Apple Music is now available on Amazon Echo Speakers with Alexa

Amazon lately said Apple Music will find its way on Amazon Echo apparatus sometime — and sure enough, it seems to be rolling out today. To create Alexa utilize Apple’s streaming support, you should only need to jump to the recently updated iOS/Android Alexa program and join your own account. You may get the option […]

Amazon opens a mini-version of its cashier-less Go store in Seattle

Amazon now announced the launching of a new assortment of its cashier-less Go store that is considerably more compact than a normal one. The business is talking about it as a small-format Amazon Go store, and it is a freestanding structure with its own enclosed ceiling, and this is where it puts the vast majority […]

Alexa is executing self-learning techniques to better understand users

In a developer blog post published now, Alexa AI manager of engineering Ruhi Sarikaya comprehensive the improvements in machine learning technology which have enabled Alexa to better understand consumers via contextual clues. In accordance with Sarikaya, those improvements have played a vital part in reducing user friction and creating Alexa much more conversational. Because this […]