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Trump Says COVID-19 Will End Thanks to ‘Herd Mentality’ (Video)



During a town hall on ABC hosted by George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday, Donald Trump suggested another weird-sounding solution to the COVID-19 pandemic that has already killed more than 200,000 Americans since March.

And while it wasn’t quite suggesting that maybe injecting disinfectant into people’s lungs could cure the disease — something Trump really, actually did last spring — it was still something of a head scratcher, for a second there anyway.

During the townhall, Trump, as he has frequently done despite all the deaths, declared that the virus would just somehow go away. “Without the vaccine?” asked Stephanopoulos.

“Sure, over a period of time. Sure, with time it goes away,” Trump said.

“And many deaths,” Stephanopoulos replied. At which point Trump explained his theory. “And you’ll develop, you’ll develop herd — like a herd mentality. It’s going to be — it’s going to be herd developed – and that’s going to happen. That will all happen.”

Now in fairness, Trump was obviously referring to the concept of “herd immunity” and got tongue-tied. Herd immunity refers to the phenomenon that when a certain percentage of a population has either contracted a viral illness or has been vaccinated against it that it can no longer effectively spread and any outbreaks are extremely localized.

Herd mentality meanwhile refers to people adopting beliefs due to social pressure when they might make a different decision on their own.

Meanwhile, as for the chances of the pandemic being ended by herd immunity without a vaccine, medical experts don’t consider that to be a great idea. It’s estimated that to stem the spread of the virus, around 70% of the population would need to be exposed to COVID-19. And if that happens without a vaccine, it means all of those people would actually have to get sick. And given the current death rate for COVID-19, that means nearly 3 million people could be killed.

Come to think of it, that sound way worse than injecting disinfectant into your lungs. Wear a mask people. And watch the “herd mentality” clip below:


Amy Roloff Sells More of Farm to Matt: What Does It Mean?




Amy Roloff may very well be outta there, folks.

At last.

As most Little People, Big World fans know by now, the mother of four sold a portion of her stake in the family farm last summer, seemingly wrapping up a lengthy feud between her and ex-husband Matt.

The two frequently clashed on the most recent season of this reality show over Amy hesitating to make such a move.

After much deliberation, Amy finally gave up a segment of the property and moved into a new place for the first time in decades.

She was clearly very affected by the decision.

Angry at Matt

Now, however, it appears as if Amy has arrived at another major decision in regard to the farm:

She may have gone ahead and sold all her ownership in it.

An Oregon court has confirmed to The Sun that Amy sold 32.28 acres of land at the Roloff Farms address — for $975,000! — on August 13.

In order to afford the purchase, Matt took out a loan of $825,000, this same outlet reports.

Staring at Caryn

Although Amy has sold more of her land to Matt, she is still listed as the secretary of Roloff Farms, based on an amended annual report that was filed on February 4, 2020.

This would seem to imply that Amy is still involved in the family business, at least in some capacity. We can’t say for certain right now whether she actually owns any of the land any longer, though.

Matt and Amy bought the farm in 1990, back when they first got married, for only $185,000.

Amy then sold off a piece of it to her ex-husband in June 2019 for $667,000.

matty roloff

Selling off these 32 acres to Matt comes after she accused him of “pushing” her of out Roloff Farms in a trailer for the upcoming season of Little People, Big World.

With Amy still hanging around the property, this preview teases some major tension between the exes.

“It’s not my business, but should you be like nesting your new home for Chris and focused on that? Are you not happy with it?” Matt asks Amy at one point in the video below.

Responds Amy:

“What’re you talking about? The only reason you feel like that is so I don’t have to be on the property anymore whatsoever. unless absolutely necessary.”

Matt then adds in a confessional:

“She has trouble just letting go in general and that’s something she has to work through on her own time.”

Amy Says Goodbye

Cut to Amy walking around the empty home on the farm after she packs up her last box.

