Skullcandy announced the launching of its first wireless earbuds now, known as the Skullcandy Push. The earbuds feature a huge button on the side, which may be used to answer calls, change sound monitors, and control the quantity, along with activating your phone’s voice helper to do tasks such as sending a message or placing reminders by triple-tapping which button.

The Skullcandy Push provides half an hour of listening time, and putting the earbuds to a fully charged instance can supply an extra six hours. That is marginally longer than the Apple AirPods’ 5 hours of listening time, however, the AirPods charging instance boasts multiple fees that include up to 24 hours.

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The earbuds just come one color, “Psychotropical Teal,” but they are a huge improvement over the murky grey first seen from the organization’s leaked FCC filing in November. The amazing looking gel ear hook guarantees that the earbuds will not drop out, either.

Regrettably, if you were trying to find a set of exercise earbuds, you will need to look someplace else. Skullcandy does not advise exercising together with the Push, since they are not sweat or chilled.

Skullcandy claims that the Push wireless earbuds will be offered only at Target for $129.99 before the end of 2018, also will probably likely be offered at select retailers beginning January 15. Should you happen to eliminate an earbud, then Skullcandy will also supply a replacement earbud or charging instance at a lower cost of $49 beneath its”Fearless Use Promise”. It is a somewhat better deal than what Apple provides, which will be $69 to get a replacement AirPod or charging instance.

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