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Viral picture of Mohit Sehgal and Surbhi Chandna ‘French Kissing’ the snake way in ‘Naagin 5’ leaves netizens in splits




life is unpredictable🌟

The episode started with Kunj took the decision he will leave the house and went from there. He brings twinkle in the room back.

He stands in the side in anger while twinkle looking at him..
at down anyhow lata stop Avantika and tej because of her they didn’t say anything just went in their room back..

Twinkle went to kunj and stand beside him held his entangled their fingers he looked at her.She blinking her eyes assuring him everything will be alright.

Twinkle rest her head on his shoulder. You don’t worry Kunj everything will be alright why you said down you will leave the house haan where we will go? She said.
Pata nahi hai twinkle they going because of me that I don’t want just to stay with family maa and papa bear all taunts everything I don’t want this promise mujhse hai na I will go he said.

I know she said.
Dekhte hai life kaha le ke jati hai he said and cupped her face.
You don’t take tension get it because it’s not good for you right now and I don’t want any kind of stress you take he said.
I’m absolutely fine when you are with me I m not worried about anything she added and smiled hugged her tightly.

The best part of my life I’m having you in my life at least you understand me like no one after Rahul and Jaidev sir he added..

I know even I’m thanked babaji everyday i got a husband like you sadu ho but mere ho she murmured both chortled.

After at [email protected]
Twinkle bring dinner for them she pampering her husband like a small baby right now it’s needed a man before he used to her now it’s her time..
Now let’s have dinner then take medicine and sleep officer Kunj sarna twinkle said.

You eat I’m fine he said.
Same dialogue was not good she said and come closer to him.
See I make each and everything not spicy she said.
Pleaseee twinkle he said.
Pleaseee Kunj in the same tone she said. He rolling his eyes and she takes the morsel and went near his lips he opened his mouth and she feeds him.
Good boy she said..
Ziddiii ladki kunj murmured.
No doubt twinkle said and feeding
forcefully while Kunj making faces.

You behaving like small baby why?? Before toh telling us kiddos 🙄 she said.
Because you treating me like a baby I’m not saying you to do this all things he said.

Because I love to pamper you I know you will not have so it’s my duty to take care of my husband health after all desh ke liye you have to fight more she said and winked at Kunj he giggles and Kunj feed her back with his hands..

You know how to turned the situation sad into funny he said.
I’m the best see Kunj life is like this only and you know this but this time things too much that’s why this all happening she said.

I can face each and everything when things come to on my maa and papa that time I get little sensitive otherwise Kunj sarna is very strong in your language heartless and sadu he said..

Heartless toh nahi ho that I know just from your face so suspicious 😝she said and pulled his cheeks..

Improve madam now toh going to become mother he said.
Same you too soon father 😎she said..

I’m really very shocked you didn’t tell me about you and mehreen together? She said.
Yup batana kya tha it’s my plan that’s why I’m not ready to send you there because I already send my spy to MP house she doing fab he said..

Really appreciate Kunj you did this all just for your duty itna kaun karta hai twinkle said.
Karna padhta hai jab sawaal apne desh ka ho it’s not possible without Alia today we saved our country from MP because of her only she didn’t think about her life get ready just for my request he said.
Hmm but sad for her as well when she saying all those things feeling really bad she said.
I’m too try to contact her but madam blocked my numbers as well hope she is fine itna apni life me stuck hu even can’t see her once made her understand the situation Kunj said.

Acha don’t fly she said and making faces.
Don’t need to be jealous 😝siyappa queen she is a carbon copy of yours when in Mumbai I m giving her training she eats my head this much I can’t even tell you baat baat pe hasana he said.

Really aur ?? She asked him.
Aur kya spends a great time with her irritate with her lot but can’t do anything she is really very important for before Kunj say more twinkle raised her eyeballs..
FOR MY MISSION MADAM Kunj said and pinched on her nose.

Good for a mission only Kunj sarna she said.
You know what twinkle when I following her she thought I was following her to date her 😂he said.
Whattt than. She said.
Than kya teri tarah kam nahi hai complain about me that me uske pareshan kar raha hu 👅after later when I told her about me she was shocked in 2 and 3 meetings she gets ready to listen to me than I tell her each and everything about my mission and MP she too shocked to see Juliet was like her only same he said.

Shak kese hota kunj uski aankho me sacha pyaar dekha hi deta hai MP ke liye twinkle said.

I know you not get but see today we love each other kuch bhi situation ho we don’t want to lose each other she said.
I know that’s why really guilty I don’t have any idea twinkle she loves MP me kyun karta aisa he said.

Hmm, I know and can understand ab we can’t do anything hope she get over from her pain she said.

Dekh today kya hogaya hai that’s why I’m saying you will just get unnecessary problems in your life not understanding my point he said.
What what point to give me divorce it’s your point kunj it’s a nonsense silly mistake which you were going to do it if again you did then i will leave you forever with our baby fit in your mind she said.
Hmm, never who wants to stay away from you yaar he said..
Kunj when we are together we can win any fight and face life all situation samjhe she said.

But kaha Jayenge in this condition it’s not good for yourself to roam here and there first I need to talk to jaidev sir about me than we will go London before I have to go Delhi he said.
Hmm even I need to inform Abhinav sir na she said.

But twinkle because of me you stay away from your family that I don’t want he said and get sad.
Shh look at me I know I will get little sad but I stayed enough with my family now i have Own family I wanted to be with my husband that more important I will be happy she said.

You are lott matured handling this situation I’m surprised man he said.
I’m always matured it’s you who always thinking I’m small brainy she said.
Still 😎woh toh he laughs out she smacked on his arms.After dinner, they changed clothes.Laid down in each other embrace Kunj resting his head on twinkle lap while she caressing his hairs.

Closed your eyes and stop thinking about this all she said and covered his eyes with her hand she smiled and held her hand and try to sleep in her embrace soon Kunj sleep twinkle check him and kissed on his Forehead.
Babaji gives my Kunj all strength he can fight with this all things she murmured and sleep beside him.

