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Taylor Swift performs stripped-down version of Betty for America Country Music Awards return



Taylor Swift went back to her roots for a stripped-down performance at the 55th Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards.

The superstar took to the stage alone in Nashville, Tennessee, for the live debut of her single Betty.

With only her guitar for company, Swift wore Khaki trousers and a sparkly top for a performance at the storied Grand Ole Opry.

It was the first time Swift, who began as a country music star before evolving into a pop titan, had performed at the ACM Awards in seven years. She is a two-time winner of the ACM’s entertainer of the year award.

Betty is one of the singles from Swift’s latest album, Folklore.

This year’s ACM Awards took place in Nashville, the home of country music, for the first time. The show was shifted from its original slot in Las Vegas in April due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There was no audience inside the Grand Ole Opry concert venue or at the Ryman Auditorium and Bluebird Cafe, the other two venues hosting performances.

The biggest prize of the night, entertainer of the year, went to two performers, with Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood both receiving the accolade.

Female artist of the year was awarded to The Bones singer Maren Morris, while best male was won by Luke Combs.

(Getty Images via Getty Images)

Some of the biggest names in country music performed, including Tim McGraw, Kane Brown, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Combs, Dan + Shay and Florida Georgia Line.

Gwen Stefani took to the stage with her partner Blake Shelton for a performance of their duet Happy Anywhere.

Host for the evening Keith Urban and pop star Pink performed the TV premiere of their new single One Too Many.

Also among the night’s winners were Dan + Shay, who took home the duo of the year prize while song of the year went to Old Dominion for their hit One Man Band.

Single of the year went to Shelton for God’s Country and album of the year was won by Combs for What You See Is What You Get.

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What’s On Tonight: ‘The Playbook’ And ‘Kal Penn Approves This Message’ Get The Ball Rolling




If nothing below suits your sensibilities, check out our guide to What You Should Watch On Streaming Right Now.

The Playbook (Netflix docuseries) — The first season of this docuseries digs into the journeys taken by legendary coaches on their roads to long-standing success in sports and in life. From Los Angeles Clippers’ Doc Rivers to two-time FIFA World Cup-winning coach Jill Ellis, Premier League’s José Mourinho, Serena Williams’ famed tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, and hall of fame basketball player and coach Dawn Staley, the featured coaches have been through it all. Emotional and in-depth interviews will dig into pivotal points in each legend’s career while attempting to unfurl lessons of their ultimate coaching (and playing) philosophies.

Kal Penn Approves This Message (Freeform, 10:30pm EST) — Actor turned Obama administration member turned actor Kal Penn (House, the Harold and Kumar trilogy) is here to celebrate the changes that young voters can make. This promises to be a non-partisan approach with comedic sketches and in-depth interviews that will help Gen Z make their voices more impactful than they already are.

Dead Pixels (CW, 8:00pm EST) — Three friends dig into Kingdom Scrolls in a “Hive-Mother” episode that promises a darkly humorous edge.

Tell Me A Story (CW, 9:00pm EST) — Katrina’s men turn against her in order to stop her from saving Gabe, while Nick worries about his relationship.

Transplant (NBC, 10:00pm EST) — Bash is attempting to gain a work-life balance when his friend from Syria seeks help in treating patients.

Late Show With Stephen Colbert — Desus and Mero

The Late Late Show With James Corden — Ken Jeong, Alicia Keys

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — Keira Knightley, Chelsea Clinton, Tame Impal

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Keith Urban, Rachel Dratch

Jimmy Kimmel Live — Tenacious D

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10 Spooky Crafts And Pumpkin Decorating Kits For A Memorable Halloween




Sarah Bregel is an editor at covering entertainment, trending stories, adorable stuff, parenting, and more. She is also a freelance writer, mom of two, dog mom, feminist, and deep-breather.

There used to really just be one way to decorate a pumpkin. You’d cut off the top, scoop out the guts, and carve a beautiful or extra scary face into the front.

Then, you’d place a candle inside and wah-lah. You’re pumpkin has become a cute or creepy jack-o-lantern. But these days, when it comes to decorating pumpkins, people like to be more inventive than ever and in that case, a pumpkin decorating kit can help.

Luckily, there are so many cool kits on the market! Whether you want to tye-dye, or paint your pumpkin, or cover it in sparkles, there’s probably a kit out there to help you achieve the look you want for your little orange friend.

