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Whatever happened in past few hours it was not easy for all to cheer forgetting incidents happened with Anika and Thapar’s but yet wearing mask of happiness did the important post marriage rituals just for Tia sake specially Anika who had her own reasons to perform them shedding countless tears behind this fake smile.

Performing Ghar Pesvash ritual the young generation to lighten or say to make Anika forget that dreadful moment of life for sometime demanded to do other post wedding rituals. All agreed as they know what Omru and Gayu are trying to do but Anika was not agreeing and Gaurav too was getting irritated from this so they postponed rest of the rituals.

Mrs Kapoor bid bye to her daughter though Jhanvi requested her to stay tonight but she left apologizing from all, blessing newly wed couples.

Dadi ” Om go and show Gaurav’s puttar room to him and don’t worry puttar we all know you from years and trust you too. So don’t worry about anything we all are here with you, this house is yours too.”

Gaurav” Thank you maa ji

Dadi” There’s no need of thanks puttar we are there for you. Go and rest you are looking much tired. Om puttar

OmJi dadi ji, come uncle let me show you your room”

Gaurav nods marching after Om signing Vikram to come after them.

Tej too excused himself walking off

Vikram” Aunty ji I’m just coming meeting dad he’s really tensed.”

Vikram told Ankita

Ankita” Yeah son you must go to bhai sahab. I too was about to say you the same, he’s your father and at this curiously moment he needs his son. You go…….

Bhavya” Hqan bhaiya go go to your dad otherwise he’ll taunt you like MIL….. haan haan aa gaya jour ka gulam…. mil gayi fursat tujhe biwi se. Chal nikhal yeha se….jaa jaa apni biwi ko bol tujhe apne pallu se band liya…. sala biwi ka chamcha”

Bhavya said in flow interrupting Ankita who face palm herself making rest chuckles on her expect Anika and was lost somewhere else.

Vikram” Not day Bhavya. You have rectified my dad’s dialogues so well. Good job, devil”

Bhavya” Sorry bhaiya”

Bhavya apologies bitting her tongue

Vikram” It’s okay devil you don’t need to be sorry. Now I’ll leave otherwise Bhavya’s words will get true

Vikram told leaving to Gaurav’s room.

Once Vikram left Ankita marched to Bhavya to break mouth but Bhavya got saved when Dadi ji questions her.

Dadi ” Ankita puttar leave Bhavya and tell me where’s Yash and Billu?”

Ankita” Maa ji they both went to home to check what’s the issue with light”

Dadi” Okay. When they return back tell them to meet me in my room.”

Ankita” Ji maa ji

Jhanvi” mummy ji I think we should take Anika and Tia too, to their rooms now.”

Dadi” Haan haan puttar take them to their rooms. I’m also going to my room.”

Dadi ji glances Anika for second taking deep breath marching to her room parying for her happiness.

Jhanvi” Ankita you take Anika with you and Gauri please you come with me help me in taking *Tia to Shivaay’s room*”

This was the time when Anika’s trace of thoughts got broken listening ‘ Tia to Shivaay’s room’ she abruptly looked at Tia who was getting red imagining something steamy with Shivaay ( She’s Tia baby not any shy girl who will blush in shyness)

Anika recalls her words when she told Shivaay to empty her desire with Tia.

Ankita” Anu come beta”

Ankita said keeping hand on her shoulder

Anika” What mom?”

Ankita” Room beta. Come let’s go now. Bhavya help your di in standing”

Bhavya smilingly held Anika’s gown tail and helped Anika in standing. They held Anika from both sides and helped her walking with heavy dress, they came upstairs when Ankita asked Bhavya

Ankita” Bhavya which room, Jhanvi asign to Anika and Vikram? Third room to right or second to left? Sorry but I forgot”

Bhavya” Ummm….. mom it’s on right side?”

Anika” No, it’s second room to left”

Anika told absent minded

Ankita nodded positive and brought her to room that was beautifully decorated with fairy lights and fresh red and white roses.

Ankita signal Bhavya to leave who left giving teasing look to Anima.

Ankita” Anu look at me?”

Ankita cupped her face and made her look in her eyes.

Ankita” Anu I know whatever happened with you, it’s not easy for you to come out of that trauma. I’m your mother and I know from which pain your heart is going through bacha

Anika” Mumma”

Anika in low with heavy heart calls her mother tears rolling down from her cheeks.

Ankita” No, Anu no…. you are my strong girl…. you are my daughter…you can’t break like this…..”

Anika ” Mom how will I forget everything…. how?”