Next [email protected]
Twinkle and Kunj woke up and get freshen up. Had their breakfast bread toast with coffee.While twinkle packing their clothes which Kunj told her he helping her too. Soon they have done with their packing. Kunj with a sad face at down on the bed and tears escaping from his eyes twinkle went to him and sit beside him. And cupped Kunj face he tried to hide his tears from her.

Don’t try this I know Kunj sad?? She said.
Hmm don’t want to leave maa and papa like this but they were not ready to listen to me once Twinkle he said.
I know kunj we aren’t going from Amritsar try kar the hai ek bar she said.
Hmm, he hummed she wiped his tears.
I’m waiting for you down he said and take the luggage and went down while rest seeing them.
Kunj please stop don’t do this? Lata Said.

Please dadi let me go it’s important you take care of yourself and maa and papa do let me know about them he said and went outside Kunj keep the bags in the car.

Just then he gets a call from Jaidev he immediately takes his call.
Jai Hind sir kunj Said.
Haan kunj where are you?? He asked.
Sir right now toh going?? Don’t know here he said.
What why?? Everything is fine na?? He asked Kunj to tell him everything.
So I leave the house sir he added.
Hm, you will not go anywhere Kunj comes to my place and stay with us jaidev said.
No sir it’s not important and i can’t already you have done Lott for me I can’t take more help from you he said.

Acha if you calling help than very mean Kunj understand come here Meera not well she is too like you come let’s sit and talk he said.
Hmm, sir, I’m coming he said and ended the call.while twinkle comes down with her handbag tej and Avantika seeing her.

She went towards dadi who looking at her.
At least you stop twinkle beta she said.
I can’t dadi jaha mera pati waha me I can’t disobey my husband she said and takes her blessing and even take Prithviraj and tej and Avantika too just tears drops falls down from their eyes..

Chalti hu papaji and mummy ji take care of yourself she said and went from there while Avantika looking at tej..

Twinkle come out and sat in the car.
Chale?? Kunj said.
Hmm, she hummed and wiped her tears.
What happened to you? He asked?
At least meet with mummy ji and papaji side your anger once she said.
As if I’m going very happily twinkle he said.

Kunjj at least unki halat toh dekho they are right at their place if I hide something from you do you like?? I hide my identity from you I’m an agent still you get so angry when you itself an agent still that reaction comes out na think about mummy ji and papaji she said.

They aren’t angry because I m a secret agent but of Meera twinkle he said.
See when you know the reason? She added.
Can’t do anything I know myself I’m wrong but I have a point for that they have to sit and let me explain myself but they aren’t ready to listen to me once aur kya karu don’t you wanna go with me if you want you can stay with your mummy ji and papaji he said she chuckled irritatedly hit on his arms.
Idea good hai even they can pamper you, after all, you carrying their grandchild for that they were behind my marriage he said.
When they get to know kitne khush hote the na kunj that day when avni give everyone baby news each and everyone was so happy see us we can’t even share with beautiful news with them and others very bad she said.
Don’t be sad I too wanted to tell maa and papa about your pregnancy but I don’t want they leave the things because of this news I want they understand me they will but takes time and for that, I’m ever ready dil mein kuch nahi rahna chahiye Twinkle He said.
I know chalo ab where you taking me Mr sarna she said.
Dekhte hai Mrs sarna he added and starts the car and they left.While twinkle resting her head on Kunj shoulder.

Soon they reached to Sinha mansion.
What is this?? Where we come ?? She asked?
You can see madam we come to jaidev sir house he staying here Kunj said off his seatbelt..
but Why?? She asked.
Too many questions normally Milna tha unse he said and come out of the car while twinkle too..

Kunj held her hand and they went entered in side completely silent because of kids upstairs..

They entered the living room and Kunj looking for Jaidev. Meanwhile, Jaidev comes there and sees Kunj and twinkle.
Finally, you come he said.They look at him both went towards him.
Jai Hind sir twinkle and Kunj saluted him..

Come let’s sit he said and they sat down on the couch..
Aur how are you husband and wife finally patch up he said twinkle looking at Kunj.
Yes, sir after all your order how can I disobey Kunj said twinkle understands.

So you come because of Jaidev sir she murmured.
Hmm, he hummed.
Haan he went I made him understand What mistake he doing to leave you but see my officer come on the right track he said and they smiled.
Thanks to you sir if not tell me then I wouldn’t realise what I’m losing after doing this Kunj said and held twinkle hand tightly.

It’s my responsibility, after all, to show you correct path as a mentor when you are on duty personal life mein bhi he said..

Aur what Abhinav said twinkle he added.
Jo apne kaha apne officer ko she said and looking down while Kunj looking at her.
Chantt ladki he murmured she looking at him and making faces.

Sir, I’m going to Delhi from there went to London you please take di back Kunj said.

Why you doing this Kunj Jaidev said.
Sir, I told you na today my parents going back new York after London I will see if things get better than will go my home Kunj added.
Wait you will not going anywhere look at twinkle not good for her he said and twinkle looking at Kunj even he tells about her pregnancy too👅..

Don’t give him this look twinkle he didn’t hide anything from me😎Jaidev said.. twinkle nods in yes..

You will stay here with us we all on leave so let’s enjoy wese bhi your guppies waiting for you like anything he said Kunj smiled..

Just then two babies come down while running they see Kunj and went to him in full speed..
Hooo Kunj maamuuuu they hooting loudly Kunj gets up they jumped on his arms..
twinkle surprised to see them and shocked too little bit.Kunj hugged them fully.

While Meera and Adarsh coming behind them.
Arey control on your excitement Jaidev said.
Never they said together Kunj giggles kissed on their cheeks.
How are you both?? Kunj asked.
Awesome aria she said in a very cute voice.
Achww awesome Kunj murmured..

Where are you maamu we both waiting for you Aarush said.
Acha you should call me I was busy that’s why he said.

Now leave your Kunj maamu hang on his arms Meera said they just come and stand there.Kunj places them down.Just then maid come.

