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Gaurav” Where’s Anika, Yash? I think we have to leave. Call her we are getting late.

Yash” Ankita please bring Anika down.”

Anikita nods positive heading to Anika’s room accomplished by Gauri and Bhavya. They where on their way when Shivaay was marching down, who stopped with Ankita call. He hurriedly turned back and cleaned his face with his kurta sleeves 

Ankita” Shivaay beta”

Shivaay” Yes, aunty ji

He fakely simles looking back at her

Ankita signal her daughters to leave them alone . Who smiles lightly giving them space to talk alone.

Shivaay” What aunty ji do you want to say something?”

Ankita” There was more than something, Shivaay beta that I want to say you, but now I’m left with “nothing”

She told smiling

Shivaay” What? Sorry I didn‘t get you”

Ankita” Son, now there’s no use  to get it, too. Just be happy and have a blessed married life”

She blessed him pecking his forehead leaving him in confusion.

Shivaay” What does aunty ji means to say? Anyways I’ll get to know her meaning soon, but before that,  I’ve to make someone’s life. Meaningless

He smirked gazing his wrist watch.

Anika’s room

Ankita enters the to take Anika down but she gets shocked to see Anika quarreling  with Bhavya,she slams her forehead and ran towards them to stop them.

Ankita” Anu, Devil what’s going on?.Stop quarreling for god sake Anu leave Bhavya”

Anika” Mom. I won’t leave this devil today. Don’t stop me and let me send her to hell….. come devil…come you always ask for hell address, today I, myself will delivery you there”

Anika shouts dragging Bhavya from leg

Bhavya” Mumma please safe me from di…..”

Bhavya cries dramatically

Ankita” Gauri explain”

Ankita asked nodding negatively looking at Anika and Bhavya.

Gauri told that she was giving touch up to Anika when Bhavya devil mind attempt prank on Anika‘s face and coloured her lips, yellow and cheek blue.

Gauri” And when Anika di looked herself in mirror……

Ankita” Then Devil herself give call to her grave”

Ankita completes glancing Bhavya with mercy

Gauri” Indeed”

Bhavya” Mumma please help…..mumma please”

Ankita” Sorry devil ji. It’s my habit that when someone do good deeds, I never stops them.”

Bhavya” Gauri dudu”

Bhavya with puppy eyes glances Gauri

Gauri” Bhavya today I took a oath that from now onwards I’ll never follow devil’s path”

Bhavya for lastly glances Anika who was about to smear   shoe polish on Bhavya face but Ankita held Anika hand

Anika” Mom leave my hand today I’ll not leave her”

Ankita” Baby when I’m saying to leave this devil but not today. Today is your bidaai and all are waiting for you”

Anika” Mom this is cheating you always protect this devil from me.”

Bhavya” Because mumma loves me more”

Anika” Yeah because you are their adopted daughter. Right Gauri”

Gauri” Yup. Picked from road side”

Aniri grins

Bhavya” Mummaaa”

Bhavya cries loudly

Oberoi Mansion

Shivaay” Khanna have you done all the arrangments?”

Khanna” Yes, sir everything is done. Don’t worry”

Shivaay” Good. Now leave and take this pen drive and give it to Sameer and command him, to wait for my order”

Khanna” Sure sir”

Shivaay” Now leave”

Sending Khanna, Shivaay happily turns but his smile fades away, when his eyes got caught with Om who with questioning eyes was staring him.

Shivaay” Om you here? Have you find something at Kapoor’s Mansion?”

Om” Nope.”

Om told walking close to him

Shivaay” That’s really strange but, anywhere there’s no need to dig the past. We should be happy that after this much bad happened with Anika, Vikram accepted her”

Om” Yeah, that’s really nice of Vikram that he still accepted Anika after that too, but I too heard that in this situation……. but as you said, there’s no need to talk about past”

Om said giving satisfactory smile to him, placing hand on Shivaay’s shoulder.

Shivaay” Exactly, Om if you don’t mind can you excuse me, Tia is waiting for me”

He told smiling

Om” Off course you are excused. I too have to bid bye to Anika”

Shivaay smiles fakely passing Om to march inside Oberoi Mansion when he  stops on his way, when Om calls him for behind…

OmShivaay what I was saying that, the person who did that with Anika is really clever minded, no single clue. Isn‘t it’s Shivaay?”

Om asked suspiciously looking at Shivaay”

Shivaay” Hmm… you are right Om. I too was thinking the same, otherwise I’ve heard and seen that culprit left some loopholes but……..

