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Oberoi Mansion

Mrs Kapoor” Tia beta where’s Shivaay?”

Tia ” I too don’t know mom, where’s Shivaay baby. After sending me here, he told he’s coming and then I don’t know anything about him”

Mrs Kapoor” Where he can go? Don’t he know about Anika?”

Tia” I don’t think so mom, Shivaay knew about Anika, if he would have knew it then he must be with Raizada’s specially, Anika”

Mrs Kapoor ” How it’s possible after knowing this much happened with Anika, Shivaay is quiet? “

Tia” What knowing mom? He might don’t know about this. You know how much Anika fears with Shivaay’s beast side. I’m sure she would have stopped everyone to from telling him anything as if Shivaay came to know someone tried to touch Anika, then we all know what Shivaay can do”

Mrs Kapoor” You are right Tia. But who it can be who tried to molest Anika, in our house and after this much happened with Anika. How can she be so calm, isn’t it’s so suspicious Tia?”

Tia” Mom please stop this all. This much bad happened with Anika and your are talking about suspicious. Seriously Mom?”

Mrs Kapoor” You are not believing me but I know something is fishy Tia”

Tia” Something not but your mind is fishy. And please stop watching these cabal serials, it’s just because of them you are talking. Please mom I’m really every tired and need some rest.

You know this night is already going to be very long for me”

She told blushing

Mrs Kapoor” Hmm. It will be when making it long and rememberable will be hear”

Tia” Don’t worry mom, Shivaay baby might be planning something romantic of us. You go to Raichand Mansion and console Ankita anuty”

Mrs Kapoor” Fine”

Yaskita Room

Yash” No. This is not gonna happen now”

Gaurv” Yash now don’t be stubborn. I joined my hands infront of you, now forget whatever happened between us moment ago”

Yash” If it won’t be between us Gaurv. I would have forgiven you, but you pointed finger on my daughter and this is not tolerable at all. “

Did you get that?

Vikram” Uncle please I love Anika and Anika too loves me, for your daughter sake change your decision please”

Tej” Yash. I think you should think once again and ask Anika too, want she wants.”

Yash” If she wants till than I will not give my daughter to these moron”

Dadi “Yash puttar you are not going to do something like this.”

Dadi spoke approaching him

Yash” maa ji you don’t know what this man spoke about my daughter”

Dadi” I heard it all puttar. But situation can make any person speaking anything.”

I understand what Gaurv puttar said, he was not suppose to but he’s apologising too for his deeds.

And human is who, who accepts their fault and seeks for forgiveness.

Then the one who accepts the apology of other, they don’t become big with their bank balance but with these deeds.

Ankita” maa ji saying right Yash ji. It’s not about any business deal, that one is not cracked, the next is ready to chase. It’s matter about life of daughter Yash ji. “

Yash” Ankita you too are saying this”

Ankita” Yes, Yash ji this is me saying, not as a wife of Yash Raizada but a mother of a daughter.

Who knows what her daughter will have to face is this divorcee title gets labelled on her forehead.”

Yash” You are caring about society Ankita, more than your daughter’s life?”

Ankita” Yash ji whether a lady is wife of billionaire or a beggar she ever cares about society till she’s just a wife, but when that lady become a mother of a daughter, then willingly and unwillingly a mother has to care about society.

And Ankita don’t want people to badmouth about my daughter. That’s it”

Yash” I’ll pull people tongue who opened their mouth against my daughters”

Dadi” Puttar ek ka band karo gay to, ek hazar aur khul jaye gay. Aur batao mujhe kis kis ka muh band karo gay aur kis kisi ko safaiya do gay?”

Puttar you might won’t get tried of doing this, but think about Anika, she’s a girl and for girl her self respect, her dignity is everything.

Once it’s ruined then whoever justifies her character not society but girl herself, dies with shame.

Yash glances Ankita and Gayu who were in tears. Their tears where working as acid on his body, that was slaying his soul.

Yash” I want to know Anika’s decision.”

Kapoor’s Mansion

Here Omru where searching for clues or say only Rudra was looking for clue where Om was deep lost somewhere, when Rudra eye fell on him, he shut the wardrobe and walked to window.

Rudra” O. What happened?”

He asked keeping his hand on his shoulder.

Om” Rudra I’m not feeling good, I don’t know whether thinking like this is right or wrong”

He told facing him.

Rudra” What you mean?”

Om” Rudra. I know Shivaay is our brother, even thinking about him like this is a sin but…”

Rudra” But what?”

Om” But whatever happened with Anika, why I’m feeling Shiva……

Rudra cuts

Rudra” Have you gone mad O? How can you think like that, that whatever happened with Anika di, our bhaiya, my superman is behind this.”

