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Teacher Gets First Tattoo At Age 26, Now He’s Totally Covered In Ink From Head To Toe



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Sylvain Helaine, 33, has worked as a school teacher in the UK for the past decade. He’s also a former martial arts coach, model, and aspiring comedian.

Sylvain also teaches people not to judge a book by its cover… or in his case, a person by his tattoos.

For the past six years — ever since Sylvain got his first tattoo in his late twenties — Sylvain has been on a journey through body modification that has taken on a life of its own.

Today, Sylvain is covered head-to-toe in tattoos — even on his gums!

At first, Sylvain says his outward appearance can make parents and fellow teachers skeptical or uncomfortable.

And though he says he has spent over $45,000 on all the ink, he has no plans of stopping.

“I will keep covering myself layer after layer, ending up black,” he told Barcroft TV. “Not necessarily because I want to but because the more you cover the darker you get.”

Meet Sylvain in the clip below and see his stunning transformation.


Anthony Davis On His Buzzer Beater: ‘I Want The Big Time Plays’




The Los Angeles Lakers trailed 103-102 with 2.1 seconds to play in Game 2 of their Western Conference Finals matchup with the Nuggets after having seen Denver erase a 16-point deficit in the second half — as has become a regular occurrence for Denver this postseason.

On their final inbounds play, L.A. put their two superstars into the action and made Denver make a quick and difficult decision. The result was Mason Plumlee going to LeBron James, who was already being faceguarded by Jerami Grant, leaving Davis with an open catch and window to shoot a deep three at the buzzer in front of a hard closeout from the side by Nikola Jokic. Davis, who was 1-for-3 on threes to that point in the game, buried the shot and gave L.A. a 105-103 win (and a 2-0 series lead).

After the game, Davis explained that the opportunity to take that shot in that moment was the driving factor in why he wanted to go to the Lakers when he issued his trade request from New Orleans, telling Allie LaForce he “wants the big time plays” and elaborating to reporters later that he knew this was the stage and the championship chase L.A. would afford him.

Given that the biggest remaining question Davis faced as a player was whether he could take and make these kinds of shots on a championship caliber team, taking the lead in a situation when LeBron James didn’t have it down the stretch, he answered that with an exclamation point on Sunday. Davis was the only Laker to score in the final five minutes of the game, including both of his three-pointers on the night.

It was a sensational performance, further cementing his position as not just one of the league’s most elite talents but as a player capable of stepping up on the big stage and knocking down a critical shot. As the Lakers move forward, that ability, when the focus shifts from defenses to slowing down LeBron James, will be critical in L.A.’s ability to take the Larry O’Brien trophy home from Disney to Los Angeles.

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OD Chez Nous: Les candidats des 3 maisons et plusieurs autres twists finalement dévoilés!




C’est officiellement le grand retour d’Occupation Double, pour le grand plaisir des amateurs de la populaire télé-réalité. Plusieurs rebondissements ont été annoncés par Jay de la Twist ce soir et l’édition Chez Nous promet d’être bien particulière!


Tout d’abord, nous savons désormais quel.le.s candidat.e.s ont été sélectionné par le public. Stacey, Émilia, Julie, Naadei et Noémie sont entrées dans la maison des filles, alors que Carl, Luis Maxime, Patrick, Mickael et Charles dans celle des garçons.


Les candidats ont ensuite pu sauver une fille et un garçon pour ainsi les inclure dans les maisons. Les garçons ont choisi de repêcher Andréanne et les filles, qui n’avaient que deux choix, ont finalement penché pour Jamie. Ils ont donc fait leur entrée dans les maisons.


Jay a aussi annoncé aux candidats l’existence de la troisième maison et leur a dévoilé, ainsi qu’au public les six candidats qui habiteront dans la troisième maison. Cette dernière est mixte et les participants qui y habiteront auront droit à des privilèges. Ils seront notamment protégés de l’élimination et pourront communiquer avec des tablettes, qui pourront être utilisées une seule fois. Les candidats devront toutefois relever des défis afin de conserver leur place dans la maison. Voici d’ailleurs les vidéos de présentation des six candidats qui sont, pour l’instant, dans la maison mixte.



💙 VOICI LES 6 CANDIDATS DE LA MAISON MIXTE D’OD CHEZ NOUS! 💙Voyez les portraits complets ICI 👉🗓OD CHEZ NOUSDu dimanche au jeudi, à 18h30, sur Noovo à la télé et sur le web.En rattrapage sur

Posted by Occupation Double on Sunday, September 20, 2020

Les candidats des trois maisons se sont tous rencontrés dans le vignoble familial des parents de Jay Du Temple. Les candidats de la maison mixte ont d’ailleurs eu leur premier privilège, soit de choisir une personne de leur choix pour une toute première date. William a choisi Noémie, Renaud est allé dans le vignoble avec Naadei, Marjorie avec Mickael, Éloïse avec Patrick, Vincent avec Stacey et finalement, Martine avec Carl.

