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The Royal Family Is Worried About Meghan And Harry’s Deal With Netflix, Sources Say



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Meghan and Harry have only been living their non-royal life for about six months. During that time, they’ve made some huge moves.

They hopped across the pond and bought a home in California, and they’ve become completely financially independent from the royal family. Now they are working on a variety of new projects, including a new deal with Netflix.

But according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the royal family already has some concerns about the new partnership.

The royal family is worried that Meghan and Harry might feel pressure from the streaming giant to use their connections inappropriately.

However, Meghan and Harry seem committed to staying on their own track and producing content that is important to them. “Sources close to the couple tell me that they are very adamant that anything and everything they do is very much going to be in a respectful tone, to the queen, to the monarchy, and very much on their missions,” Katie said.

Meghan and Harry officially stepped back as senior royals at the end of March. They will now be producing films and shows for Netflix, covering content that highlights issues that are important to each of them, like mental health, women’s rights, and more. In the works are a nature docuseries and an animated series that celebrates women.

For more on what royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed, check out the video.


One Piece Chapter 991 Spoilers, Summary: The Samurais injures Kaido, Cuts his Mouth in Half




The raw scans and spoilers of the Chapter 991 of famous manga series One Piece is now disclosed in the Japan which gives us a lot of details regarding the storyline of the Chapter 991

One Piece Chapter 991: What The Release Date? 

Though the raw scans of chapter 991 is already disclosed in Japan but however it couldn’t be easy for us to predict more but those scans which led us to wait for the English translations which are coming on 27 September 2020 on Sunday

One Piece Chapter 991: Where To Read Them?

The manga series and it’s all updated and new chapters is available for free access on VIZ media, Mangaplus official website and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump

One Piece Chapter 991: Summary And Spoiler Updates

Here we would see in Chapter 991 that Pound will hug Lola Chiffon after 26 years and also this will the first hug for them, while Drake and Koby had a conversation together where Koby tells drake about lobby having power to attract others.

Zoro stops Drake, and told him that he doesn’t have any trust on him. Jinbe then make Drake aware about the honor rules which are applicable in pirate world too,and so he should not believe anyone who change his sides easily.

Luffy: “Oh, it’s OK. We can fight together.”

Zoro & Jinbei: “Shut up you idiot captain!!”

In the other part we saw that, page one got himself a transformation and then fights with the samurai but was attacked by Midori Boshi of Usopp

Ulti then tries to find out about the one who had shot her brother and then she saw Nami

Nami: “I’m Nami and I love to get rid of lizards like you!!”

But the words were not of Nami it was Usopp who is saying all this while being in the back of Nami, Nami and Usopp then leaves the place soon while running away and compelling thePage One as well as Ulti to follow their footsteps.

Apoo fights with Luffy and attacks on him (as he was not using the Gear 4) but he covers his ears on the right time to prevent himself from the attack. Apoo tries to assist Haccha for becoming a sober, He is actually the incharge of keeping Numbers in control and said everyone that Numbers because of being drunk got easily defeated

Haccha address Franky and thought that himself as a toy. Jinbei told Franky to induce Haccha to assist the samurai.

Apoo wanted to summon the other Numbers but got Intrupted by Drake as well as Zoro who attacks on him. Meanwhile Queen makes her appearance by shooting everyone all the men of Kaidou got defeated along with the Number Nanki , Jack was thrown out on ground

Kaidou needs to come as Jack’s life is in jeopardy

Jack: “Sorry

Kaido: “Jack, you’re not weak. Those two are just simply too strong.”

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi Sulong were then addressed to form a doublespread page.

Kinemon gives her regards to Minks for making the path open for Kaidou

Kaidou: “How many times do you think you can escape from this attack?”

Kinemon: “We never think about escaping.”

Kinemon then makes the use of his style named as “Kitsunebiryuu” and then cuts the Bolo Breath of Kaidou in half while injuring his mouth.


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Victoria Beckham eats collagen for breakfast as part of her vegan diet




Victoria Beckham is really into her collagen (Picture: Getty)

Victoria Beckham has gone from Girl Power to girl powder – she eats collagen for breakfast as part of her plant-based diet.

