1 star in WWE, and he’d been off for seven months. Didn’t even appear at this year’s WrestleMania. Now he’s ready to come back, and he returns with someone that has been on top and been associated with top acts for 30 years.

“However you define me, whether it’s as a manager, an advocate, a supporting mouthpiece, and now special counsel to the tribal chief, I have been with more WWE and universal champions than anyone. And now these two acts are together for the first time.”

It was confirmed that Heyman does have creative input into Reigns’ storylines. Heyman said the last two weeks were just the beginning of a run that they plan on topping each week. Heyman said this will be the portion of Reigns’ career that makes him a WWE Hall of Famer.

“That was only the first two weeks,” Heyman said. “We plan on topping that every week. And the reason we will is because of Roman Reigns. He has been at the very top of WWE since he debuted in 2012, yet is even more ambitious today than I’ve ever known him to be. Everything he has accomplished up to now has served as a buildup to the true Hall of Fame portion of his career.

“Roman takes the responsibility of being the top star in WWE very seriously, and he is going to do this Friday what he’s done for his entire career. He’s going to overdeliver on SmackDown, and when the show is over, people will be talking about it. And you can believe that.”

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Kelly Clarkson Said She “Didn’t See This Coming” in Regards to Her Divorce




Kelly didn’t give any indication during her monologue at The Kelly Clarkson Show as to why she and Brandon decided to part ways. Given her statement that she’s planning to hold the details close to her, in an attempt to protect their children, chances are she won’t spill any details on if Brandon cheated on her or not. 

The two have weathered some cheating rumors in the past. In 2013, the rumors of Brandon cheating circulated after an anonymous person claimed she had been” intimate” with Brandon.

“We haven’t slept together,” the individual reportedly posted, “but we’ve been intimate in other ways.” Adding, “I really hope his wife keeps her eye on him because he’s not the great man she thinks he is.”

At the time, in response to the rumors, Kelly had taken to Twitter to address the claims and asked people to mind their business and get out of hers. 

Even if cheating was the reason for their breakup, and we’d find it hard to believe given the timing of it all and the whole lockdown thing, but we never really know. And we don’t anticipate Kelly giving any clues as to what happened anytime soon. 

We wish them both the best. 

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We demand Betty White be honored with the Carol Burnett Award at the 2021 Golden Globes [Poll Results]




We demand that the legendary Betty White be given the Carol Burnett Award at the 2021 Golden Globes next February. That’s according to our latest poll results after offering a dozen TV actors, actresses and producers in a poll about who should receive this relatively new television life achievement award presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. The first recipient was Carol Burnett in 2019 who then attended last year when Ellen DeGeneres was honored.

White, who will turn 99 next January, has won five Primetime Emmy Awards for “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” (twice), “The Golden Girls,” “The John Larroquette Show” and “Saturday Night Live.” She also prevailed at the Daytime Emmys for “Just Men” and is an inductee into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. White contended for four years running at the Golden Globes for “Golden Girls” but never won. She was bested in 1986 by co-star Estelle Getty and “Moonlighting” star Cybill Shepherd, who also won the following year. In 1988 Tracey Ullman picked up the prize for her self-titled show while Candice Bergen prevailed in 1989 for “Murphy Brown.”

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Here are the 12 men and women we offered in our poll with the results:

Betty White (34%)

Angela Lansbury (20%)

Dick Van Dyke (9%)

Norman Lear (8%)

Lily Tomlin (7%)

Cicely Tyson (6%)

Whoopi Goldberg (5%)

Candice Bergen (4%)

Bob Newhart (3%)

Lorne Michaels (2%)

Alan Alda (1%)

David Letterman (1%)

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