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Transplant recap: Episode 3, ‘Your Secrets Can Kill You’



Transplant episode 3 sees Bashir contend with a father who is an anti-vaxxer, resulting in his son catching a rare and deadly disease that could have been prevented. 

In Transplant episode 3, Bashir is assigned to the less-interesting, supposedly less-high stakes cases by his attending, Wendy Atwater. She’s not thrilled with his risk-taking practices. She wants to ensure he can follow the hospital’s protocols before letting him handle the serious incidences in the trauma bay again.

He is given a young boy with a fever, but as is always the case with these medical shows, Bashir’s patient has something more serious than the staff could have predicted. We find out that the boy, Tristan (Ever Taylor-Day), and his brother Max (Percy Hynes White), were raised in a strict holistic, anti-vax household by their stubborn father, Jared Abbott (Matthew Alan Taylor). As a result, poor Tristan is diagnosed with dysentery.

The entire hospital wing has to wear masks and protective gear when handling the child since cases of dysentery are exceeding rare — as they should be since there is a vaccine that takes care of it. Because of the vaccine, the hospital isn’t even fully equipped with the right treatment straight away, putting Tristan’s life further at risk as he’s forced to wait longer to get the right antibiotics.

None of this convinces Jared that his fear of vaccines is foolish and ignorant. It started when Max was a boy and received a vaccine that results in partial paralysis. But as Claire points out, those side effects are very rare and usually don’t last long — as was the case with Max, who is perfectly healthy now. Jared prides himself and his wife on being able to get their sons through illnesses like measles. But his view of that situation is much different from Max’s, who actually had to live with it.

He privately tells Bashir that while his father might think him surviving measles was positive, it caused Max a lot of needless suffering. When he turned 16, he got vaccinated and kept it secret from his dad. The main reason Jared has become so fearful and overprotective is because his wife and the boys’ mother died suddenly in a car accident.

But when the doctors need to deliver a crike to Tristan to open his airway to breathe, Max is determined to be by his brother’s side. Since he is vaccinated, he’s allowed to enter the room, forcing him to tell his dad the truth and stand up to him for the first time. Ultimately, Jared begins to understand why he was wrong and is relieved when the doctors manage to save his son.

TRANSPLANT EPISODE 3 — “Your Secrets Can Kill You” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Hamza Haq as Dr. Bashir “Bash” Hamed, Fayçal Azzouz as Khaled Abdullah — (Photo by: Yan Turcotte/Sphere Media/CTV/NBC)

Bashir personal troubles grow in Transplant episode 3

In last week’s episode, we learned that Khaled is wanted by immigration and likely going to be deported if he’s found. That doesn’t stop him from getting forged medical transcripts for Bashir, despite him telling Khaled to find more information. Bashir also lets Khaled stay overnight at his apartment while he’s at work, and Amira is staying at a neighbor’s house.

Normally, he would be happy to keep Khaled at his place, but he does have his sister to worry about, so he can only afford to let him stay for one night. Bashir’s landlord notices Khaled there, and it motivates him to send a warning notice to him regarding his overdue rent. While I’m sure the hospital will pay decently, it takes a while for new staff members to get onto the payroll. Plus, there’s also the issue of the medical transcripts.

Bishop warns Bashir that legal is growing increasingly antsy about the lack of a paper trail confirming Bashir’s credentials. They set up a meeting, and while Bashir brings the forged papers, he ultimately chooses not to hand them over. Instead, he tells the legal team member that he is technically an enemy of Syria because he smuggled vaccines into the country.

That’s why he was targeted and why it’s so difficult for him to get his real medical papers. Bishop also defends Bashir’s character, but it’s not enough, and his admission about Syria basically causes the guy from legal to freak out. Before he can return and say, “Well, Bashir is an enemy of Syria,” Bishop says that they will think through that admission and the transcript dilemma a little longer. For now, it remains unresolved, but Bishop is now out on a limb alongside his new hire.