Posh Spice, who has often spoken about her battles with acne, showed off her cupboard of supplements and said: ‘These are all vegan and made for people on a plant-based diet.

‘I also take the collagen powder. I mix it with my probiotics and have it every morning.’

The 46-year-old designer shared the details of her multivitamin regime after hubby Becks revealed he has gone vegetarian.

He says he has resorted to eating ‘smoked watermelon’ since quitting meat three weeks ago.

David, 45, who normally loves Michelin-starred restaurants and Wagyu beef, conceded his lifestyle change ‘hasn’t been easy’.

Victoria Beckham

She also has four avocados a day (Picture: Instagram)

The former footballer – whose quarantine diet consisted of sausages and mash – made the change while at a ‘wellness week’ at a detox centre in Germany with VB.

Victoria is no doubt pretty chuffed with her husband’s change in diet, as a keen advocate for all things healthy.

She previously revealed she kicks off her morning with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach, followed by a glass of boiling water with lemon squeezed in.

victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham has apple cider vinegar in the mornings (Picture: Instagram)

Vic then tucks into a ‘green monster’ smoothie, which is a mix of apples, kiwi, lemon, spinach, broccoli and chia seeds and has a bowl of Ezekiel 4:9 Original sprouted grain breakfast cereal with organic unsweetened almond milk.

Kind of putting out toast and builder’s tea to shame there, Victoria.

Delving further into how the hell she’s so untouched by the hands of time. the mother-of-four revealed she has ‘three or four avocados’ a day.

‘It’s not about wanting to look younger,’ she told the Daily Telegraph – although it does make her skin look seriously ‘glowy’.

And while she does love a nutritious dish, Victoria is careful to never skip a meal because she wants to set an example to her four kids – Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 15, and Harper,nine.

The designer said: ‘When you have children, it also puts a lot into perspective. You realise they notice everything.

‘I would never sit down with my kids and skip a meal – they need to see that their mum eats healthily – you need to show little people how to be healthy and happy with who they are.’

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South Park Characters Show Up in Denver Broncos’ Virtual Crowd




The Denver Broncos have placed characters from South Park into their virtual crowd at the Empower Field at Mile High in Denver, Colorado. The show’s creators, Matt Parker and Trey Stone, are huge fans of the NFL team since they grew up in Colorado, which is also where they met and created the long-running animated comedy. The character cutouts were added to the stadium, along with a backdrop of the animated town. Additionally, all of the characters are wearing masks.

The Denver Broncos didn’t just add main characters like Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick, they added just about everybody from South Park to their empty seats. The cutouts are part of the team’s effort to raise money for Denver Broncos charities and the other cutouts featured actual in the stands are from actual fans who have paid to have their cutout placed in the stadium. The team has raised $130,000 for the charities thus far, with more money on the horizon.

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Real-life crowds have not been able to watch NFL games since the 2020-2021 season started, due to the public health crisis. Teams were allowed to make their own decisions through their local governments, with most teams deciding to go without fans for the first two weeks and then open to small attendance levels on the following week. Empower Field at Mile High can hold up to 76,125 fans during normal times, but are allowing nearly 6,000 fans in this weekend. Like movie productions, professional football players have been in their own bubbles to prevent breakouts, which has been working so far. The Broncos had this to say about their approach to allowing fans back into the stadium.

“Our organization remains hopeful that we can host a limited number of fans on a gradually increasing basis beginning early this season. Taking a careful, measured approach with attendance will allow us to evaluate and adjust all COVID-19 safety enhancements before moving forward.”

South Park is preparing The Pandemic Special, a one-hour long episode, which airs on September 30th. It is the first one-hour and the first special episode in the show’s history. The Pandemic Special has been stated to be a stand-alone special event, and is not considered to be the premiere of the 24th season, which has yet to be announced. The public health crisis has not been easy for the town of South Park, which will play out in front of viewers starting Wednesday.

With South Park partnering up with the NFL, it’s time to see if other sitcoms will follow suit. The Simpsons can’t get into the game since they live in the mysterious, fictional town of Springfield. It might be time for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia character cutouts to show up at the next Eagles game. You can check out what Empower Field at Mile High looks like today above, thanks to the official South Park Twitter account.

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