“This is it. The house is being emptied. I’m kind of sad how 30 years could just be put in a box. Poof, I’m out,” she says. “My story is gone. It’s walked out the door. Time for someone else.”

Is she really out now, however? Fully and completely?

It does seem that way.

Amy, Chris on Little People, Big World

On the same day this sale news broke, meanwhile, Matt made a big announcement on Instagram.

He said the farm will, indeed, be open to the public during pumpkin season.

“The family has been scratching our heads, we’ve been beating ourselves up,” he told followers.

“Meeting after meeting talking about this COVID and the Roloff Farms pumpkin patch.

“So we have finally, finally, and I’m here to tell you, come to some definitive, conclusions about what we’re gonna do.”

Matt Roloff Sits on the Farm

“And the good news is we are gonna open! We’re gonna open for our pumpkin festival, but it’s going to look very, very different — extraordinarily different than any years past,” he continued.

Roloff directed folks to the farm’s website and said a reservation will be needed.

There will also be a fee involved for the first time.

Caryn and Matt in Arizona

“It’s going to take place in a more intimate setting, although we’re going to stretch out,” Matt explained.

“We’re going to give everybody access to a walking trail here on the farm,” which is something they’ve “never done” before.

“Never let everybody kind of walk into this area of the farm. They’ve seen some of it from a distance on the wagon tours.

The farm will open October 2… when the family is “reasonably certain the air will be fresh” in the wake of the fatal wildfires that have ravaged the west coast and stirred up conflict between the Roloffs.

Matt Roloff in Red Hat

“We’re going to have disinfectant stations and everybody we’re going to require to wear a mask, so don’t come out if you’re not ready to wear a mask, even when you’re walking outside,” the patriarch said, emphasizing that the staff will also be required to wear masks.

“It’s going to be a good time! It’s going to be different than before, but it’s going to be a good time, ” concluded Matt.

“I hope to see you out here starting October 2.

“Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the month of October, come to Roloff Farm.”

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Puscifer – “The Underwhelming”




Now that the new Tool and A Perfect Circle albums are out of the way, Maynard James Keenan is back to focusing on Puscifer, the one-time bizarre sideshow that now seems like the project he’s most invested in. The first Puscifer album in five years, Existential Reckoning, is set to drop at the end of October — just in time for Halloween, seems about right — and today we’re hearing a new single from it.

“The Underwhelming” finds Keenan indulging in new wave pastiche, blending neon guitar and synth lacerations, theatrical outbursts from backup singer Carina Round, and vocals that strangle his signature commanding howl into an affected whimper. It’s maybe the catchiest pop song I’ve ever heard from a guy best known for ominous philosophical weirdness — funky, squelchy, and darkly playful, with lyrics that reference The Emperor’s New Clothes. After hearing this, the Robert Palmer vibes from this past spring’s “Apocalyptical” video make so much sense. But don’t worry, there are songs on Existential Reckoning called “Grey Area 5.1″ and “Theorem” and “Personal Prometheus” and “Postulous,” so we’re definitely still dealing with Maynard James Keenan here.

Hear “The Underwhelming” below.

01 “Bread And Circus”
02 “Apocalyptical”
03 “The Underwhelming”
04 “Grey Area 5.1″
05 “Theorem”
06 “UPGrade”
07 “Bullet Train To Iowa”
08 “Personal Prometheus”
09 “A Singularity”
10 “Postulous”
11 “Fake Affront”
12 “Bedlamite”

Existential Reckoning is out 10/30. Pre-order it here.

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Taraji P. Henson Popular On Instagram In White String Bikini Dishing Birthday Curves




Taraji P. Henson did not just celebrate her birthday, she served up the pure fire in a white thing bikini on Instagram, blowing fans away with those red braids, that body, and her sass.

The “Empire” actress rang in her 50th birthday in style at a boat party, where she stripped down to the tiniest white bikini that barely held all those fiery curves as she posed near the rail in perfection, and letting every curve of her body be clicked by a friend.

Now that’s some style, and hopefully no pandemic worries.

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