You take them and feed them breakfast Meera said.
No, we want to play with Kunj maamu aria said.
Haan later first have your breakfast Adarsh said and they nodded in yes and went with the maid while Kunj looking at Meera and she too.

How are you?? Meera asked him.
Good, what about you? Sir told me you aren’t well?? Why he said.
Aise hi, how can I’m fine when my brother not well doesn’t hide I can see on your face Meera added.Kunj stealing the eyes..

Arey you brother and sister do your drama later let me meet with my senior Adarsh said.. and hugged Kunj.

Good to see you man didn’t come back and haan congratulations bro for your mission success he added.

Hmm, how are you? Kunj asked?
I’m all good you can see a happy married man I’m 😎he said and giggling.
We all waiting for you Arey when my one and only saala will come to meet with me
Even my babies too but you are busy with
Your Jaidev sir 🙄Adarsh added.

Haan, you are free man Kunj said. While twinkle listening to them..

You get busy in yourself someone also here jaidev said.
Who Adarsh said.Kunj looking at twinkle.
Kunj held her hand.

Now, who she is?? Adarsh asked?
She is twinkle my wife Kunj said.
Hoo man Adarsh said.
Twinkle he is Adarsh Jaidev sir son and my dearrrr stretch the and only jija Kunj said.Adarsh making faces.
And she is Meera Jaidev sir bahu my sister and Meera twinkle Kunj added.
Hi, twinkle Adarsh said.
Hi, twinkle added and give smile.

I just heard about you from Kunj today meeting with you Meera said and give her hug.
Haan got beautiful wife Adarsh said and winked at Kunj.
Yup no doubts 😎 Kunj said.

She is agent Adarsh like you all Meera said.
Really then great Kya life partner mila hai ek ki field good for you enthusiasts agent you are kunj Adarsh said.They settled down.
While aria and Aarush comeback after breakfast.
Mumma done with breakfast they said.
Good babies my Meera said.
And they are my twins kids aria and Aarush Adarsh said.

Kunj maamu yah aunty kaun hai aapke saath aria said and twinkle mouth open 😮..
aunty me aapko aunty dekhti hu twinkle said. All giggles.
Yah aunty nahi aapki maami hai Meera Said. While they both rolling their eyes 🙄.
Means?? They asked.
Come to me Adarsh called them.
Like Kunj is your maamu haina he said.
Yes, they added.
Wese hi Kunj maamu wife kya hogi aapki maami adarsh Said.
Hoo got it Aarush Said.
Now go and meet with your maami he said and they went to her and trio looking at each other’s just.
So cutie pies twinkle said and pulled their cheeks while they making faces.
Don’t like this twinkle asked while they nodded their head in yes.
Like your sadu maamu she said Kunj giving twinkle look she giggles.
I mean like your Kunj maamu she coverup in front of everyone.
Aap bhi cute ho aria said and kissed on her cheeks.
Woh toh since birth Twinkle said. Kunj ruffling his hairs his wife never improves 😂..
Cuties you both go and play in your room Then we will play together Meera said.
Haan your maamu not going anywhere Jaidev said and they first deny then get ready and went in the room.

How’s maa and papa? Kunj everything is here you are here suddenly Meera asked. Kunj Paused first.
Not fine not lied and I leave the house Kunj said.
Whatt why?? She asked.
Because maa and papa was going back to New York that I don’t want they wanted to stay with their whole family after ages papa got chance not because of me again he separates from his family so I leave because problems mujhse hai Kunj said.

Meera having tears in her eyes.
This all happening because of me I will tell papa fault wasn’t yours it’s my fault she said and gets up.
No di you will not go anywhere right now they aren’t in the sense I will explain myself when things get better leave right now kunj said.

And sir please you try fast I need to go from here Kunj said.
Hmm, I will but right now you aren’t going anywhere stay here with us Kunj we all are a family he said.
But sir I can’t it’s against my protocols Kunj said.
Oyye mr great secret agent what protocols show your things on your duty not here Adarsh said.

Kunj till now we fight together ab tak Meera Devi ka raita saaf kiya hai this time too Adarsh said and Meera giggles tearfully.

Wese we didn’t get time to spend with each other mostly with your wife twinkle now let’s enjoy Arey think about my babies how much they waiting for their Kunj maamu he said.
Okay now no more kitna bolte ho kunj Said.Meera Hugged Kunj.

Sorry, kunj she said.
It’s okay Kunj added.

You all busy in crying I have good news for you all one more Jaidev said twinkle and Kunj hold their heads because they know what was coming next😛..

What papa Meera asked.
Hmm well, I’m very happy about that.Your brother going to become father he said.
Whatttt Meera reaction she looking at Kunj.While Kunj blinking his eyes.

Meera hugged Kunj while Adarsh to twinkle.
Congratulations man Kunj so fast har cheez kitni jaldi jaldi ki hai pehle shadi ab baby too kya baat hai even you are so fast on your personal life too Adarsh said.
Bas bas meri baby Kunj said and apart.

Ho biwi papa someone changed what’s say Adarsh said.
Yes lot Jaidev added they giggling.
I m so happy for you kunj do maa and papa knows she asked.
Nahi I didn’t tell them about Twinkle pregnancy dekhte hai kya situation hoti hai kunj Said.
Why you standing Twinkle now you should take care of yourself Meera said.

Haan darne ki kya baat hai kunj haina Adarsh said Twinkle agreeing with him.

After Meera shows them their room they went to room Kunj sat down and try to call Rahul. While twinkle looking at him.
Meera di having kids so cute both of them she said.
Hmm, not less than you teri achi banegi kunj Said.
You didn’t tell me about them she asked.
Not get chance after that incident never speaks about Meera in front of anyone do you know that day you get possessive with whom I was talking my ex-girlfriend is Meera my sister Kunj said and giggles.
So bad😬😏she said.

