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Soul Mate (They met) – Part1



Hi guys, I’m back with a new ff. My second ff of the couple drikshit. Rakshit Shergil a single parent, business man and Drishti Sharma a simple girl. They are destined to be together but they never can due to a spooky twist. Here is the first episode. Hope you guys like it.





Shergil house
A little girl is running all over the house. A few stuff is running behind her.
A stuff: Pari, pari beta rukho. Pari. (Pari from silsila)
Pari, pari dear stop. Pari.

Pari: Nehi, main nehi jaungi hospital. Mujhe injection se dar lagta hai.
No I don’t want to go to hospital. I am afraid of injection.

Stuff: Beta routine dose hai, lena to parega. Rukho, vago mat.
Dear, it’s a routine dose, you have to take it. Don’t run, stop.

Pari runs out of the house. The stuffs followed her. Someone from a car comes out. (Advik Mahajan)

He stops pari. Bends down to her level and looks at her.

Rakshit: Kiyun nehi jana apko hospital?
Why don’t you want to visit hospital?

Pari: Mujhe injection nehi lagana hain, bohot dard hota hai.
I don’t want to take injection, it hurts a lot.

Rakshit: Per apne agar injection nehi lia to ap bimar par sakte hain, aur agar ap bimar par gayi to mere sath park ghumne kaun jayega?
But if you don’t take injection then you can fall ill. And if you fall ill who will go to park with me?

Pari: (still sad, making a pout) hum park ghumne ja rahe hain?
Are we going to visit park?

Rakshit nods.
Rakshit: But uske pehle apko mere sath hospital jana parega. Thik hai?

But you have to go to hospital with me first. Ok?

Pari thinks for a bit. Then becomes happy and nods her head.
Pari: Thik hai.

Rakshit: That’s like a brave girl. Let’s go now.
Rakshit and Pari get inside the car and leaves for road.

A girl is driving a scooter on the road. (Sana Sayyad)

Suddenly her scooter stops. She tries to start it but it does not start. She parks it on road side and gets down.

Drishti: Oh no, Drishti tune petrol kiyun nehi check kia. Ab kya hoga? Mujhe interview k liye jana hai, ab? Akal nehi hai tujh mein bilkul vi.
Oh no, Drishti why didn’t you check the petrol. What will happen now? I have to go for the interview, now what?

She slaps her forehead then starts walking. Sometimes she tries to stop cars but none stops. She keeps talking to herself while walking.

Drishti: Accha hua, bohot accha hua. Koi taxi vi nehi mil rahe, na koi lift dene ki liye taiyar hai. Per tujhe kya farak parta hain. Itna jaruri kam se nikalne se pehle scooty thori check karna parta hai. Bas baitho aur nikal jau. Aj pakka late hogi, late to hona hi hai. Job hatse gaya.
Good, very good. Nor there is any taxi neither anyone is ready to give lift. But what do you care. You don’t have to check scooter before going out for such an important work. Just sit and go for it. I’m definitely going to be late today. This job is out of questions.

Rakshit is driving car, Pari is sitting beside him. Rakshit looks at Pari and smiles.

Pari: Papa hum park kab jayenge?
Papa when we will go to the park?

Rakshit: Jayenge beta, pehle hospital to pauch jai.
We will go dear, but first let me reach to the hospital.

Pari suddenly looks outside of car window and points at a shop.

Pari: Papa mujhe ice cream khana hai, gari rukho.

Papa I want to have ice cream, stop the car.

Rakshit looks outside and sees a ice cream van. He smiles but passes the van. Pari looks back then looks at Rakshit.

Pari: Apne to pass kark chala gaya.
You have passed the van.

Rakshit: Pari hum kisi acchi jaga se ice cream khayenge, thik hai?
Pari we will have ice cream from some better place, OK?

Pari nods and looks outside. Rakshit smiles poorly, he seems tensed. He looks down for a second. He keeps pressing the break.

Rakshit’s POV
Kya hua, ye break kam kiyun nehi kar rahe hai? Ye thik nehi hai.

What’s wrong, why isn’t the brake working? This is bad.

Rakshit looks at Pari, she is in her own thoughts. Rakshit looks in front of him and tries to control the car.

Drishti is walking on the road and still talking to herself.

Drishti: Dekh Drishti, petrol k sath job ka koi connection nehi hai. Mana tu late pauchegi office mein, to kya hua. Tujh mein is job pane ki sare qualification hai. Unlog ko tujhse accha koi nehi milegi is job k liye. Bas isi bat ko tujhe unlogo ko samjhana hai. Chahe to pair vi pakarlena taki tujhe ek chance dede interview k liye. Jab tak mauka nehi dege tab tak picha nehi charegi. Ha ye sahi rehega. Bas yaad rakh tera target kya hai.
Listen drishti, there is no connection between petrol and job. It’s true that you will reach late at office, so what. You have every qualifications for this job. They can’t get anyone better than you. If needed then just fall on their feet, they will have to give you a chance for interview. Until they do so you will not let them stay at peace. Yes, this will be right. You just have to remember your target.