Shivaay said turning back to Om.

Om” But not, Shivaay Singh Oberoi”  

Om told interrupting Shivaay.

Shivaay” What the hell you barked?”

Shivaay said pushing him inside the waiting room

OmShivaay, take it easy brother I was just…….”

Shivaay” What you where just huh, what? You think I did that with Anika?”

Om” I don’t think that Shivaay but I believe that, it’s you who molest Anika.”

Shivaay” Om”  

Shivaay shouts

Tia” Boys”

Tia calls them from behind

Shivom glances each other for once  before turning at Tia, hoping she didn‘t listened their conversation.

Anika’s room

Ankita ” Ufff. Bhavya why you cry on this always? You know they lie still you cry like babies. You are my daughter and we didn’t picked you from roadside”

Bhavya” If you didn’t picked me from roadside then why my blood group is different from all of you?”

Bhavya complaints crying

Ankita glare Aniri who brust out


Ankita” Anu…Gauri stop lau….hahahha…..

Bhavya glare them trio and cries more loudly

Ankita” Aww! Devil ssshhh…. stop crying I was….just hahha… why you are so dumb Bhavya?”

Bhavya” I’m going from here, and I’ll never talk to you trio ever”

Bhavya told running when trio pulled her in warm hug

Ankita” Like we’ll let devil say quiet huh?”

Gauri” Our day never goes well still we don’t tease our little devil”

Anika” Specially mine.”

Anika’s smiles pecking her cheek

Bhavya” Say that you trio love me”

We love our devil !

Trio said in union pecking her cheeks and forehead. They share a group hug when Ankita told parting from them.

Ankita” Okay fine it’s enough kids. Anika come baby we already took long. “

Bhavya” Yes di, come let’s go down now. Otherwise your saru sasur ji will become coal”

Gauri” Like  I said always, Gaurv uncle is Anika di’s MIL in FIL clothing “

Gayu grins

Anika” Shut up”.

Ankita” Anika it’s a fact darling”

Ankita laughs

Anika” Mom you too?”

Ankita” Opps. Sorry”

Spending some quality time for few minutes, Anika was brought down for her bidaai.

Oberoi Mansion

Tia” What’s happening here?”

Tia asked glancing both

Om” Nothing….Nothing is happening here”

Tia” Really, Om nothing is happening here, then why my Shivaay baby shouted at you”

Shivom took breath of relief knowing Tia didn‘t hear them.

Tia” Why you both are quiet and Om tell me you went to KM, did you find any clue about that man who molest Anika?”

Om” No, not yet”

Om told staring Shivaay

Shivaay” And that’s why I was shouting at him, Tia.”

Tia” Oh! Sorry now I got it why you shouted at Om like this. Sorry Om, I apologize from my baby side he shouted at you, but you know na, when it’s about his best friend Anika……

Om” Then he can go to any extend for Anika. Right Shivaay?”

Shivaay” Om, I think it’s Anika’s bidaai time and begin her brother you should be there. And Tia you, why you came out of room? Forgotten what dadi ji commanded till your ghar parvesh is not done, you are not suppose to come out of room”

Om with eyes told Shivaay before leaving to Raizada Villa that there’s lot more he needs to know from him.

Tia” Oh! Shivaay Baby I forgot but I always wanted to bid bye to Anika after all she’s going far from us”

Shivaay” I won’t let her go far from me.”

Tia” What?”

Shivaay” Nothing Tia. Now come with me I need to talk with you, but first tell where’s your mom?

Tia” She’s taking rest. You come and tell me what you need to talk with me”

Raizada Villa

Anika’s bidaai rituals where going. Ankita was doing Vikram’s and Anika’s arthi but Anika attention was somewhere else more than on Ankita words who was guiding her and giving key mantra how to live peacefully in her in laws unaware about the reality that her daughter marriage is all facade

Anika pov” Where is Shivaay?”

She pov stealing looking around when Ankita eyes fell on her

Ankita” Anu what happened? Do you need something?”

Anika was about spoke something when Gaurv interrupts

Gaurav” I think you guys already took long time. We have to move Delhi today only so please walk fast.”

Ankita and Jhanvi exchange an unbelievable look.

Ankita” Gauri beta please get the rice plate”

Ankita commanded wiping her fresh tears

Gauri nods glances Anika with sad smile

Rudra” O if he would not been elder than me. I swear on your long hairs, I would have bald him”

Om” Shut up Rudy, if uncle heard you then he’ll create another melodrama”

Gauri” Exactly and then Anika di has to bear him.”