While at sarna [email protected]
Tej and Avantika were sitting in the garden.
Tej kunj chala gaya she said tears rolling down from her eyes.
What I can do in this humhare saath aisa hi hota hai Avantika pehle Meera chali gai kuch bina bole ab kunj he said and get sad..
Prithviraj looking lata who too sad like tej and Avantika.
Kya soch rahi ho yah toh hona hi tha he said lata looks at him.
Heh, 😏 you are right.If you could have understood your son, then your son would understand his son lata said and went from there..

Twinkle and Kunj get freshen up both sitting and talking about this all just then.
Kunj maamu and maami my munna calling you both for lunch she said in her cute voice.
Acha kunj said pulled her to himself bite on her cheeks..
Chalo itne cutie bhulane aai hai hum kese nahi jayenge twinkle said and Kunj lift her in his embrace and they went downstairs while Meera along with servant laying the dinner..

Jaidev and Aarush, Adarsh they come and settled down.
Come kunj Adarsh said.
You call me I can help you twinkle said.
No need of this then tumhara pati aur mera bhai bolega meri biwi se kaam karwa rahi hai Meera said and Kunj making faces.Twinkle giggles and sits beside Kunj. While aria and Aarush sit beside Jaidev.Meera served them and they all started having. Both kids happily having from their dadu hands.
Daduu feeds him aria said who do lott drama in food.

I know you will do this only that’s why I’m saying I will feed you but no you went to dadu Meera added.
Koi na beta Jaidev said telling them
Stories both lost and having the food.
So smart Jaidev sir twinkle murmured.

Hmm, bas apne grandkids se pyaar or apne do officers se Adarsh said.
You always get jealous man Kunj said.
Where is rahul?? He asked.
Ghar pe hi hoga try to call him but not taking my calls Kunj said..

Now the last bite finished this aapko dadu aur aapke papa and maamu ki tarah strong nahi bana hai kya Jaidev Said.
We will not come in your tricks this time they both said and run from there all giggles..

So chanttt they are Meera said.
Acha bache tere hi hai kunj Said.
Huh😏 Meera making faces.After lunch, Kunj and jaidev along with Adarsh sit together.

While twinkle informed her mother about each and everything leela first worried about twinkle but than she is okay because Kunj is with her..

Meera and twinkle sat together.
You maybe get bored here?? Meera said.
Nahi nahi I’m completely fine she said..
I’m really very happy for you and Kunj Meera said.
Haan, even we are too happy after baby life becomes more beautiful twinkle said.
Very true after aria and Aarush my life become extremely beautiful and happy our whole day went behind this two they are my lifeline and haan Adarsh too she said.
Dekhta hai jaidev sir kitne khush twinkle said.
Bache hai papa undo ke saath mein Twinkle Meera added they talking friendly.

Malhotra [email protected]
Rahul was sitting alone there Anjali comes with dinner plate she keeps on the table.
Khana kha lena rahul she said.
Why you doing this all for me haan you don’t want to see my face he said and get up held her hand.
Listen to me anjali one time me tumhare apne bare mein batane hi wala tha time hi nahi mil raha tha Rahul Said..
really, Rahul, she said and facing him having tears in her eyes.
You not getting time Arey say you don’t want to tell me anything that’s why always you making excuses like Kunj Haan I asked you kaha ho tum but you never tell me the truth I’m not sad you hide this all things you don’t trust me agar tum mujhe bata the toh kya hota I will be happy more maanti humhara rishta ek arrange marriage hai lagta hai me tumhari life mein kabhi apni jagah nahi bana pai mein kyunki tumhara pyaar me nahi thi na she said.
Anjali what are you saying it’s completely wrong he cupping his face I really love you no one is important than you in my life he said.
Important I can see my place leave everything I’m going my mother place for sometimes she said and went from there Rahul feeling so bad he throws the food plate in anger why he getting this all..

After dinner and all’s aria and Aarush playing with Kunj their favourite time pass.

While twinkle keeping their clothes in wardrobe Kunj went into the room..
you come she said.
Yup devils leave me he said.
So mean they love you lots twinkle said.
Extra love mujhe digest nahi hota kunj Said. She closed the door.
Really mr sarna she said.
Yes, Mrs sarna Kunj added..

Both laid down twinkle teasing Kunj while he too her back.
Did you take your medicine?? He asked.
Forgot I will take now Kunj she said.
Siyappa queen Kunj murmured and give her the medicines..

so yucky she murmured and making faces while Kunj pulled her cheeks. Caressing her cheeks.He kissed on her forehead he moving towards her lips while twinkle moving her face..
Huh, I hate you he said.
But I love you she added. He leaning for the kiss just then with boom both kids entered in the room leave Twinj in shocked.
Tum dono kunj said and apart..
Haan today we are sleeping with maamu aria said twinkle get so happy.
Come she said and they jumped on the bed while Kunj making faces twinkle giggling to see his expression.

Maami aap hume story sunao aria said.
Okay I will try she said and they both laid down twinkle telling them story Kunj admiring twinkle how nicely she telling them story..they teased them than sleep twinkle caresses their hairs and kissed on their foreheads.
Chalo so gaye bache she said.
I’m impressed man you even know how to handle kids Abhi se practice Kunj said.
Acha tum se kam kunj twinkle said while Meera and Adarsh entered the room.

Arey they both sleep here and I’m finding them Meera said.
Acha your kids troubling us, Kunj said.
Dekha mera biwi ke aate hi but acha hai tum dono ko training mil jayegi mere bacho se 😂adarsh Said.
Very lame I know everything kunj said..

Chalo koi na so gaye take lott time with us Meera said and about to taking them. Arey di it’s completely fine let them Kunj said.
Nahi if woke up at night trouble you both she said.
Acha why they will wake up kunj asked.
Arey bache hai neend me hota hai sometimes Meera said.
Haan agent Kunj sarna you wait and watch kese tumhe tumhara bache apne ungali pe nachayega dekh lena saale saab Adarsh said and lift Aarush.