Suddenly a speedy car comes at her direction. She notices at the last moment and jumps at a side to save herself from getting hit. The car goes a little more ahead then bumps into a tree and stops, smoke comes out. Drishti stands up and runs towards the car. She openes the gate and sees an unconscious Rakshit on driver sit, beside him is sitting a crying Pari. Drishti gets nervous, she tries to wake up Rakshit.

Drishti: Vaisab, uthie, vaisab.
Mister get up, mister.

Drishti looks outside but there is no one near for help. She again looks inside. Pari is still crying. Drishti looks at her.

Drishti: Beta, chinta mat karo, kuch nehi hoga, rona bandh karo. Ok?

Dear, don’t worry, nothing will happen, don’t cry. Ok?

Drishti takes out Rakshit from the car and lies him down on ground. Then she opens the other gate and takes out Pari. She pulls Rakshit away from the car then tries to wake him up again. Pari is sitting beside them.

Drishti: Oh hello, vaisab uthie na. Apka beti ro rehi hai. Uthie na please. Drishti ye ase nehi uthega. Pani, pani chaihie.
Oh hello, mister get up. Your daughter is crying. Please get up. Drishti this is not going to work. Water, I need water.

Drishti looks around then goes to the car. She searches inside the car and finds a water bottle. She took it and started going for Rakshit, that’s when the car blowed up. Drishti looks back at the burning car, then at Rakshit and Pari who is a little far away. She then zaps out of her sudden numbness due to the blast and runs at Rakshit. She splashes water over Rakshit’s face and slowly he regained conscious. Rakshit slowly sits up, a hand over his head. Looking him waking up Pari hugs him tightly. Rakshit also hugs her with one hand and looks around, trying to figure out what have happened. Drishti sighs of relief and sits down on the ground. She goes to drink the water in her hand but stops and looks at Rakshit.

Drishti: Apka dimag to thik hai na? Aise koi gari chalata hai, car mein bacchi thi. Khud k jan k paroa na ho, kamse kam bacchi ki to kar lete. Dekho, kaise dar gayi bechari.

Are you nuts? Who drives like this, there was a kid in the car. If you don’t care for your life then at least care for the kid. See how much scared she is.

Rakshit holds Pari strongly, he looks at the burning car, then at Drishti. He tries to move but his head hurts, he holds his head.

Rakshit: Wo…. car ka…. brake fail ho gaya tha.
There……. was……. a break fail.

Drikshit: Wo, tabhi, tabhi ap aise pagal ki tara gari chala rehe the. Aur mein soch rahe tha ki apko dekh ke to normal insan hi lag raha hai, eise pagal jaise………. Charie, jane dete hai. Par apko ghar se nikal ne se pehle car thik se check karlena chaihe tha. Mein to hamesha apna scooty fully check karkei ghar se nikalta hu. Aur apko to double check karna chaihie tha, after all ap ek bacchi k sath bahar ja rahe. You know safety first.
Oo, that’s why, that’s why you were driving like mad. And I was thinking you look like a normal person, but how mad…… Anyway, forget that. But you should have checked your car before going out. I always fully check my scooty before going out of my home. And you should have double check, after all you are traveling with a kid. You know safety first.

Rakshit is still traumatized of what happened, and his head is hurting very much. He is not able to pay much heed to Drishti’s word. He waits for Drishti to stop. When she stops to take a breath he looks at her and says

Rakshit: Hamare jaan bachane k liye sukria.
Thanks for saving our lives.

Drishti laughs sarcastically and tries to stand up while talking

Drishti: Thank you? Apke thank you ka……
Thank you? Your thank you…….

But Rakshit stops her in midway.

Rakshit: Apko to chot lagi hai.
You are hurt.

Drishti gets surprised and looks at herself, she sees there is blood stain one side of her belly. She seems shocked. She slowly touches on the blood stain. Rakshit tries to stand.

Rakshit: Apko hospital jana chaihe. Bahot khoon bahe gaye.
You need to go to hospital. There have been a lot of blood loss.

But as soon as Rakshit stands his head starts spinning and he loses balance. He was about to fall but Drishti holds him.

Drishti: Samvalke. Khud to thik se khare ho vi nehi parehe he aur kahrehe hai ki mujhe hospital ki jorurat hai. Mai thik hu, kuch vi nehi hua. Hospital k jorurat apko hai. Aiye, bathie yahan.
Careful. You can’t even stand properly  and you are saying I need hospital! I’m fine, nothing happened to me. You need to go to hospital. Sit here.