Le rappeur KNLO a fait la prestation de sa chanson C’est beau, écrite spécialement pour Occupation Double et les candidats ont eu bien du plaisir a danser ensemble.

Capitaine rebondissement a conservé une surprise aux candidats et annonce à Noémie et Patrick qu’ils aménageront dans la maison mixte, alors que les participant.e.s qui y sont déjà devront choisir deux personnes qui devront déménager dans les deux autres maisons.

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CONFIRMED- Chris Rock will be back on Season 4 of Fargo on Hulu! Here is everything we know.




The fourth period of FX’s “Fargo” was initially planned to debut in April of 2020 — almost three entire years since the arrangement’s third season finished. In any case, following a five-month COVID-related postponement, the widely praised compilation is getting back to FX for Season 4 on Sunday, September 27 at 9 p.m. on the organization.

The current year’s portion stars Chris Rock as the top of a Kansas City wrongdoing partner during the 1950s, in addition to a top pick cast (obviously) that incorporates Jason Schwartzman, Glynn Turman, Jessie Buckley, Timothy Olyphant, Ben Whishaw, and Emyri Crutchfield.

You can watch Season 4 on Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. on FX by means of your link supplier of decision, including Sling TV, an application based live TV administration that offers an essential “Sling Blue” bundle with up to three streams beginning at just $30 every month. You can pursue Sling TV here (and research the diverse channel bundles and additional items that start at $5).

Every scene of Season 4 will likewise arrive on the organization’s FX on Hulu center the day after it airs. You can pursue Hulu here — plans start at just $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year for access with promotions. It’ll cost $11.99 every month for advertisement free access, and promotion upheld Hulu with live TV costs $54.99 per month (go advertisement free for $60.99 every month). The organization likewise offers bundles that incorporate Disney+, promotion upheld Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month, which you can pursue here.

Appearing in 2014 from maker Noah Hawley, “Fargo” is a variation of the 1996 Oscar-winning Coen siblings film about a modest community cop’s homicide examination.

Composed IndieWire’s Ben Travers in his survey of the primary season, “While there are a couple of similitudes in models between the two manifestations, the miniseries’ mirrors the film’s tone and topic and not its story or structure. Truly, there’s a couple of contract killers dispatched from Fargo to deal with some business in a fairly grizzly manner. Truly, there’s a man plotting to murder his better half (sort of). Truly, there’s a senseless sounding cop who’s a lot more intelligent than her voice suggests.

However these are completely unexpected individuals in comparison to the ones played by Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, William H. Macy, and Frances McDormand in the film adaptation, which means there’s actually no compelling reason to recognize “what makes the TV variant novel.” It’s everything — basically — pristine. Also, it’s what ties them together that genuinely makes both sparkle anywho.”

Season 2, composed IndieWire, dug further into the investigation of good and terrible. “Discussing ‘Fargo’ past its reality as initial a film and afterward a TV show includes attempting to observe what that word/thought/title implies for an account. Furthermore, from the modest seats, what is by all accounts at the center of ‘Fargo’ is a conflict of guiltlessness and sin, great and insidiousness.”

The third season additionally explores that duality, composed Travers: “Instead of the ‘gotcha!’ minutes or violent horrifying presences overwhelming studio repulsiveness establishments, what’s startling in ‘Fargo’ is a mix of honest goals and impractical notions raising out of hand. However dissimilar to numerous thrillers, what keeps us returning to ‘Fargo’ is that Hawley’s accounts are constantly centered more around the positive qualities in individuals than the awful. We’re not checking out observe the savagery, however to see who can get away from it.”

Season 4 of “Fargo” “focuses on a gradually raising pack war between two American minorities: an Italian wrongdoing family attempting to stretch out into the Midwest and a nearby Black mafia hoping to clutch their domain. The two gatherings are just the most recent to deal for power over the neighborhood unlawful exchanges,” composed Travers in his survey of the new scenes.

While the past three “generally excellent to exceptional” periods of the Emmy-winning arrangement have zeroed in on the fight among great and wickedness, Season 4 isn’t exactly as highly contrasting.

“In inspecting the not really United States through another crystal — specifically, bigotry and how our nation’s unique sin recolors each aspect of the American dream — Season 4 offers a dismal bend on the arrangement’s principal premise,” composed Travers. “The savagery and devastation welcomed on by covetousness and preference originate from wherever you look; there’s not one major awful, yet numerous terrible men. They’re not all abhorrent, yet they share a similar disdainful blemish, which not just twists their shared objective of money related achievement, yet projects an inevitable haze of dogmatism over the Kansas City sky.”

He proceeded, “In growing his customary clash past two clear agents, showrunner Noah Hawley makes the story a piece more slow, his bends somewhat more extensive, and the general tone less brazen. Another excellent cast hoists silent motions and as of now clever lines into energizing amusement, with Jessie Buckley and Glynn Turman being the general breakouts, however this adaptation of ‘Fargo’ feels more somber than any that went before it — which, in 2020, feels spot on.”

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