Wese bhi I can’t sleep without my babies he cuddles them.
Extra enthusiastic father you are😏Kunj said.
Yes, I’m part of me you will too when you hold your baby than understand our feelings he said.
True Meera said and they take their kids and goodnight them and went.
Lecture full Kunj said.
But they are absolutely right kunj it’s just a few days I get to know I’m pregnant she keeps her hand on her belly I can feel my baby itna attachment I can’t even describe you she resting her head on his chest.
I can’t live without you I always said na I can’t it’s true kunj when you give me divorce paper I’m just thinking how I will live without you ab me I’m just thinking and waiting for our baby when I will hold my baby in my arms restless for that day it has long months but still if something happened my baby when this thought comes in my mind shakedown I can’t live without my baby too she said Kunj listening to her each word very keenly and smiled,

Itna deep tak sochti hai siyappa queen jhalli thi I never thought about it he said.

Yup, you will too dekhna when our baby comes she said.
Hehe I’m too waiting or don’t let come this types of thoughts in your mind I’m with you na kuch nahi hoga tumhe aur humhare baby ko he said and kissed on her belly she smiled,
Woh toh hai she said and cuddles him..
After they sleep peacefully in each other embrace..

Next [email protected]
Kunj woke up first today while twinkle sleeping peacefully. Kunj kissed on her forehead and went in the washroom meanwhile twinkle too woke up after Kunj she went for freshening up.
You sit I will bring your coffee she said. No need of any work I can manage he said.
I’m absolutely fine samajh she said and went down goes into the kitchen finding coffee bottle..
Meera entered the kitchen what you looking for Meera said.
Woh finding coffee twinkle said.

Ho, wait I will give you she said and give her to coffee she making for Kunj.
Kunj woke up? She asked..
Hmm for him only making coffee she said and poured the coffee in the mug..
okay you give him I will breakfast Meera said and twinkle went in the room.

Kunj was on the call with Rahul.
Yaar meri baat toh Sun milte hai na I’m coming to office come there Kunj said.
Dekhta hu not well Rahul said and ended the call. Kunj sat down disheartened twinkle went to him.
Kya hua she asked?
Rahul yaar very off maybe something happened between him and Anjali i m sure he said.
I can understand kya kar sakte hai she said.
He stuck because of me twinkle uska jesa friend duniya mein nahi hai kunj Said.
Now drink your coffee before it gets cold she said and handover him.

Thanks, twinkle Kunj said.
Acha thanks biwi hu tumhari itna toh kar sakti hu Haq hai mera she said and pecked at his lips he smiled.
Seeing bold twinkle after many days he said.
Ho, really you were missing tell me before I’m same only😂she said and winked at him.
You will same to same he said and enjoying his coffee.

After twinkle helping Meera for breakfast both making together enjoying as well.
Meera to feel good before she is all alone just mens.after all, come for breakfast they had breakfast.While Jaidev and Kunj went to office there many things are left.

While both kids behind Meera and twinkle making them run.and Adarsh too busy in his work.

2 and 3 days passed away they really enjoying with aria and Aarush most while they both too get hell happy with twinkle and Kunj.Both of them playing with them.
But Kunj was hell sad and worried about Avantika and tej.

Because tej health wasn’t good he went to the hospital as well. That Kunj gets to know from dadi yesterday night.

At twinj [email protected]
Kunj was in tension for tej and Avantika and moving here and there in tension.
Kunj doesn’t be twinkle said while Adarsh and Meera come in the room.
Kya karu mein kunj said held his hand and tears escaping from his eyes.
Kunj are you okay?? Meera asked..

Not okay di everything I’m totally stuck in my life waha mere maa aur papa kese honge you know what papa not well he hospitalised he said and they shocked,
Really what happened to papa she asked?
Because of this stress his health not supporting he sat down kya karu they need me I’m not there for them today this situation come because of me only,
When I get cold little they both roamed behind me today look at me what kind of son I’m he said and all can feel his pain.

Let’s go to hospital Kunj Meera said.
He comes from hospital ab pata nahi hai kese hai now dadi too not taking my calls he said frustratedly while twinkle rubbing his shoulder.
You can ask anyone in the family you stay with them man Meera said.
Acha 😬Itni bhi achi bonding nahi hai meri 🙄kunj Said.
Why?? Adarsh asked.
Because sadu always in his ego 👅twinkle said and they giggle tearfully.
Wait I will do she said and called yuvi.

Hi yuvi aur how’s everyone? She said.
Hi, haan everyone is good Tu bata he added.
Me too acha Sun ek baat bata hows papaji right now I mean he is fine? She said and the call was on speaker.
Not well dr said if he taking stress like this anything can happen but Avantika badi maa taking care of him okay bit okay then yesterday he said.
Okay dekha sakta hai, she said and he FaceTime him and went to their room window was opened he turned the camera and showing tej who sleeping on the bed. Twinkle give the phone to kunj while he looking at his father and feeling very very bad after seeing his condition even Meera too today they are the reason for this.After the call.
Now okay, he is okay kunj twinkle said..
hmm, why he taking stress haan if he doing because of me and Meera di than wasted man ☹️Kunj said while Adarsh cheers up Meera and Kunj both too..

I’m really sorry kunj Meera said.
Leave di I don’t want to talk about this all things just worried about papa and maa he said.
I know She said..

After taking care of tej his health was fine dadi tell Kunj than he get relief but still he is not fully okay.Somewhere Kunj worried about his parents always another hand busy behind MP court case in court Nivedita pulled mehreen as well she has to go in court for statements that really bad for her when Kunj get to know he too feels bad try to help her but she just lost in her love🤭..

[email protected]
I want to have pizza Aarush said.
And I want to have cupcakes aria added.
Hmm chalo, I’m getting bored here let’s go and make for you both she said in a very short span of time they both kids mingle with twinkle and she too..