Om” Rudra I’m not accepting that too. It’s just I’m giving my perspective”

Rudra” O, if bhaiya came to know. Have to how think how much he’ll get hurt with your perspective? “

He loves Anika di, for her happiness, he sacrificed his love and got ready to marry that lady baba and you are saying that….

Arey O, Shivaay bhaiya loves Anika di this much that before a thorn can prick her, he with happiness will keep his hand, his lashes on it, so that it too can’t hurt her. He loves to bear her pain not to give her.

Om” Rudra don’t get hyper like this. I too don’t want to doubt on Shivaay but talking like this much maturity, think like maturity too man”

Rudra” O you…..

Om cuts

Om” Come with me we won’t get nothing here and come let me explain you”

He told dragging him out.

Anika’s room

Anika was crying hugging her bunny when Yash entered the room.

His soul bleeds seeing his strong daughter like this. He took deep breath cleaning his tears with thumbnails, he lied next to her making pillow of his arm, he gently placed her head on his arm pillow pecking her head.

Anika lift her head, she glances Yash for seconds and without uttering a single word she again rest her head on his arm and cries saliently hidding her face in him.

Yash” Anika is dad’s?”

He asked lovingly stroking her hairs

Anika” Little fairy”

She told sobbing tightly hugging his dad

Yash” My little fairy came?”

Anika” To spread happiness with her little wings”

Yash” Little wings are?”

Anika” Little fairy’s, smile”

Yash” Smile of little fairy is?

Anika” Dad’s happiness”

Yash” What if this smile get lost?”

Anika” Dad becomes Devil”

Yash” Devils are bad?”

Anika” But my dad is best”

Yash” Because my….

Anika” Little fairy is…..

The Bestest!

Both said in union wiping each other tears.

Yash” Dad will never let anyone to harm you, little fairy. I promise daughter and I promise too that one, who tried to harm you, his end is never my world.”

He oath keeping his head on her head making Anika shiver with his dad oath and fire rage in his eyes.She hugged her dad tightly to calm his anger.

Yash secure his child in his protective arms and asked.

Yash” I don’t want you to go with Vikram. But I need to know your decision too, what you want Anika?

Do you want to go with Vikram or want to stay with your dad?”

He asked pecking her forehead.

Anika get lost somewhere when Yash calls her out

Yash” Anika where you got lost,answer me?”

Anika” Dad after knowing everything if Vikram is ready to accept me then I’m too ready to be his”

She told sitting on bed.

Yash” Are you sure?”

Anika” Yes, dad”

Yash” Fine it’s your life and I just want your happiness and if your happiness is with Vikram then I don’t have any problem too. I’m sending your sisters and mom upstairs to get you ready.”

He told pecking her head.

Anika smiled lightly but soon Yash left, tears again formed her eyes. She stood up and spoke glancing herself in mirror

Whatever I did, I did to stay far from him. But if today I stayed here, then that Rascal will win and I can go to any extend to see him losing.”


Anika’s bidaai ceremony was going on. Everyone was in tears.

Gayu” Anika di we’ll miss you”

Gayu cries hugging Anika tightly

Anika” I’ll miss you too”

She cries pecking their cheeks.

Ankita” Won’t you miss your mom?”

Anika gets parted from Gayu and walks too Ankita.

Anika” No I won’t miss you at all. After all I’ll be happy that from now onwards no one will be able to do tai tai phis of my sleep…. I, I will be very…….

Ankita pulls Anika in tight hug and cries

Ankita” First learn to lie my baby. “

Anika” I always waits for your call mom….I was wanted you to come in my room and wakes me up…..I don’t want sun ray to kiss me…. but I want your voice…..your lips….echoes and kiss me….

I’ll miss you….I’ll miss you…. I love you”

She cries cuddling in Ankita

Ankita” I love you too and will miss you too”

She cupped her face and spoke pecking her face.

Tia” Anika baby please stop crying. And go to Vikram look how desperate your lambu is looking. Right Lambu ji”

Tia winks at Vikram.

Shivaay glare Tia and Vikram with murderous sight fisting his hands in rage.

Dadi” I think we should not do more delays and do Anika’s bidaai. She’s all tired and Tia too.”

Om” Yes, Dadi ji is right. Right Shivaay?”

He told noting Shivaay’s expressions.

Shivaay hummed glancing Anika who was busy in meeting with his dad but she knew that Shivaay is staring him.

She turns and from corner of glancing Shivaay and smiles but soon her smile fades away when she saw him flicking his hairs with his devils smirk making her shiver, she blinks her eyes and soon whole hall gets dark.


Her mother shouts.

Yash” Don’t worry Ankita. She’s with me”

Yash hugs her daughter tightly as he knows her little fairy fears from darkness and whatever happened with her after that her fear increases.