Hey, if it’s going to sit on your porch for weeks and weeks, you’ll definitely want it to be extra special. At least until the squirrels come after it. In addition to clever pumpkin carving and decorating kits, there are tons of other cool crafts to try, too.

We rounded up some of the most clever Halloween crafts and here are some of the most fun.

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6 Crazy Methods Prisoners Used To Escape Execution





Beating The Warden At Chess

Ossip Bernstein was a chess master, which is rad title but didn’t pay the bills in the last days of Imperial Russia. For a living, Bernstein worked as a financial lawyer, and it was this job that got him in trouble. Oh, he didn’t commit any financial crimes as far as we can tell (making him the most honest financial lawyer in history). But by counseling rich bankers, he marked himself as an enemy of the people once revolution broke out, so in 1918, he found himself arrested and about to face the firing squad. 

via Wiki Commons
Should’ve been a bricklayer, Ossip.

He got as far as lining up with his fellow prisoners against the wall when an officer recognized his name. “Are you really the famous chess master Ossip Bernstein?” he asked. Bernstein said he was, but surely anyone would have said “yes” if meant a chance of not being immediately shot 30 times, so the officer needed to be sure. The two of them would play chess, he said. If the condemned man played with the skill of a grandmaster, he’d earn himself a reprieve. If not, the punishment would be instant death.

So Bernstein sat down and played. It was like those stories of a dying man playing a game against Death — another half century would pass before The Seventh Seal came out, but that image comes from an older and more universal myth. In fact, maybe this officer was Death. Sources do not record his name so we have no way to be sure.

He did carry a scythe, but maybe that's just because he was communist.
Albertus Pictor 
He did carry a scythe, but maybe that’s just because he was communist.

Bernstein beat the officer handily, was released, and got the hell out of Russia and into Paris. His life’s adventures weren’t quite over. After a couple decades more of professional chess, he saw the Nazis took over France, and so it was time to flee once more, as he figured even chess skills wouldn’t convince Nazis to spare a Russian Jew. He had a heart attack while making the journey by foot to Spain, but he got through. He survived another heart attack a decade later as well, and that one wasn’t from doing anything terrifying. He was just so excited because he was finally returning to Russia to play chess again. 

Here’s a surprisingly common question you’ll see online: “If a Siamese twin commits murder, do we sentence him to death, given that this would kill his twin too?” The answer is more obvious than people seem to realize. Of course we wouldn’t. We avoid punishing or even prosecuting various crimes all the time for various reasons, and when it comes to the death penalty, we have all kinds of room for skipping on it if we want. Courts won’t even put you to death if you have a fetus in you, let alone if you have a full-fledged twin. It’s possible, come to think of it, that the people asking this question are trying to make some kind of broad philosophical point and aren’t truly asking about legal procedure.

All those people complaining about trolley problems also might not genuinely care about rail infrastructure.
Wolfgang Rottmann/Unsplash
All those people complaining about trolley problems also might not genuinely care about rail infrastructure.

So the really surprising thing here isn’t the answer to the question but whether the question ever actually had to be answered in real life, given just how few conjoined twins ever really existed. And it seems that, yes, historians say one such case really came up. 

Lazarus and Joannes Baptista Colloredo were conjoined twins in 17th-century Genoa, in Italy. Or, as some would instead describe it, Lazarus had a parasitic twin named Joannes — Lazarus was intelligent and even handsome, while Joannes just hung off him with his mouth open and eyes closed. Lazarus usually covered him up with a cloak. Which couldn’t have been much fun if Joannes was aware of it, but based on the vague accounts by historians, it sounds like Joannes wasn’t aware of anything.

The two supposedly looked like this. Or maybe this is the King of Clubs.
via Wiki Commons
The two supposedly looked like this. Or maybe this is the King of Clubs.

Lazarus killed another man in a bar fight and faced execution for murder but successfully defended himself by saying executing him would kill Joannes Baptista too. Now, all you literary analysts have definitely noted that “Lazarus” was the guy in the Bible who came back from death, and Lazarus Colloredo came back from a death sentence. And John the Baptist is best known for having his head on a platter, while Joannes Baptista Colloredo was basically just an inanimate head. It’s sounds just like a fable. Yet historians say these two really did exist. 

They toured in freak shows, and Lazarus ended up getting married and having kids. Which could answer the other most common question people have about conjoined twins, but Joannes sadly never commented on what it’s like to be attached to a twin while they’re boning. 

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