They went into the kitchen they both sat down in side while twinkle started making cupcakes and pizza for them they just commentary.While Kunj comes back and finding kids and twinkle because of complete silence..
Where Meera di devils and my devil he murmured 😝.. looking for them. He gets voice from the kitchen he process towards the kitchen he sees them and twinkle what is she doing it?
What siyappa she creating in Jaidev sir house he murmured and went towards them?
What’s going?? Kunj said. Twinkle turned and looking at him.
Can’t you see kitchen me kya karte hai log cricket khelenge kya she said and busy in her cooking. While aria and Aarush playing with spoons,
And you too? Devils ?? Kunj said.
Maami making pizza and cup cakes for us they said together.
Ho, really he said and arching his eyebrow while aria tries like Kunj which make him giggles lot. He went to them and lift aria in his arms.

If your cake and pizza not tasty than? Kunj said.
Why not maami knows everything Aarush said.
Huh just new few days become maami chamche kunj murmured.
Suna mene twinkle said.
Toh me kya karu kunj said let me help you he said and four of them get busy while aria and Aarush sitting on the kitchen slab while twinkle and Kunj busy. Meanwhile, Kunj kissed on twinkle cheeks both kids closed their eyes and formed their mouth in o 😮.
Shameless twinkle said and pushed him. They were laughing teasing each other.
Oven beep time is over..
Twinkle bring out a cupcake from the oven they all making tempting faces because the smell coming so delicious.
Maami looking awesome Aarush said.
Dekhte hai taste me kese hai twinkle said and let the cupcakes cool down and then she icing the cupcakes.
Till than Kunj see the pizza it’s also ready fully.

Meanwhile, Adarsh and Meera comeback from outside and they come to the kitchen and see them surprising.
What’s going on here?? Meera asked.
Mummaaa cupcakes and pizza aria shouted in Kunj ears.
Haha, meri maa kunj murmured.
Hoo give us too Meera said.

Wait we are coming Aarush said.
Okay, she said and they went to the living room.

Chalo bacha party you went and sit we bringing everything twinkle said and they nodded in yes and went. Twinkle remove the apron.
Thanks for helping me twinkle said and kissed on his cheeks.
Acha now who is shameless Kunj said
Me 👅bache the kya sochte apne maamu ke bare mein she said and bite his cheeks.
Let’s go before they come and see us Kunj said and both take pizza and cupcakes and went outside.

Here is your pizza and cupcakes twinkle said and place on the table.
Waha looking really amazing let’s see taste mein kese hai Adarsh said.

Twinkle give first aria and Aarush they were waiting like anything both get happy. Than Meera and Adarsh and sits beside Kunj.
They all having and making faces.
Really the best maami Aarush said.
Thanks, twinkle said.
Hmm, tasty aria added.
Yes, twinkle really yummy I don’t know you know this all things too Meera said,
Sometimes try twinkle said.

Kunj ke maze hai adarsh Said.
Acha jese me toh tumhe kuch bana ke hi nahi deti hu Meera Said.
Arey, I’m not saying that Meera you are the best always for me he said and buttering her twinkle and Kunj giggles.

Twinkle and Kunj too have:
Delicious Kunj said in low voice.
Acha itna sukha sa 😏twinkle murmured Kunj near her face.
Achww come to in room I will tell you there 😝he whispered back she blushed.

Where you husband and wife get busy Adarsh said.
No bas I’m happy you both get happy twinkle and wiped their faces.jaidev come there.
Party he said.
Yes, dadu see what our maami made for us pizza and cake they said.
Hoo, really your maami make than superb what about me he said.
Haina yah aapke liye Aarush said Jaidev said and both sat on his lap.Feeding Jaidev with their tiny hands.

They both crazy behind Jaidev sir na twinkle said.
Hmm pure pagal hai dono apne dadu ke peeche for a second didn’t leave Jaidev sir even he loves them lott Kunj said.
Itne cute lagte hai hope kesi ki nazar na lage she said.

Twinkle bhut hi tasty your wife is very talented Jaidev said.Twinkle smiled.
See na dadu humhari maami best hai aria said.
Haan kyun nahi when your Kunj maamu is the best your maami too he added.. while Kunj making faces and rolling his eyes Meera throw at a cushion on his face 🙄.

Kesa hai jealous pati she murmured. Kunj throws back at her both doing this.
Aha kese bacho ke taraha lad rahe ho kunj twinkle said.
Don’t know how to respect elder sister Meera said and throw a cushion at him and run from there..
Meera beta come?? Here jaidev called her she comeback.
Yes, papa? She asked,
Today I invited my friend Abhinav and his team and our too for dinner tonight so see everything he said.
Okay, papa, she said..

After Meera get busy in the kitchen with servants for dinner preparation. While twinkle helps her little when she feels little dizzy Meera scold her send her to room back.

She comes and breathing sweating too she sat down in side drinking water Kunj come out of the washroom after getting freshen up look at her.
What happened to you?? He asked and went to twinkle.
Nothing just chakar she said.
What why?? I told you rest but you aren’t listening me he said.
Kunjj calm down I’m okay it’s normal in pregnancy early stage she said,
Acha I’m not dumb he said and scold her litte wear his clothes went down and bring fresh fruits juice for her made her drink with his hand

You will feel better he said.
I’m okay Baba over-worried husband you are she said.
He caresses her face look at yourself kese dull hogaya hai he said and kissed on her forehead. Twinkle sleeps for sometimes in Kunj embrace..

Later everyone come twinkle get freshen up and went down.Meet with her teammates and rest too.

Where is kunj sir sara asked.
Your Kunj sir is coming don’t worry sara twinkle said and all giggles. Served come and served them welcome drink.

Where is your bahu and son? Abhinav asked.
Wait coming Abhinav Jaidev said.While Kunj comes down and meets with them. Adarsh and Meera come along with their kids. They went to everyone.

So Abhinav he is my son you know him Jaidev said.
Yup Abhinav added Adarsh went and take his blessing.
Long time kitne bade ho gaye ho he said.
Yes uncle but you are still same to same Adarsh added.
And she is Meera my bahu he said Meera fold her hands and takes his blessing.
Jaidev cuddles his grandkid’s.
And they are my grandkids two he added.
Really waha waha kya baat hai Abhinav said .
Go and take my pal blessing he is too your dadu oldie he said both went and take his blessing.
Aw, such cute kids your dadu is old not me Abhinav added while they making cute faces. And went back to Jaidev said sat on his lap.