Transplant episode 3

TRANSPLANT EPISODE 3 — “Your Secrets Can Kill You” Episode 103 — Pictured: Laurence Leboeuf as Dr. Magalie Leblanc — (Photo by: Yan Turcotte/Sphere Media/CTV/NBC)

Transplant episode 3: June deals with frat guys while Mags tries to help a patient remember who he is

Beyond the episode’s main medical cases, June and Mags have their own patients, including a frat guy who comes in with a bloody, gaping head wound and a patient who doesn’t remember who he is or why he went to the hospital.

In the case of the frat boys, Ethan (Dale Whibley), a scholarship student and a pledge who is devoted to getting into the fraternity, so he has a chance at getting a lucrative financial job after college, comes in alongside Brett (Stephen Kalyn), the guy with the head wound. June is instantly irritated by their idiotic behavior. Brett’s injury resulted from him taking a lacrosse stick to the head.

They get him stitched up and ready to go home, but then Ethan suddenly faints and goes into cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, neither boy told the whole truth about the pledging incident. Ethan drank an entire bottle of soy sauce to avoid getting hit with the lacrosse stick, and the high amount of sodium resulted in hypernatremia, a metabolic condition in which there is a salt imbalance in the bodily fluids.

We also get to see a hint of June’s softer side as she seems to have a little flirtation going on with hospital security guard, Lou (Eddie G.).

The doctors cannot save him despite their best efforts, and Brett watches helplessly as his friend flatlines. June is forced to tell his parents that he died and even Bashir’s words of comfort to make her feel better about a young adult dying because he wanted to get accepted into a frat. By the way, if you’re wondering if overdosing on soy sauce is a real thing — according to ABC News, it is and has resulted in at least one instance of a teen going into a coma.

Mags is the one who gets the weird storyline this week. She tries to help a John Doe (Danny Blanco Hall) patient get his memory back and develops a way to do it. She notices a big scar on his forearm and realizes it must be from a UCL surgery, typically given to professional baseball players. On her day off, she comes to the hospital to tell Atwater this, but she’s already checked her patient out. He remembered who he was, and his wife came to get him. That’s it. No resolution.

Either it was just a poorly written storyline, or that guy is going to be back later in the season. There is also the possibility that the show just wanted us to feel similar frustration to Mags, but if so, the writing wasn’t strong enough to back it up. We learned a little more about her as a character this week, too. Mags enjoys chilling in her car near the hospital. She’s the workaholic type who can’t seem to go home even when she’s off the clock.

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What did you think of Transplant episode 3? Do you think Khaled will be okay at the shelter? How will Bishop and Bashir deal with legal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

New episodes of Transplant air Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


OD Chez Nous: Découvrez les candidats de la 3e maison MIXTE!




Iiiiiiiiiiiiiih! On l’attendait et on a été plus que servis!

On doit l’avouer, on comptait les heures aujourd’hui qui nous séparaient du grand tapis rouge d’Occupation Double Chez nous. La soirée, qui a été riche en rebondissements, nous a tenus en haleine pendant une heure 30, bien scotchés à notre sofa! Alors que l’excitation était à son comble et que les candidats masculins et féminins ont été choisis par le grand public, une nouveauté de taille a pointé son bout du nez en cours de soirée: la maison MIXTE constituée de trois garçons et trois filles!


Eh oui, Capitaine Twist était de retour ce soir, plus en forme que jamais! Jay Du Temple nous a donc révélé ce que cachait cette fameuse troisième maison, voisine des maisons des garçons et des filles!

En plus d’habiter dans une impressionnante maison très spacieuse et luxueuse, ces 6 nouveaux candidats auront l’immense privilège d’avoir l’immunité à chaque élimination tant et aussi longtemps qu’ils restent dans la maison mixte. Enfin, ils auront également la chance de voyager en hélicoptère et en avion privé grâce à AIR OD. Sans plus attendre, voici donc les nouveaux candidats de la 3e maison:


Noovo – Julie Perreault

28 ans


Propriétaire d’un institut de beauté

Forte et ambitieuse, Éloïse sait ce qu’elle veut et ce qu’elle vaut, et son indépendance a tendance à intimider les garçons… Quoique coquette aux premiers abords, elle n’hésite pas à se rouler dans la boue s’il le faut! Son prince charmant devrait être à la fois confiant, drôle, bien dans sa peau et devra être prêt à la suivre dans toutes ses aventures. Parfois possessive et jalouse en amour, gare aux filles d’OD qui oseront jouer dans ses plates-bandes!