Anika cries hidding herself in her mother

Ankita” Vikram is really good guys, Anu. Look after knowing about everything he accepted you. Know it’s your turn Anu are you getting me what I’m saying Anu. Listen Anu forget the past….that night and remember this day….your upcoming future that’s now in your hands to make in brighter burning the bitter memories. Don’t give any chance to any one to point at you just focus on your married life and Vikram, he’s very understanding man. Today when he’ll come to you before taking any step share your heart with him, I’m sure he’ll understand you. Just have faith in yourself and then look, how doors of happiness will get open for my daughter”

Ankita advices her pecking her forehead

Anika nodded  wiping Ankita tears

Ankita” Now come and sit here. Don’t worry about anything there’s always new rays of hope and happiness after every dark night”

Ankita walked to bed with Anika, she was about to make her sit on bed when they heard some noise.

Anika turns first and gets shocked to see….

Raizada Yard

Om” Uncle you called me?”

Yash” Yes, I called you. I send you both to Kapoor’s Mansion to find clue about that person who spoiled my daughter’s life. Have you found about that, Moron?”

Om” No, uncle there’s was no clue that person left behind him”

Yash” Did you checked footage? Who came in and went out?”

Om” I did that uncle but no stranger came in and went out.”

Yash ” When nobody came in and went out then who try to touch my daughter?”

Om” Uncle control yourself. If Anika is your daughter than she’s my sister too.”

Yash” If she was your sister then how in your presences someone came and left ruining her life. Tell me?”

Om” I’m sorry uncle I couldn‘t protect my sister from that beast. But I promise you ever it will be, I’ll punish him. Then if it’s proved to be you, Shivaay I’ll not leave you”

Om pov at last glances Yash.


Ankita was about to make Anika comfortable on bed when Anika heard some familiar voices she turns her face and gets shocked to see Shivaay entering the room scooping Tia in his arms.

Tia” Shivaay baby please put me down. You for the first time made me embarrassed infront of Jhanvi aunty and Gauri”

Shivaay pulled Tia more to himself whispering something naughty making Tia blush.

Anika recalls Shivaay words that he whispered in her ear but it got imprinted on her soul…..

Tune mujhe khud se juda to kar diya….Yeh keha kar,ke main tere nahe ….Par yaad rakhna yeh raat kal ke shab ke baad….Tu jab jab dekhe ga ….kisi aur ko tere siva, mujhe apna pukarte….Tu roye ga meri tarah su pal ko yaad kar ke …
Jab kabhi tune kaha tha mujhe…..Sirf mera……


Anika in low inaudible tone said that got audible to Shivaay’s heart. He lift his lashes from Tia and his eyes got connected with Anika, like sea gets connected with shore.

Tia matches Shivaay trace, she abrutly stood on her feet getting surprised  finding Anika and Ankita in room

Tia” Aunty ji, Anika babes you here?”

Ankita” Yeah ! I came to drop Anu to this room but…….”

Tia” But this is Shivaay baby’s room. Right Shivaay?”

Tia asked keeping her hand on his shoulder that broke the contact between Anika and Shivaay and Shivaay like waves drifts back in sea leaving shore scream salient

Shivaay” Not Shivaay’s but now it’s our room. Mine and yours, Tia”

Shivaay told sugary taking her hands in hands.

Ankita” What Shivaay, this room is yours?”

Shivaay” Yes, aunty ji it’s our room. What happened? Anika you like this room?”

Shivaay asked deep glances in her orbs that where getting red in anger

Ankita” No, son it’s not like that. Actually we forget which room is given to Anika and then Anu told it’s second room to left. “

ShivaayAnika you said this?”

Shivaay question’s Anika wearing his smirk but Anika was looking everywhere expect his eyes Ankita spoke in apologetic manner

Ankita” I’m really sorry Tia, Shivaay actually me got confused and then in misty circumstances it got skipped from my mind and then……

Tia” It’s okay aunty ji there’s no need to apologise, we can understand and secondly Anika spend most of her time in Oberoi mansion that too in this room with her Shiv…. oops sorry not it’s my Shivaay baby’s room ( Tia told standing next to Shivaay, near Anika) so confusion were possible. Right Shivaay baby?”

Shivaay” Absolutely right! *What om say’s in his poetic way Anika?* “

Shivaay asked sliding his arm around Tia waist making Anika to glances him with hate and pain that make Shivaay smiles inwardly spitting fire from mouth lovingly glancing Tia…..

Purani yaad bulaye nahe bhoolti

Yeh mitaye nahe mitti

Phir chahey koi lakh inkar are

Ishq ke safar main

Raahey juda ho bhi hai toh

Phir bhi manzilen kahin na kahin  ek sath kayam ho he jaati  hai…..

Tia”  Shivaay what are you saying? I didn‘t get a bit”

Tia pouts making Ankita smiles at her

Shivaay” It’s okay Tia. The one who has to understand they understood”

Shivaay told stealing glancing Anika

Anika” Mom can we leave from here. It’s don’t look nice to stay in someone else room.”

