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Tom Felton Is Out Here On TikTok Singing Songs About Hermione Like The Fanfic I Wrote In 2010



Meanwhile on TikTok, Tom Felton is having a bit of a fun one. The bloke’s been posting non-stop Hamilton content since the musical hit Disney+ back in July. He really likes to sing. But in amongst this is a video of Felton singing a song called Hermione to Hawaii. Yes, Hermione to Hawaii. 

Felton, who starred as villainous boy wizard Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, joined TikTok back in July. Like almost everybody else I know, it was a decision shaped by lockdown.

Since then, Felton has shared a slew of videos of his life in quarantine, Hamilton, dogs, and Harry Potter (of course).

Exhibit A:

@t22felton♬ original sound – hamiltomfelton

Exhibit B: Hamilton.

There is so much Hamilton on Felton’s TikTok. He calls it Hamiltom, actually.

Here he is singing You’ll Be Back, performed by Jonathan Groff in the OG musical. Although, Felton doesn’t dramatically spit like Groff does.

@t22feltonYou’ll be back ???? @hamiltonmusical ##Hamiltom ##music♬ original sound – t222felton

He really likes this song, tell ya what.

@t22felton##hamiltom♬ original sound – t22felton

Exhibit C: the Hermione song.

Lyrics include: “‘Cos all I want to be with is a girl called Hermione / Kicking back is where you can find her and me” and “oh my dear Hermione / Draco wants to be beside thee”.

@t22feltonHermione to Hawaii ???? ##willowwhompingtree ##music♬ original sound – t222felton

That gave me such violent flashbacks to Tumblrs dedicated to Dramione – because people really did ship Hermione and Draco together – gifs and oneshots (I cringed typing this entire sentence). If you don’t know what oneshots are, let’s keep it that way. Trust me, it’s for the better.

Earlier this year, Felton took part in a special chapter-by-chapter lockdown reading of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Basically, a number of actors from the original films, spinoffs, and play each took it in turns to read chapters of the book.

The narrators aren’t just limited to Harry Potter stars though, because Jonathan Van NessOlivia ColmanWhoopi GoldbergHugh Bonneville, and David Beckham all joined in too.

Precious man Daniel Radcliffe kicked it all off with the first chapter, while Felton read chapter 14 with a little help from Mum and Dad.

TikTok / @t22felton


Harley Quinn Season 3: Who Will Be The Voice Cast Returning For The Third Run




On Friday, HBO Max introduced the renewal of the 0.33 season of the unique DC Universe lively series, Harley Quinn. The show won’t return until at least late 2021, but fans should look forward to it when the entire team is due for a ride. Speaking to ComicBook com, listeners of the series say they don’t expect any of the show’s voice actors to leave before next season’s debut.

Justin Helpern no one reappeared in the next season

The way the animation works is interesting and sometimes a little horrible because it’s not like live-action. It is where you’re shutting down people. Contracts for years before appearing on the show. This is done for episodes only. It is just ‘Hey, are you available?’ But at the same time, the time commitment is very different from live-action, unless it is a completely horrible experience for someone, they are usually very receptive to coming back. Nor has he explicitly told us that they did not return to the show. “.

Justin Helpern noted that if no one reappeared in the next season, it was their choice and not because it was written out of the story.

Image Source: Inverse

The Cast Of Harley Quinn

Despite her betrayal in the show’s second season, Harley Quinn would even land a new role for Doctor Psycho, played by Tony Hale. Find out how to continue to include her in the story and it will be like Hannibal’s lecturer explicating Harley and Ivy as a dark patron behind bars as they go through the story of season three. Let us make our way, we think yeah, we really want to bring it back. Story. ”

The main cast of Harley Quinn as Kelly Cuoco, Poison Ivy as Lake Bell, Alan Tudyk as Clayface, Tony Hale as Doctor Psycho, Ron Fonce as King Shark, C Borgman as Cork. Jason Alexander and JB Smooowe as Frank Plant. The first two seasons of Harley Quinn now air on HBO Max.

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RHOBH’ star Garcelle Beauvais in SHOCK with Nene Leake’s EXIT from ‘RHOA’!!!