Gauri whispered for behind running to get rice plate

Bhavya” But before that I’ll give him back today”

Bhavya told glaring Gaurv, she was about to give back to him when Ankita held her hand nodding negatively.

Tej” Gaurav, hold on man why you are so impulsive.”

Bhavya” Not impulsive bade papa, Gaurav uncle is orthodox type that’s why he had free ka Gaurv on him. Right uncle ji?”

Anika” Bhavya”

Anika shrugs

Gaurav glare Vikram who whispers..

Vikram” Dad it’s okay, she’s kid and you know all this “

Everyone exchange a look suppressing their smile. Yash and Tej secretly shows their thumbs to Bhavya who grins.

Ankita” Bhavya what’s this? Say sorry to Gaurv bhaisahab”

Gaurav” It’s not needed. First people do upbringing like this and then  act wisely”

Gaurav mumbles.

Bhavya ” Like I’ll apologies, huh”

Bhavya whispers doing hi-fi with Yash

Yash” Gaurv what are you waiting? Are you dreaming to stay in Raizada Villa?”

Yash teases him

Gaurav” Yash……”

Dadi” Puttar bas no more fights. You both are no more rivals but are relatives too so try to tolerate each other words.

Gaurav and Yash exchange murderous look

Ankita” Gauri get the rice plate”

Ankita commanded

Vikram” Om where’s Shivaay? Won’t he come to bid bye to us?”

Om” Actually he’s with Tia.”

Om told glancing Rudra

Gaurav” He went  early to celebrate his wedding night. So desperate man ” 

Gaurav whispered in Vikram ear that got audible to Anika. She held her nuptial, a lone layer of tear got escaped from her eye, words of Shivaay echoed in her ears. She stumbles when Vikram supports her

Vikram” Anika are your fine?”

Anika” Hmm. I’m fine, thank you”

Anika told in low tone cleaning her face.

Dadi” Ankita puttar hurry please you know after Anika’s bidaai we have to do, Tia and Billu rituals too”

Anika” Dadi ji you can do their rituals before my exist”

Rudra” Yeah that will b……

Om nudge Rudra stopping him for further speaking. Rudra gets upset as he wanted some more time to spend with Anika but he knows that too, more Anika will stay here more his  Shivaay bhaiya will get hurt.

Dadi” Nope puttar first we bid bye daughter than we getting daughter in law in”

Anika gets lost in her thoughts when Ankita brought her out of her trace caressing her face

Ankita” Yes. Now take this rice and throw them backwards”

Anika gulping her painful lump  fist rice in hands and began throwing backward walking ahead.

Each step she was taking ahead, the reel of her childhood was flashing backward, like waves are pushed backward to sail the boat forwards, her each memory was getting far from her.

Anika smiles faintly and continues the last ritual. All came out of Raichand Villa.Her eyes welled up when her gazes fell on her parents who where smiling behind tears. She ran to Yash who spread her arms to hold her in arms like in her infant he use to swirl her in air whenever her little foot ran towards him with open arms. Anika sobbing threw herself in Yash arms who gently hold his fairy in his protective arms sliding Ankita in arms too. Ankita and Yash cried reminiscing Anu persious moment pecking her face.

Hamesha tumko chaha aur chaha aur chaha chaha chaha aur chaha
Hamesha tumko chaha aur chaha kuch bhi nnahin

Next time give me birth as your son, mom and dad you don’t you ever dare to pray in next birth that you want princess as a girl is princess or ordinary girl they have to leave parents house, not prince or comman man so next time I’ll born as Prince and will stay with my parents forever and ever and then  my mom and dad eyes will never get moist

Anika orders pecking her parents eyes.

Tumhe dil ne hai pooja pooja pooja aur pooja kuchi bhi nahin
Na na nahin na na nahin nahin nahin nahin nahin kuch bhi nahin
ohh Kuch bhi nahin kuch bhi ohh nahin kuch bhi nahin

Hearing Anika’s words everyone eyes got moist even Gaurv too. 

Dadi ” Puttar it’s enough and you know you are praying to born as boy in next birth so that you don’t get separated from your parents.

But you know in reality when daughter and son get married. Daughter  just have to leave house only where they are born they don’t leave and forget parents . But sons, they after getting married just don’t only leaves their house rest they all forget and leave”

Dadi ji told consoling them

“Maa/ Dadi ji

Tej and Omru said in union disappointingly.

