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Steve Earle To Record Album Of Justin Townes Earle Covers



Justin Townes Earle, a talented singer-songwriter and the son of Steve Earle, died last month at the age of 38. Today, Steve Earle has announced that he will record a covers album of songs that were written by Justin Townes Earle with his band the Dukes.

Per a press release sent by his label New West Records, Earle expects to record the album next month and release it in January near what would have been his 39th birthday. Proceeds from the album will go in a trust for Justin’s daughter Etta St. James Earle.


Jared Leto’s ‘Morbius’ could be a great film but it’s unlikely to sustain a franchise of its own




After the box office success of ‘Venom’, Sony is expanding its universe of Marvel characters with ‘Morbius’ starring Jared Leto as the titular vampire anti-hero. However, while a sequel for ‘Venom’ is already in the works, a ‘Morbius’ franchise might not be the best idea.

Michael Morbius is fundamentally a normal dude who just happens to need to drink people’s blood to survive. That’s the whole crux of the character and in an interview with IGN, Leto said that this was what attracted him to the project in the first place.

“There’s a line in the film where Morbius says that he’s been dying his entire life and now feels more alive than ever. And I think that sums it up,” Leto explained. “Here’s someone who’s been afflicted with this horrendous disease and has had all kinds of challenges and has been in pursuit of this cure. And then all of a sudden has this power and this physical strength, which is all incredible, but there is a flip side to it as well. There’s a dark side. So that battle between the light and dark is something that he fights throughout the film.”


Now there’s plenty of potential for a great standalone movie but can ‘Morbius’ sustain a film series of his own? Perhaps, not. 

With ‘Morbius’, Marvel Comics was essentially trying to do something new with vampires, at a time when vampiric characters were quite rare in comics. By giving his powers a sci-fi origin instead of basing it in magic, Marvel managed to create a unique character but in the modern era, where vampires are a dime a dozen, the whole “living vampire” shtick loses its novelty pretty quickly. 

It’s not like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be starved of vampires either with a ‘Blade’ movie in the works starring Mahershala Ali as the titular vampire who hunts vampires. Besides, Morbius has always been more enjoyable when he has other characters to bounce off of. He’d be an excellent addition to a ‘Sinister Six’ movie or perhaps even a ‘Midnight Sons’ movie but on his own, there’s only so many things you can do with the character. 

‘Morbius’ is scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 31.

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Who is Jonathan Owens? Simone Biles confirms love with new boyfriend in mushy Instagram photos




Olympic gymnast Simone Biles confirmed her relationship with footballer Jonathan Owens in two romantic pictures she posted on Instagram on Sunday, August 2. Biles captioned the post, ‘it’s just us’ where the couple was seen all cozied up with smiles and love in the air. The couple was rumored to be together for quite a while now. You can see the photos here.

Recently, Biles also shared a video on Twitter where the pair was seen dancing in each other’s clothes.

But now Biles has made her love all ‘official’ with Owens.

In no time, people started reacting to her post saying, “Omgggg perfect in a picture god I love that hair on you so much you don’t even know,” and “Whoa. Black love. You guys are gorgeous together.” While some of her fans were all happy for her, they said, “Ohhhhh u gotta new man. Where I been?? Hey y’all” and “I must’ve missed the memo regarding the last relationship… well, congrats on the new vibes regardless!!!!”

While some Internet users questioned, “What happened w the other dude?? I’m honestly just so confused.” and “LOL what happened to her other bf pointing out to Biles’ long time ex-boyfriend Ervin Jr”. Some people came out to her support and said “Haters she can always move on… y’all idiots has never been in relationships so stfu.. she seems happy and he got his shit together.” Wanting to know more about what happened one fan even said, “Okay, let me just say. I am SO damn happy for Simone. I want the best for her in every aspect of her life. I just wanted to know how they broke up so I could unfollow other dude.”

Jonathan Owens is a 25-year-old budding NFL player who is all set to go big in the football world. He was recently signed up by Houston Texans and was previously signed up by Arizona Cardinals.

Biles, who has 3.9 Million followers on Instagram was previously dating wrestling star Stacey Ervin Jr. However, in an interview with Vogue in 2020, she confirmed that she separated with him in March and how the break up was quite harsh but whatever happened was for the best, “It’s hard being young and having that long of a relationship and then ending it,” Biles told Vogue, “but it was for the best.” Later, on August 2, she made her love with Owens Insta ‘Official’.

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Alex Scott thanks fans for ‘love and support’ after receiving online abuse over Question of Sport speculation




Alex Scott thanked supportive fans after she was subjected to online abuse over her rumoured link to TV show A Question Of Sport.

The former footballer and pundit, 35, played down suggestions she had already signed up to replace Sue Barker, 64, on the show.

Her comments came after Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker congratulated Scott on the role and hit back at critics, before deleting his message on Twitter.

The BBC has denied that any decision has been made over the new presenting team, saying “no conversations have been had about the future line-up”.

After Scott was linked to the role, she was inundated with comments that it was a box-ticking exercise. Others said it was “her colour that gets her the job”.

She wrote on Twitter: “The love and support shown to me yesterday has me smiling through the weekend, thank you.

“I am going to #keeponkeepingon like always!

“The only thing that is signed sealed delivered that I am buzzing about right now though is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at Arsenal,” she said, referring to the Arsenal captain signing a new deal on Tuesday.

Scott also shared an anti-racism poem from 2018 on her Instagram Stories, with the line: “Some want to say I’m ticking a box, but that’s not me.”

Barker is stepping down after 24 years while team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell will also depart as part of a major shake-up.

On Thursday, Lineker wrote: “Congratulations and good luck to Alex Scott on being the new host for Question Of Sport.

Alex Scott and Kevin Clifton’s ‘accidental partnership’ praised by judges as Neil Jones misses second live show

“Smart, knowledgeable and perfectly qualified for the role.

“Oh… and if you have a problem with Alex getting the job, you might just be part of the problem.”

On Friday, the tweet appeared to have been deleted.

Barker, Dawson and Tufnell’s final series together will be broadcast next year.

Referred to by the BBC as “the world’s longest running TV sports quiz”, the first edition of A Question Of Sport aired in January 1970.

The move came weeks after the BBC’s director-general Lord Hall was succeeded in the role by Tim Davie, the former chief executive of commercial arm BBC Studios.

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