Yah Malika hai aur sara kunj said they meet with Meera and Adarsh.Twinkle introduce her teammates they get happy to meet with each other pulled aria and Aarush cheeks like anything they all sat together.
Arey everyone come here is my hero Jaidev said.
I’m here sir Rahul said all turned and saw him. Rahul comes to them.
Sorry sir for late Rahul said.
Koi na just waiting for you without incomplete he said Rahul nods in yes.

Rahul sits in side aria and Aarush same with Rahul they meet with him and checking his pocket their chocy uncle he is.

Arey wait I bring Rahul said in low voice and give to them chocolates both get happy.While Kunj just looking at his face get shocked to see him because his condition was far worse than him.while Rahul just in his zone listening them not saying anything.Meera too can see him she never see him before like today.
They chit chatting for sometime Aryan pulling their legs all forget they are senior and teammates totally friendly while
Two Rahul and Kunj mostly Rahul who always cracking jokes and turned the worse situation in fun today he just off..

What happened Rahul today you quiet Jaidev asked?
No sir bas listening you all he said..
After they all went to the dining table and sat down Meera and servant served them.
Itna sab you made Aryan Said.
Yes, my mumma is super woman Aarush said all giggles. They all started having while Rahul playing with the food.

What happened to him babaji I never thought about him in this all Kunj think in his mind.feeling really bad to see his best favourite in this condition the reason he knows today he is in this condition because of him.All enjoying the food and praising lott meera.
After dinner, all sat again Meera and twinkle give them dessert than Jaidev discloses about twinkle pregnancy all stunned but get happy for them.

Really Kunj Malika said.
Yes, Kunj said hugged him.

Hoo Stella promotion Aryan teased her Lot than feed each other sweets Rahul shocked but happy smiling Kunj went to him.

Why you standing here Haan Kunj said.
Nahi congratulations he said.
Itna sad sa haan kunj Said.
Heh, 😏 acha tune kaun sa bataya mujhe pehle socha nahi tha tu bhi mujhse chupne laga hai he said.
Sorry, yaar time kaha mila inn sab mein and I trying to call you but you were not ready to pick up my calls Kunj said.
Don’t be sorry hota hai sab ki life hai happy for you lot Rahul added Kunj can see him.
They playing and teasing both kids while Jaidev scolding them because they complaining him.
Aur kya banoge bade hoke Abhinav Said.
Like my dadu Aarush said.
Your both pota and poti mad behind you he said.

Yes me too after all we are alone just Adarsh and me in the family after Kunj get Meera and this two now they are our life Jaidev said and cuddles them. Meera send them in the room.

All busy in their talks while Meera went to Rahul.
Hey, are you okay look at yourself she said Rahul looking at her.
Hmm, he hummed and ignoring her she held his hand.
I’m sorry Rahul I know because of me she about to speak.
What because of you Meera haan he said loudly all get up to see him suddenly.

What sorry Meera kes kes baat ke liye sorry bologi haan please don’t and I don’t want your sorry spare me he said.

Rahulll Kunj said.
Ab tu kya bolna chahta hai haan tell me I’m always ready to listen kunj Rahul said.
Rahul please meera Said.
Kya Meera what you wanna tell me haan I’m absolutely fine kuch nahi hua hai mujhe haan looking little sad because I’m very broken if you thinking this is because of you than sorry I’m not like this for you never. Aaj tu Sun because always others listen you.
And you kunj kya bol ke aaya hai tu tej uncle and Avantika ko karma because today they are in this condition because of their karma really shame on yourself never expect from you do you know about them?

Haan how tej uncle is right now dr said he get heart attack chances Rahul said and while Kunj and Meera and rest too shocked.
Whatt Kunj said.
Not what it’s true today they are in this condition because of her Rahul said and pointing his finger on Meera.
If you comparing yourself sister with uncle and aunty I’m sorry she is not equal them can’t compare her with them she didn’t even think about anyone happiness. And look at them they just think about others their family happiness we both know how much humiliation aunty bearing in that sarna house.
You eloped even they too but they aren’t like you they come to their family they didn’t accepted them then they leave the house and you Meera what you did haan?

You didn’t care about anyone feelings tears escaping from Rahul’s eyes while Kunj stands numb he knows he is completely right while Jaidev and Adarsh no matter meera is their bahu and wife..

You just care about your so-called love get ready to leave everything your family who loves you lott you toh run Meera ever toh you sit and think about anyone.
What you did with me haan calling me your best friend really Arey shadi karni hi nahi thi bol deti Meera I will go to uncle and tell him you love someone not me us mandap me mein karwa tha tumhari shadi aise bhaag ne ki kya zaroorat thi. Because of you, you toh went happily but what we near went knows only all people taunting us humiliate my parents yours too.

You didn’t care about anyone emotions just yours you are just selfish Meera I never said because I didn’t care about you at all.Haa bula laga tha mujhe aaj bhi hai what you did with me and most my best friend what Kunj did with me. He helps his sister didn’t think about me once Rahul said and looking at Kunj.

I never said to him because after you I closed your chapter that night only why?? Jab tum apne maa aur baap ki nahi hui meri kya hogi acha hua Humhari shadi nahi hui today I’m thanking god but in return what you get idiot girl just pain I think more than us unconditionally your suffered we all knows this and always feeling bad for you?? I do at least if you think I do each and everything because of you nope I did each and everything for my best friend Kunj today I’m here because of him I can’t see my friend like this.You see your karma Meera what you get and lost,.
For one person kitno ko tum ne hurt kiya hai. Today my parents broke everything with me and my wife leave me and went to her home because I lied with my family
Today I’m like this because I hurt my parents and my wife most.. bhut simple story hai and life hai humhari not like you Meera listens one thing if you aren’t Kunj sister what you did with me that I can’t forget when I remember that moment my blood boiling I just leave you because you are kunj sister otherwise he takes out his gun and point on meera all shocked.

