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USPS Phishing Texts Are Flooding Phones Throughout The Place



Photograph: Theo Wargo (Getty Pictures)

On leading of all the other fracas presently dealing with our country’s postal assistance, the USPS title is at the center of a string of phishing schemes slamming phones nationwide, with some folks proclaiming these texts have ties to a enormous, multinational sexual intercourse trafficking operation—while providing no proof to back again it up.

For people fortunate ample not to have acquired these texts, the scheme generally is effective like this: you get a text from a mysterious number proclaiming that your delivery from USPS, FedEx, or an additional delivery company is experiencing some kind of situation in transit that demands your urgent consideration. Since our country’s submit offices are in a point out of literal disaster ideal now, and since the textual content consists of a reputable-sounding (but in actuality phony) monitoring range, you click on the hyperlink they present.

What transpires up coming is up to the scammer at the rear of the textual content, but normally they’re hoping to get your credentials—most often in the variety of a credit rating card range. In the case in point safety researcher Eric Ellason unearthed in this tweet thread, the website link that supposedly delivered access a meant USPS shipment actually led to a area that did almost nothing but infect your browser (or cell phone) with malware.

The recent wave of texts hitting plenty of telephones across the country may seem like a new risk, but it’s essentially been around for a when. Back in February, the FTC place out a discover warning folks to be skeptical of any most likely scammy monitoring codes being despatched their way. And then at the get started of this month—likely spurred on by the new round of phishing attempts—the Greater Organization Bureau set out its possess memo warning individuals about some well-known “delivery ripoffs,” such as the phony textual content from FedEx or USPS. It is spam, plain and simple.

But of course that could not be the conclusion of it, due to the fact this is 2020, and folks with far too considerably time on their arms love tying mundane happenings to vast conspiracies—the sale of human lives in distinct. As Insider initially comprehensive, a single of the more noteworthy examples involved one Instagram poster claimed the back links in the textual content have been planted to covertly track the spot of vulnerable gals, to eventually traffic them, somewhat than performing as a malware vector to steal their credit score card figures. Very similar posts have been witnessed circulating throughout Facebook, with just one starting to be viral adequate that Fb finally felt the need to have to take note that the promises the person had been producing ended up, in fact false—but only following 1000’s of users experienced shared it, Qanon diehards co-opted it, and an untold amount of females bought way additional freaked out than they had any require to be.

These rumors bought so bad that the Polaris Project—a nonprofit that combats trafficking—put out a assertion begging people today to quit flooding their serious intercourse trafficking hotline with this totally unverified horseshit. It is regrettably not the 1st time, both. The group experienced to do the very same when its mobile phone lines have been flooded with very similar “tips” relating to the e-commerce giant Wayfair, which can normally also be sourced back to the Qanon community.


Here’s Every Cooked Moment & Live COVID Test From The Absolutely Berserk 2020 Virtual Emmys




The Emmys. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Most years, the show is a hot collection of iconic lewks, a few awards here and there that break the internet, and a joke or two that fail to land.

This year however things have gone completely off the chain, thanks to Miss Rona shaking up the game.

With the Emmys being absolutely turned on its head due to the pandemic, everyone has used this opportunity to take this year’s awards season a little less seriously than usual.

Here are the most absolutely cooked moments from the virtual Emmys 2020, including an entire bevy of coronavirus jokes because truly, if there’s any year to make pandemic jokes, it’s this one baby.

Shirtless Jeff Garlin

Look, you’re sitting on your couch, waiting to host the Emmys, so why not do it shirtless?

Honestly, I admire the bravery to subdue all Emmys expectations and just go tiddies out on live television.

Jennifer Aniston’s Fire Extinguisher

In a joke on COVID germs, (someone keep a tally of COVID jokes please), Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston set fire to “germs”, and then extinguished said fire in front of an audience of zero.

Crickets, your honour.

The Scary Emmy Man

Apparently, if you lose the Emmy, this haunted man will just wave you goodbye and walk off with your award.

Haunted Helena Bonham Carter

Oh to be watched from on high by one of the most diverse actresses of our times.

My doors are open for the cursed gaze of Miss Helena.

Sandra Oh As Emmys Best Dressed

This cutout of Sandra Oh looks better than I ever will, and I’m at peace with that.

The Empty Theatre

I mean, we all saw it coming, but it’s a lot more daunting in picture.

Zendaya Excellence

I mean, it’s not exactly a crazy moment, but it sure is hella exciting.

You Had One Job, Phone

Of all the times to ring…

The Live Test

Okay but what are the results??

Gabrielle Union, Send Tweet

I for one believe in Gabrielle Union supremacy, she is truly iconic.

Alex Borstein, Send Tweet

This image holds more power than the Pentagon.

Alpaca Your Bags

So when they read the brief about a pandemic safe Emmys, why did their minds jump straight to random alpaca appearance? Mad points for the tiny little bow though omg.

Reese Witherspoon’s End Of Year Emmys Party

Alongside Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon held a party for the year to finally be over. Unfortunately though, we are still in 2020.

This Cooked Moment

No words. Only screams.

More Cutout Hell

This is what we will see in the depths. The cold stare of Meryl Streep is SENDING me.