Noovo – Julie Perreault

27 ans


Agente de bord

Née à Abidjan en Côte d’Ivoire, c’est toutefois dans la belle province que Marjorie a grandi. Elle parcourt le monde en exerçant un métier qui la passionne, celui d’agente de bord! Spontanée, son manque de filtre peut lui jouer de mauvais tours, mais elle assume toutes les facettes de sa forte personnalité. Séductrice hors pair, elle ne passe pas par quatre chemins pour charmer l’objet de ses désirs, et elle obtient habituellement ce qu’elle convoite!



Noovo – Julie Perreault

25 ans


Animatrice de mariage

Extravertie, expressive et créative, Martine ne rentre dans aucun moule prédéfini. Partout où elle passe, elle déplace de l’air et ne laisse personne indifférent! Charmeuse et entreprenante, lorsqu’elle trouve un gars à son goût elle passe à l’attaque… et adore déstabiliser sa proie pour mieux la séduire. Parions que les candidats d’Occupation Double ne sont pas prêts pour l’ouragan Martine!



Noovo – Julie Perreault

31 ans



Compétitif de nature, Renaud se distingue par son ambition et sa fierté. Avocat de profession, il est passé maître dans l’art de la négociation… et il compte bien tirer profit de ce talent à Occupation Double. Après plusieurs années consacrées à son emploi, il considère que le temps est venu de rencontrer l’amour… La femme de ses rêves se trouve-t-elle à OD?



Noovo – Julie Perreault

22 ans


Représentant aux ventes

Né d’une mère costaricaine et d’un père québécois, Vincent amène sa touche latine à l’aventure! Il trouve sa passion dans la conversation et admet qu’il a parfois de la difficulté à arrêter de parler. Compétitif, leader et parfois impatient, Vincent n’a pas peur de la bisbille et ne compte pas s’en faire imposer pendant l’aventure. Les filles d’OD tomberont-elles sous son charme lorsqu’il les invitera à danser la bachata?



Noovo – Julie Perreault

27 ans



Lorsqu’il ne travaille pas comme charpentier-menuisier, William exerce depuis plusieurs années le métier de barman en plus d’étudier à l’université en gestion des ressources humaines. William n’a qu’une mission en tête pour son aventure OD: créer des conflits! Grand romantique, il développera assurément des sentiments pour toutes les filles d’Occupation Double. Si par contre, il ne trouve pas l’amour pendant l’aventure, il y trouvera sans doute la célébrité qu’il souhaite acquérir.

Alors, qui est votre crush dans ces 6 p’tits nouveaux?

Pour voir l’intégralité des portraits des candidats mixtes, rendez-vous sur!

Psssst! Découvrez les six gars et les six filles qui ont été officiellement pris dans l’aventure!


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Dragon Dogma Season 1: Review & What We Know So Far




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Dragon Dogma Updates, Most of us are quite familiar with video games adaptation and recently such shows have become more popular with the audience. Such as Sonic the Hedgehog movie, or Netflix’s Castlevania series, all have successfully hooked the audience.

But these adaptations are relatively based on the linear games. However, the Dragon’s Dogma game is the complete opposite of the above-mentioned adaptations. Capcom’s dark fantasy RPG is an open world, dynamic battle, and has an intricate character customization ability.

It has characters with a strong drive and great motivation, which is a clear improvement over the silent game. The animation is also of top-notch level, however, the quest for slaying the dragon is still questionable and is quite underdeveloped.

Review: Dragon Dogma, Season 1

So, if we generalize the content, the framework of the series as well as the game is the same. Ethan (voice by Greg Chun) is a revived warrior who vows to reclaim his stolen heart from the dragon (voice by David Lodge), who also is the main culprit for his family’s death. David Lodge is reprising his role form the game. However, apart from the similarities, the things which are a bonus for the fans available on this show are Ethan’s back story.