Drishti makes a half conscious Rakshit sit down beside a tree. Pari is sitting beside him, she has stopped crying but is holding Rakshit’s hand strongly. Drishti comes at road side and tries to stop cars. There is very few of them and none are stopping. Rakshit is having hard time keeping his sense alright. Everything is becoming dark around him. In midst of this he sees Drishti impatiently trying to stop car for him. Everything goes completely dark for him, he faints. Drishti sees him falling down at one side from sitting position. She comes running towards him and holds him before he hits the ground.

Drishti: Hey, hold it together. Kuch nehi hoga apko.
Hey hold it together. Nothing will happen to you.

A car stops beside them. A man comes out and asks what’s wrong. Drishti explains the situation to him and together they take Rakshit inside the car, drishti takes pari inside. The man starts driving. Drishti takes Rakshit’s head over her laps and keeps talking to him. Drishti looks at Pari. She is looking at unconscious Rakshit, she looks very scared.

Drishti: Beta ap apke ghar ka number bata sakte hain? Ghar mein sabko phone karna parega.
Dear, do you know your home’s phone number? I have to call everyone at home.

Pari nods. She gives the number to her. Drishti calls the number then looks at Rakshit for a second. Then she gives the phone towards Pari.

Drishti: Beta ap bolo ki aplogo ki car ka accident ho gaya, aur ap papa ko lekar city hospital ja rahe hai.
You say that your car have been in accident and now you are taking papa at City hospital.

Pari takes the phone and talks with the other family members. The car reaches at hospital. Two wardboy takes Rakshit away in a stretcher. Drishti and Pari walks side by side. A few minutes later they take him inside. Drishti sits down on the waiting area with Pari. She looks at Pari then at the hospital, then she looks down at her blood stained dress. She touches that place slowly then looks at her hands. She covers her face with her hands.

Drishti’s POV
Aj subha kya soch k ghar se bahar hui thi aur ab kya ho gaya. Job…us job k bare mein to ab soch vi nehi parehu. Yaar life is so unpredictable. Life…….  sunne vi ajib lag rahe hai. Us kuch palon mein kitna kuch ho gaya. I just hope ki wo admi thik ho jai, usko kuch na ho.
When I got out of house this morning I haven’t the slightest idea of what’s going to happen. Job…. I can’t even think about that job now. Yaar life is so unpredictable. Life…. the word sounds so weird in my ears now. So much have happened in those few moments. I just hope that man recovers, nothing should happen to him.

Rakshit is resting in the hospital bed, he is in half sitting position. He is much better now. A nurse comes inside and start taking notes. She looks at Rakshit.

Nurse: Apka report mein sabkuch thik hai. Bahut jald hum apko discharge karne wale hai. Apke beti bahar apke gharwalon k sath hai. Waise ap bohot lucky hai, sahi samay pe apko hospital lekar aya tha.
Everything is OK in your report. We are discharging you very soon. Your daughter is with your family members outside. I must say you are very lucky, you have been brought here in time.

Rakshit: Ha, sabkuch us larki k liye. Usine mere jan bachai pehle, fer mujhe lekar hospital aya, fer pure samay mere sath tha……
Yes, everything is for that girl. First she saved my life, then she brought me to hospital, then she stayed with me the whole time……

Nurse: Nehi sir, apko kuch galatfaimy hua hai. Wo larki apko yaha lane k bad kuch der bahar apki beti k sath baithi thi. Jab apke gharwalon aya tab wo chali gayi. Wo to ekbar vi ap se milne nehi aya.
No sir, you must have some misunderstanding. After bringing you here that girl was sitting outside with your daughter. When your family members came she went away. She didn’t come to meet you for once.

Rakshit: Par jab main behos tha tab to mujhe laga ki…….. Anyway main to usko thik se thank you vi bol nehi paya. Itna kuch bola par uski nam hi nehi bataya. Kya apko pata hai unki nam kya hai?
But when I was unconscious I thought that….. Anyway I could not even thank her properly. She talked so much yet did not say her name. Do you know what is her name?

Nurse: Nehi sir, mujhe kaise pata hoga?
No sir, how would I know?

Rakshit: But unko chot lagi thi. Aplogo ki records mein to hoga na unka nam?
But she was hurt. There should be her name in your records, shouldn’t it?

Nurse: Lekin sir unhone to koi treatment e nehi lia. Mujhe to ab pata chal rahe ki unko vi chot lagi thi. Sir mujhe ab jana parega, dusri room mein vi checking ki liye jana hai.
But sir she didn’t take any treatment. In fact I just got to know that even she was hurt. Sir I have to go now, have to check the other rooms too.

The nurse leaves. Rakshit is in his thoughts, thinking about Drishti. He rememberes how he first saw her from inside the car, a terrified face. Then how she kept talking about checking car. Then how she was trying to stop car for him.

Rakshit: Pata nehi kaun thi wo, pata nehi fer hum kabhi milege ya nehi.
I don’t know who she was, I don’t even know if we are going to meet again or not.

Next : Drishti comes to Rakshit’s office for job. They meets again.

So, how do you guys like my new story? Please give me your feedbacks through likes and comments.

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