Ankita” Yes Anu we should leave. Shivaay beta do you know which room is Anika’s”

Shivaay” Aunty ji it’s first to mine”

Ankita” Okay. Thank you, come Anika let’s go”

Anika nods positive walking out of room when she stops in the mid, she glanced Shivaay from corner of eyes who was helping Tia to sit on bed with innocent smile. Shivaay caught Anika’s glance on him, he smirked and with long steps walked to her, Anika tightly clutched her shirt when Shivaay came close to her and without exchanging words with her, shut door on her face with tug that made her shiver.

Ankita” Anu beta what happened are you fine?”

Anika” Yes. Mom I’m fine”

Ankita smiled and took her to correct room that was beautiful decorated.

Anika” Mom. I need water”

Ankita smiled and walked to side table but there was no jug and glass of water.

Ankita” Anu beta to sit here and let me get water for you I think Jhanvi forgot to keep water jug”

Saying this Ankita left Anika who with tug sat on bed shedding countless tears hidding her face in between her palms when she opened her eyes with jolt listening wanted to unwanted voice

“Pani pee loo” 

Anika with jerk threw the glass on water breaking it into million pieces tightly clutched  person’s collar in her fists deadly glaring with red eyes spoke….

Yeh sab tum ney jaan buja kar kiya hai na….. bolo yeh sab tum ney he kiya hai na….. you plot this whole game….. you mopped clips… you facade those cases on Thapar’s….haan na…. it’s you behind all this….. just bark now… Mr Rascal”

“Yes. It’s me your Shiv opps I mean Tia’s Shivaay baby did this in your love, my A…”

Anika” Don’t you dare to call me yours from your disgust mouth?”

She roared leave finger prints on his hard cheek

Shivaay smiles that turns into smirk he tightly held her right hand and in swift motion pinned her against wall and him..

Anika” Leave me you….

Shivaay” Found every nice weapon to mark me your haan?”

Shivaay said devilish pinning her hands above  her head. Anika wiggle to come out of his hold but he was much stronger than her.

Shivaay” Yes. I did all this. I Shivaay Singh Oberoi your lover did that.”

Anika” Why you did that why? What they have done with you, that you brought them on roads?”

She screamed

Shivaay That Gaurav did sin…he did sin by talking disgust about my love… my Ani then he deserves this punishment just in few seconds……I made that Gaurav’s life meaningless…… just wait for morning Ani….just wait what I’m going to do with that Bastard Gaurav.”

Anika” You are not going to do anything with them. Did you hear me? And if they called me with bad mouth, then why you are getting angry haan ?

Tumhain to khush hona chahiey ke joh tum chahtey thy woh tum ney kar liya. Barbaad hota dekha chahte thy na?

Look, you did me…. you did what you wanted. So what it makes a difference now, whether it’s Gaurav uncle or someone else to……

Shivaay” Naheee….. nahe Anika nahe….

Shivaay eyes got filled with rage,he pulled Anika closed to him twisting and keeping her wrist to back he spoke dangerously

Tumhari barbaadi ka haq sirf mera hai….sirf mera….. aur yeh haq to maine tumhain bhi nahe diya!

Anika” Kar to diya hai…. kar to diya hai mujhe barbaad tum ney….. Phir aur kya chahte ho….. Kyaaaa?”

Anika shouts crying with hiccups

ShivaayTumhari chahte par apna haq chahta hoon…..”

Shivaay said in low breaking tone making Anika rest her head on his chest  while keep twisting her wrists with other hand

Anika” I loathe you Shivaay….. I loathe you and listen to me….. maar jaau gayi….par tumhe har haq sey mehroom kar jao gayi…..”

Anika told deep glancing him with blood shot eyes.

Shivaay” Let’s set a challenge  Mrs…… after one month is my birthday hope you remember that. But still if not, no problem. Let’s locked the deal between SSO and ASR.”

Anika” When I don’t have any relation with you, then what’s the need of deal between us?”

Shivaay” It’s not any personal deal Mrs. But a professional deal ASR. And I hope  you don’t  take professional  decisions on personal bases. Don’t you?”

Shivaay said in formal manner stepping three feet far from her

Anika” No I don’t!”

Anika too get into ASR mode harshly cleaning her face

Shivaay” Good to know. Now let’s get into clauses of deal. There are only five clauses, and  I hope you know why just 👋 “

Anika” Go ahead”

ShivaayTill my birthday you have to live in OM

Anika” I won’t”

Shivaay” Aaa haaa….. *professionalism* ”

Anika” Fine. I will”

Shivaay” Good.

Second clause,

Daily you have to eat food cooked by me only.

Third clause,

Behave the way you behaved with your Shiv

Forth clause,

Make me hate you, like you hate me.