Ethan and his wife, Olivia (voice by Cristina Vee), are the bonus additions but get a very less screen-time. Olivia, the newest addition, delivers an emotional and fully-charged performance which amps up the flashbacks and the early moments. But, as she is the part of the back story, Olivia is barely in the show.

After the opening sequence in the series, the series/anime differs from the game owing to the different deadly sins inspired names for the episodes.

Eventually, Ethan battles with a succubus in the episode named: Lust and Pride, which is, of course, the final battle. This battle features an ending that is way more dramatic and different (in the worst ways) from the game’s version.

However, the weirdest part is the mashup of twist revealing the ways te seven deadly sins are correlated. This correlation is entirely fictitious, unoriginal, and anti-climatic after witnessing the major fight sequences.

Problems With The Timelimit Of The Episodes

But, I appreciate the makers tried to put in establishing a narrative framework although it was a bit clumsy. Seven 25 minutes short episodes are not just enough to deliver the type of narration the makers are aiming to provide.

It feels a bit rushed in the main plot’s development and a bit sluggish in the side plot’s relevance. By focusing on the minor irrelevant side plots, along with the combat with the dragon, the anime is now losing its charm. It is skipping the grand scope of the game’s world and some remarkable areas such as Everfall and Witchwood.

Most of the side characters die a few minutes after they come on screen. You don’t have enough time to understand and know more about the characters, let apart mourn for their death.

Most of the episodes deliver an individual story instead of a series.  However, on the brighter side, this indicates, that the anime is constricted around the gameplay.

The anime can explore several new angles to the story as the game is quite a thin story to start with. Moreover, it also helps to develop actual characters for the lead players, Ethan and his sidekick,  Hannah.


This fantastic animated Dragon’s Dogma anime despite its flaws manages to deliver thrilling and epic battle scenes in the dark fantasy world. It has very strong character customization.

But needs to work a bit on exploring the scope of the RPG world. No doubt it still doesn’t have a chance in front of Castlevania. However, Dragon Dogma is still a great debut that has much more scope for a scope with future seasons.

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Gears Tactics is coming for the first time on Xbox series S and series X and you HAVE to check out their amazing content!




Gear Tactics, the turn-based system game created by The Coalition and Splash Damage, is out now on PC. The reassure adaptations had just been reported and will make a big appearance without further ado. To additionally energize fans who are anticipating playing it on supports, game creators uncovered that they will have the option to give it a shot close by loads of new substance.

They affirmed that to celebrate the arrival of Gears Tactics on Xbox supports (Xbox One and Xbox Series S and Series X), they will add different highlights to the game. One of the principle ones is the new character Jack, the friend robot that appeared with Gears 5. This new character will have a lot of around 20 capacities and will have the option to produce a field that gives more capacity to the characters or damage foe units.

Similarly, another class of foes will be included that will offer another degree of trouble, however will likewise include more improved gear for the player, which can be utilized in the mission.

In the event that you missed it: A cool regulator roused by the Locust from Gears of War is in transit.

It will have execution enhancements for Xbox Series S and Series X

You should realize that, in spite of the fact that these news are intended to praise the appearance of Gears Tactics to Xbox Series S and Series X, they will likewise be accessible on all stages; that is, PC and Xbox One clients will have the option to appreciate them the very day.

Notwithstanding, a few highlights that will be selective to cutting edge comforts are ongoing interaction streamlined for Xbox Series S and Series X, abbreviated burden times, 60 fps, and 4K definition on Xbox Series X.

It is additionally important for the Smart Delivery program, which implies that on the off chance that you have the Xbox One or PC adaptation you can appreciate it upgraded on Xbox Series S and Series S or the other way around.

They will make a big appearance on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Series X on November 10. We educate you that you can appreciate it on dispatch day at no extra expense on the off chance that you are a Xbox Game Pass endorser.

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