Nene Leakes is the notorious The Real Housewives of Atlanta star who as of late reported her takeoff from the show. Following quite a while of exchanges, the “most delectable peach” at long last uncovered she would not have returned to the arrangement for season 13. Fans were stunned about her choice and different Housewives were similarly shocked. Garcelle Beauvais is one of the Bravo characters that have freely shared what she thought about Leakes leaving RHOA forum kasyno.

Beauvais and Leakes have a kinship that has spread over for quite a long time. Indeed, Leakes hit her up when she discovered Beauvais was joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

payouts At the point when it was declared, I messaged Cynthia and she resembled, ‘Young lady, I’m so energized for you! You’re going to be extraordinary,’” Beauvais disclosed to Entertainment Tonight back in April. “And afterward I messaged Nene and she resembled, ‘Giiiiiiirl. They’re all going to lie, they’re going to cheat, they’re going to betray you.’”

Leakes surrendered Beauvais heads on what to pay special mind to as she was beginning her Housewives venture. Since the Glee alum declared she was leaving the Atlanta establishment, Beauvais was shocked

“I was shocked to hear that news since, you know, I thought she planned to return,” Beauvais told Extra. “She’s an enormous facet of that association. In any case, I likewise think… Maybe this will give her chances to do different things. Perhaps she’ll approach the B-H. I simply think change is in every case great. At times it’s alarming, yet I feel like, you know, it’s advancement.” king fury

casino de st amand Despite the fact that Leakes didn’t indicate the specific explanation she was deserting her peach, she had been alluding to the issues. The Fashion Police alum had shared recordings and communicated she was being dealt with unjustifiably. In one specific clasp, she looked at the activities that apparently caused her to miss out on getting her own side project show, to that of Caucasian Housewives that were associated with comparable circumstances yet at the same time got a side project show.

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Big Brother recap: Sunday night episode reveals new HOH, nominees




Tyler Crispen Continues On BB22
Tyler Crispen returned to take part in Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother Season 22, Episode 20 aired on Sunday night and there was a lot of ground to cover. CBS and the show producers still had to reveal who won that Head of Household Competition from last Thursday night.

At the end of Episode 19, they got the HOH Competition started, but it did not come to an end until after the episode had ended. As a reminder, it was Ian Terry who was evicted. He became the first member of the BB22 jury.

To start the new episode, there was a long recap showing some of those fake Nicole Franzel tears and how the votes broke down. The trio that tried to save Ian was David Alexander, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Kevin Campbell.

Before getting to the results of the Head of Household Competition, they showed David trying to put a plan together before the Ian eviction. David told Ian he was voting to evict Tyler Crispen and that he was doing it to make HOH Daniele Donato break a tie.

Da’Vonne confirmed it with David and then she went to tell Nicole. Kevin went to David to confirm it, succeeded, and then Kevin told Dani. When Kevin told Dani, she said she was trying to get Tyler evicted.

Nicole pulled a fast one on Da’Vonne. Again. Just like she did on Big Brother 18.

Who is the new Big Brother HOH?

The HOH Competition involved nine houseguests trying to be the first one to put together a 19-piece puzzle. Memphis Garrett finished first and became the new Head of Household.

When they were back in the house, Da’Vonne got very bitter and called David a liar for backing out on their deal. Nicole and Dani fed those flames by convincing Da’Vonne that they were telling the truth.

David ended up getting really angry and started yelling about being called a liar (he told the truth).

Time for some new Big Brother Have-Nots

Da’Vonne picked Christmas and David picked Cody to be the Have-Nots for the week. Christmas was very upset that she was picked as a Have-Not, despite having nominated Da’Vonne for eviction when she was HOH.

Cody was also pretty grumpy about having made tacos and then getting told he couldn’t eat them as a Have-Not.

Who got nominated for eviction this week?

Memphis met with David to offer him a deal. Memphis said that if David was willing to not use the Power of Veto if he got it, Memphis would not nominate him for eviction. David agreed to the terms of the deal.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Memphis Garrett put Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell on the block.

After the ceremony, Memphis had a Diary Room session where he stated that his real target for eviction this week is David Alexander.

More Big Brother All-Stars news

For anyone who hasn’t heard about it yet, there was an earthquake that shook up the Big Brother house. We also know who won the Power of Veto and how that could impact what happens next on the show.

Oh, and Da’Vonne and Kevin have stated they are ready to work with Janelle Pierzina.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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