For this clause you have last week of month, simply seven days. If you got successful in making me hate you in last week . I promise what you….. main khud ko he khud se juda kar lu ga.

Anika” And what if you won?”

Shivaay” It’s about you Anika and you know well, when it’s about you, how can I make you lose? My victory is in your win”

Shivaay smiled

Anika” What’s the fifth clause?”

Shivaay” That I’ll open on my birthday night. So Mrs….. challenge like friends and deal like partners accepted?”

Shivaay asked extending his hand like gentleman to shake with her. Anika glances him for minutes, her heart was screaming it’s not a deal, you’ll be loser if you won too but her brain that works like professional got more empowered and screamed….. you are getting the chances to get rid of him, just lock the deal and accept the challenge to make him suffer like you are suffering. She killed her heart and like ASR shook hand with SSO that left devilish scream on his Greek face.

He pulled his hand back, keeping the smirk on his face he like predictor  walked towards his prey.

Anika again got scared of his devilish smirk and predictor walk, she gulped her hard lump drowning in his orbs while stepping backward with his each step towards her…

Anika pov,

Each step that he was taking towards me like leopard toes his prey, more than clicking sound of his shoe sole, the ogle in his eyes were truly giving me chills that shaken my soul, knowing his tale.

His tale, tale of;

An intimate portrayal of self…..

Anika was lost in her thoughts when the distance between them was getting less, Anika’s legs hit the edge of the bed but before she could collapsed on bed, Shivaay in swift motion swirled her that made her back crashes with his solid chest and broke the trace of her thoughts. Her breath hitched to see herself locked in his arms, she struggle to get out of his hold but Shivaay tightened his grip over his prey and whispered inhaling her soul in him….

My sunshine watches what I do

But your moon knows all my secrets.……



Same as previous…..


So how is the update?

( Do answers these questions)

What’ll be the impact of those four clauses on Anika?

Who will win?





What’ll the fifth clause that Shivaay will open on his birthday

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Episode starts with Riddhima checking the teddy. Vansh comes and says did you see Ishani, she isn’t in her room. Ishani thinks I may get caught. Vansh sees the teddy and says Ishani, come out. Aryan worries. Ishani comes out. Everyone comes out. Vansh scolds Aryan. Aryan asks why do you always accuse me, I gifted her the teddy, I didn’t know she will do this, maybe Riddhima has helped Ishani escape. Vansh says because I know Riddhima can never do this, I reached your room and got your blank cheque, why did Ishani give this to you. Dadi slaps Aryan.

She says you were making Ishani run away, why are you taking revenge, I would have ousted you from the house. Vansh asks her to calm down. He says you would have ruined our family respect, its good Riddhima saw you and stopped, go and get ready, its time for the rounds. Ishani sits in the mandap.

Vansh asks Riddhima to have juice, she didn’t have anything since morning. She asks did you know. He nods. She thanks him. He says let me thank you, you saved my life and today my respect, I would have lost Ishani today, its my mistake, I failed to keep an eye on her, thank you so much, why do you look so worried, is everything fine, I don’t believe in keeping favors. She recalls everything and says I wanted to tell you something, about my past, when I was out of the house…. before marriage… Vansh stops her. Ye pyaar hai…plays….

Vansh says it was your past, we are married now, we are together and it matters to me, you also learn to live in present, you will be happy. Pandit says its time for kanyadaan. Dadi says Ishani’s dad isn’t alive, Vansh and Riddhima will do the kanyadaan. Ishani thinks I will ignite fire in your life. Pandit says Riddhima didn’t wear any suhaag sign. Riddhima says sorry, I forgot to wear it. Vansh says its fine. He takes the sindoor and fills in her maang. Kabir and Anupriya look on. Kabir says so much happened and its not affecting her, how. Vansh makes Riddhima wear the mangalsutra.

Pandit does tilak to him and gives the gathbandhan cloth. Vansh and Riddhima tie the gathbandhan cloth for Ishani and Angre. Riddhima recalls his words. She recalls their marriage. Ishani and Angre take the wedding rounds. They perform the rituals. Vansh sees Riddhima. Anupriya says I think Riddhima forgot the past and moved on, she has fallen for Vansh, what will we do now. Kabir says my pawn has gone blind in love, she has to come back to me at any cost. He vents anger on himself. Riddhima asks Dadi not to worry. They see Vansh shouting on the call. Vansh says you should send the file to Khurana by tomorrow. He goes. Riddhima says he looks worried. Dadi says he stays angry when he is hungry, it was Ishani’s marriage, he didn’t find time to have anything, did you have anything, you both are same, like kids, caterers would have gone, wait, I will make something. Riddhima says I will cook something for us, don’t worry. Kabir says time has come…. He gets angry.

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