Dadi” Puttar this is reality. I know nor my son and nor my grandsons are like this but it’s a rare and exceptional bound only. Otherwise you know blood these days got white”

Shivaay” But our won’t dadi ji

Hearing Shivaay voice Anika’s breath hitched. She lifted her lashes and her eyes got locked with Shivaay.

Khushiyon mein bhi chaayi udaasi dard ki chaaya mein woh lipti
Kehne piya se bas yeh aayi kehne piya se bas yeh aaayi

Anika  wanted to hug him, cry on his shoulder but what’s left between them she thought shutting her eyes tightly reminiscing her haldi night when the same person her Shiv her best friend molest her, leaving marks on her soul.

Jo daag tumne mujhko diya us daag se mera chehra khila
Rakhongi isko nishaani banakar maathe pey isko hamesha sajakar
Oh pritam oh pritam bin tere mere is jeevan mein kuch bhi nahin
Nahin nahin nahin nahin kuch bhi nahin

Gaurav” Vikram I think we are getting late. And Raizada’s are coming to see of Anika so it’s enough now

Vikram” Dad it’s okay. There’s time in flight”

Anika” No, Vikram we should leave now. “

Anika told holding Vikram hand tightly

Shivaay glare her fisting his fingers. He with rage taking long steps marches close to his soul, his body was screaming pull your soul to him and roar  putting soul in the body that’s caged in the coffin for years and blow life in my body thundering that loud that even Lord throne gets shaken and He, Himself gets on earth and bless him….

She’ll be yours like sunshine!



To be continue


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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Episode starts with Riddhima checking the teddy. Vansh comes and says did you see Ishani, she isn’t in her room. Ishani thinks I may get caught. Vansh sees the teddy and says Ishani, come out. Aryan worries. Ishani comes out. Everyone comes out. Vansh scolds Aryan. Aryan asks why do you always accuse me, I gifted her the teddy, I didn’t know she will do this, maybe Riddhima has helped Ishani escape. Vansh says because I know Riddhima can never do this, I reached your room and got your blank cheque, why did Ishani give this to you. Dadi slaps Aryan.

She says you were making Ishani run away, why are you taking revenge, I would have ousted you from the house. Vansh asks her to calm down. He says you would have ruined our family respect, its good Riddhima saw you and stopped, go and get ready, its time for the rounds. Ishani sits in the mandap.

Vansh asks Riddhima to have juice, she didn’t have anything since morning. She asks did you know. He nods. She thanks him. He says let me thank you, you saved my life and today my respect, I would have lost Ishani today, its my mistake, I failed to keep an eye on her, thank you so much, why do you look so worried, is everything fine, I don’t believe in keeping favors. She recalls everything and says I wanted to tell you something, about my past, when I was out of the house…. before marriage… Vansh stops her. Ye pyaar hai…plays….

Vansh says it was your past, we are married now, we are together and it matters to me, you also learn to live in present, you will be happy. Pandit says its time for kanyadaan. Dadi says Ishani’s dad isn’t alive, Vansh and Riddhima will do the kanyadaan. Ishani thinks I will ignite fire in your life. Pandit says Riddhima didn’t wear any suhaag sign. Riddhima says sorry, I forgot to wear it. Vansh says its fine. He takes the sindoor and fills in her maang. Kabir and Anupriya look on. Kabir says so much happened and its not affecting her, how. Vansh makes Riddhima wear the mangalsutra.

Pandit does tilak to him and gives the gathbandhan cloth. Vansh and Riddhima tie the gathbandhan cloth for Ishani and Angre. Riddhima recalls his words. She recalls their marriage. Ishani and Angre take the wedding rounds. They perform the rituals. Vansh sees Riddhima. Anupriya says I think Riddhima forgot the past and moved on, she has fallen for Vansh, what will we do now. Kabir says my pawn has gone blind in love, she has to come back to me at any cost. He vents anger on himself. Riddhima asks Dadi not to worry. They see Vansh shouting on the call. Vansh says you should send the file to Khurana by tomorrow. He goes. Riddhima says he looks worried. Dadi says he stays angry when he is hungry, it was Ishani’s marriage, he didn’t find time to have anything, did you have anything, you both are same, like kids, caterers would have gone, wait, I will make something. Riddhima says I will cook something for us, don’t worry. Kabir says time has come…. He gets angry.

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