Mindy Kaling’s Cry For Help

Somebody, please check if she’s okay.

The Friends Reunion

Thank you for blessing us with this, Emmys 2020.

This Mad Flex

Go off, king.

The Schitt’s Creek Sweep

These iconic humans deserved every award they got tonight, and Dan Levy’s reactions were priceless.

The Rick and Morty Appearance

At least there were no pickles to be found.

And that’s a wrap on the 2020 Emmys folks. Until next year I guess.


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Emmy Awards: See the At-Home Fashion





It was an Emmy Awards like no other! The best and brightest in television enjoyed a socially distanced awards ceremony on Sunday night, with most nominees accepting their awards from their own homes. Despite there being no official red carpet, many stars made bold style choices – whether that meant red carpet-ready gowns or comfy pajamas. Click on the gallery see the best looks of the night.


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Emmys 2020: ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ ‘Watchmen,’ ‘Succession’ Win Big




Host Jimmy Kimmel started the 72nd annual Emmys on Sunday night with a question on every viewer’s mind: “Why are we having an awards show in the middle of a pandemic?” Yet for as surreal or, worse, tacky as the event could have been, there were still several surprising moments.

The most jaw-dropping turn of events was the way Schitt’s Creek made a historic clean sweep of all of the major comedy awards. It’s the first time a single show won all of the top comedy awards. Meanwhile, the evening’s most recognized show, Watchmen, won the top honor in the Limited Series category, as well as two acting trophies, and one for writing. Succession and Ozark were tied in drama series nominations, but Succession mostly edged out the Netflix show, which scored a statuette for actress Julia Garner, claiming Best Drama Series and trophies for director, writing, and “L to the O-G” rapper Jeremy Strong for Best Actor. Perhaps most embarrassing for ABC, which aired the ceremony, no network television shows won any awards.

Despite plenty of canned applause, there was an overarching sense of getting on with it throughout the night. After all, there was no audience to woo — only a goofy Jason Bateman cameo amid celebrity cutouts in the Staples Center — and nobody to laugh at the evening’s typically tame jokes (like Randall Park confusing the opportunity to present an award with “Al Pacino” with an alpaca … while standing next to an alpaca.) Instead, the producers recognized essential workers like teachers and farmers, and both the show’s presenters and awards recipients acknowledged the achievements and sacrifices of black Americans — in fact, the broadcast set a record for awarding the most people of color in performance categories. Kimmel even joined Anthony Anderson in a chant of “Black Lives Matter.” And even though mentions of Trump’s name were kept to a minimum, many of the winners encouraged Americans to vote.

“Go out and vote because that is the only way we’ll have love and acceptance out there,” Schitt’s Creek co-creator Daniel Levy said during his acceptance speech for the Outstanding Comedy Series trophy. Regina King, who won Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series for her role in Watchmen, urged people to go to, learn about their municipal elections and “vote up the ballot.” “Be a good human,” she said. And Mark Ruffalo, who may have been campaigning for president himself during his Lead Actor in Limited Series win for I Know This Much Is True, asked people to “vote for love and compassion and kindness.”

Anthony Anderson’s moment during the show was to recognize that there were more people of color nominated for Emmys this year than ever before, and it was couched in mock outrage that there was no audience of white people to cheer it on. He mentioned all the black poets who would have been thanked in speeches and also shouted out some of the lyrics to “WAP,” which were bleeped (but the titular acronym could have just as easily stood for “Watch Amazon Prime,” given the lack of network TV winners this year). More serious, though, were the T-shirts worn by Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series winner Uzo Aduba (“Breonna Taylor”), Outstanding Drama Series presenter Sterling K. Brown (“BLM”), and Watchmen creator Damon Lindelof (“Remember Tulsa ’21”). And Yahya Abdul-Mateen II dedicated his award, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series for Watchmen, to “all the black women in my life.”

“History is mystery,” Lindelof said while accepting the Emmy for Outstanding Limited Series. His show was loosely based around the Tulsa race massacre, when white residents attacked an area known as “Black Wall Street.” “It is broken into a million puzzle pieces and many are missing. We know where those pieces are, but we don’t seek them out because we know finding them will hurt. Sometimes we caused that hurt. Maybe we even benefited from it. But we have to name it before we can repair it. … We dedicate this award to the victims and survivors of the Tulsa massacre of 1921, the fires that destroyed Black Wall Street still burn today. The only way to put them out is if we all fight them together.”

Succession showrunner Jesse Armstrong summed up the general mood surrounding the state of the world right now with a series of “unthank you’s” during his acceptance speech for Best Drama Series, which he gave from his home in England. “Unthank you to the virus for keeping us all apart this year,” he said. “Unthank you to President Trump for his crummy and uncoordinated response. Unthank you to Boris Johnson and his government for doing the same in my country. Unthank you to all the nationalist and quasi-nationalist governments in the world who are exactly the opposite of what we need right now. And unthank you to the media moguls who do so much to keep them in power.”

When he was done, his cast, scattered around the world, applauded. That scant recognition will have to do for now. Considering the pandemic has halted the production of many television shows for the foreseeable future (yet The Conners inexplicably carries on), this may be the last “Pandemmys” for a while.

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