Tej” Om go and check why generator is not working”

Jhanvi” Bhai sahab till light gets back please send Anika to her room”

Shivaay” Come Anika let me take you to your room”

He told dangerously making Anika cling her dad’s collar tightly.

Yash” Anika go”

Anika” Dad I’m fine”

Ankita” Anu zid nahe karte. Jab tak light nahe ati go and rest”

Vikram” Anika come let me take you”

He told stepping ahead when his father stopped him.

Gaurv” Stay here. Don’t be slave of your fake wife”

He whispered clutching his wrist

Dadi” Shivaay”

Yash” Maa ji. Shivaay is gone with Anika”

Anika’s room

Shivaay” You are mine, forever and ever Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

I’m going now to my namesake wife to Tia Kapoor. Mrs SSO.

What you said on that day?

He dangerously spoke throwing her on bed.

“Anika Raizada loves Vikram and soon my hairline will be filled with Vermilion of my love, Vikram names. I’ll proudly be walking swinging his name nuptial here around my neck.

And you Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi fulfill your hunger with Tia Kapoor. “

Now see my little bubble, what happened with you.

Not your body but your soul got imprinted by me!

He said pinning her on bed intertwining his fingers with hers

Anika” Y…..

Shivaay” Shh!”

Let me fulfill my loneliness hunger,with your soul……

He whispered deep inhaling her.

Anika cries tightly intertwining her fingers with him.

Shivaay” I’m going to Tia, Anika but remember that my everything, my desire, desire of pure love is only for you.

Nor I’ll give myself to anyone, nor will let anyone to give herself to me and same goes for you too.

As we both know, we are born to be intaken by each other only.

Today is our first night, but keeping and respecting your words Mrs SSO.

I’m going to Tia to spend this night with her just keeping your words and happiness, but before going to her, let me tell you one this…..

He joined his head with her shutting his watery eyes. His each drop of tear was wetting her face and heart. She glances him with pain and get lost in his words forgetting all….

Tune mujhe khud se juda to kar diya

Yeh keha kar,ke main tere nahe

Par yaad rakhna yeh raat kal ke shab ke baad

Tu jab jab dekhe ga

kisi aur ko tere siva, mujhe apna pukarte

Tu roye ga meri tarah su pal ko yaad kar ke

Jab kabhi tune kaha tha mujhe

Sirf mera…..

He left softly pecking her forehead. After few minutes when Anika didn’t felt his warmth on her. She slowly opened her moist eyes and whispered….

Shiv !



Anika to live in Oberoi’s Mansion


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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

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She says you were making Ishani run away, why are you taking revenge, I would have ousted you from the house. Vansh asks her to calm down. He says you would have ruined our family respect, its good Riddhima saw you and stopped, go and get ready, its time for the rounds. Ishani sits in the mandap.

Vansh asks Riddhima to have juice, she didn’t have anything since morning. She asks did you know. He nods. She thanks him. He says let me thank you, you saved my life and today my respect, I would have lost Ishani today, its my mistake, I failed to keep an eye on her, thank you so much, why do you look so worried, is everything fine, I don’t believe in keeping favors. She recalls everything and says I wanted to tell you something, about my past, when I was out of the house…. before marriage… Vansh stops her. Ye pyaar hai…plays….

Vansh says it was your past, we are married now, we are together and it matters to me, you also learn to live in present, you will be happy. Pandit says its time for kanyadaan. Dadi says Ishani’s dad isn’t alive, Vansh and Riddhima will do the kanyadaan. Ishani thinks I will ignite fire in your life. Pandit says Riddhima didn’t wear any suhaag sign. Riddhima says sorry, I forgot to wear it. Vansh says its fine. He takes the sindoor and fills in her maang. Kabir and Anupriya look on. Kabir says so much happened and its not affecting her, how. Vansh makes Riddhima wear the mangalsutra.

Pandit does tilak to him and gives the gathbandhan cloth. Vansh and Riddhima tie the gathbandhan cloth for Ishani and Angre. Riddhima recalls his words. She recalls their marriage. Ishani and Angre take the wedding rounds. They perform the rituals. Vansh sees Riddhima. Anupriya says I think Riddhima forgot the past and moved on, she has fallen for Vansh, what will we do now. Kabir says my pawn has gone blind in love, she has to come back to me at any cost. He vents anger on himself. Riddhima asks Dadi not to worry. They see Vansh shouting on the call. Vansh says you should send the file to Khurana by tomorrow. He goes. Riddhima says he looks worried. Dadi says he stays angry when he is hungry, it was Ishani’s marriage, he didn’t find time to have anything, did you have anything, you both are same, like kids, caterers would have gone, wait, I will make something. Riddhima says I will cook something for us, don’t worry. Kabir says time has come…. He gets angry.

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