Fire you that moment only don’t worry I will not do stop get worried about me at least not matter for you. You have a great life with Adarsh very lucky life gives you one chance if tej uncle did that all things because of me. He wanted to marry his daughter with his best friend son so I’m the reason who made you leave your family and do this all things Meera nodding in no.

That’s why I help Kunj so you can stay happy today you are really happy with your kids and husband Meera and hope you get all happiness, Rahul. Everyone having tears in their eyes mostly Kunj who never thought his best friend having this much inside his heart he never showed.
Acha sorry you are my boss bahu and telling you this Rahul said and walk little.
Chalta hu sir jai Hind he added and went from there.
Kunjj Rahul what he said Meera said.

While Kunj closed his eyes.
Kya bolu me di haan do you want I go and fight with him why he said this all things to my sister and went to him.
Really di what he said wrong he is absolutely right his every word dAmn True today our life messed up and we are in this condition because of you dii you are the reason ups and downs us completely about Rahul I never thought my best friend having this much pain in his heart I never think about him even he never show him always laughing in all situations today seeing hiM shocking for me because of you dii.I said wrong maa and papa about their karma I hurt my parents today they need me what I did can’t even go and see my parents why?? Di asked yourself.
You think about your happiness if that night you didn’t run think about once??

Leave about our maa and papa do you ever think about Rahul.. if I had a clip of that night I can show you then you will realise his condition.You toh run happily and I help you idiot I didn’t hurt and cheat with my parents most my best friend Rahul.

Everyone waiting for you maa bring your chit and get shocked but he was the one like dumb waiting for you in that mandap only no Meera will come everyone passing comments on you on us. I’m feeling so bad I can’t tell him I help you. Idiot ki tarah waiting for you rahul di when you didn’t come than he believes you really went and leave him.

He didn’t angry with you with himself he should try to ask you once today I’m seeing him for the second time after you left us jana hi tha di shadi ke pehle bhi you can but you just leave him middle of the mandap after when I told him.He didn’t get angry with me just laughing yah hi bola at least Meera bol di mujhe ek baar pyaar nahi karti itna bada dhoka kyun diya mujhe you break his heart. When Virat did with you than you realised na what felt when your love someone break your hurt you didn’t think about Rahul? What he did in return get ready to help me today you are here not because me only he is equal like me I did because you are my sister and he did?? Why he knows mene ek baar bhi nahi socha rahul ki feelings ke baare mein aaj usko dekh ke I can’t describe what I’m feeling right now..
His wife leaves him?? Because of me..

It’s damn true di in your selfishness we all suffering sorry I don’t want to say this but it’s true I just hurt everyone just to rectify my one mistake with I did to help you. In this hurt my parents and Rahul too and his parents too. Ek bhai hone ke farz mein beta hone farz aur dost hone farz hi bhul gaya jiss ladke ko meri behan chod bhaagi hai shadi ke mandap se woh ladka mera apna best friend hai. Kitni badi family humhari very small di you and me maa and papa aur dadi and most uncle and aunty and Rahul our family they are..

After you uncle and aunty really disappointed with papa because of void come between in their long time friendship anyhow Rahul patch up everything.. you always said you are blessed having a brother like me don’t thank me
I blessed I get a best friend like Rahul who always supports me in anywhere ache mein bure mein I can’t give in our friendship like him what he did I never do anything if he had a sister who hurt me nope because mere liye mera dard bada hota but he give more importance to our friendship.

Today you are happy not because of me even he is too there Forget everything what you did with him.. when I’m seeing him today what I’m feeling i just too think about my own sister happiness didn’t even try to think about Rahul he is too part of this all aur ek baar bhi usne bola na aaj he said because its above limit Sorry se kuch nahi hoga meri sorry se maa and papa ka aur Rahul dard nahi kam hoga uska koi fault bhi abhi inn Sab mein he just helping me today his family and wife angry with me because of me I don’t know how I solve this all things I never tired in my life fight with everything because I have the support of Rahul today my that support system broken than me kya karu ek mission solve kar easy hai apne life ko hi nahi solve kar pa raha hu mein kunj said Meera just listening because she knows she is their culprit tears escaping from Meera and Kunj eyes. I don’t know di what you lost in your life but one thing is sure apne Rahul jese ladke ko chod ke us Virat ko chuna if you not then today one thing sure you will be happiest girl with him Heera chod ke aap us Virat ke peeche gai I know you don’t love him. It’s completely okay you can’t force anyone to love someone it’s completely your heart fault but insaan ki ek one side bhi hoti yah pyaar sab chod ke look at me I do for my parents and look at twinkle like you even she too have someone in her life but she choose her parents over her heart humhari bhi shadi bhut issues me hui hai she don’t want me and I too but today we both are completely happy with each other thoda time aur waqat pe chod dena chahiye di jo aapne nahi liya.
thanks to god you get Adarsh in your life
I don’t lott for you di ab nahi even I have many in my life sorry for today I don’t want to say but I can’t help ou myself Kunj said and went upstairs all looking at each other’s faces, Abhinav gestured Jaidev they all went from there Adarsh went to Meera.
Adarsh what i did Kunj and Rahul she said and hugged him and crying so badly..

At [email protected]
Kunj comes and sat on the bed and bowing down his head tears escaping from his eyes twinkle come and seeing she went to him and sits beside Kunj caressing his hairs she knows him.she didn’t say anything let him Kunj facing twinkle.She just blinking her eyes in no. Kunj rests his head on her lap she kissed on his head she too having tears in her eyes..

Twinkleeee I didn’t realise in this all I hurt my best friend Rahul me sirf apne aur apni behan ke dukh aur soch tha raha I’m just hurting my parents in this all but I hurt Rahul didn’t think about his pain..
and he happily helping me without thinking and saying anything why I can’t see his unshed tears and pain today when he saying each word breaking me we both calming we are the best friends understand each other like anything but I didn’t understand him he understands me
Not me I even failed in friendship too he said and sobbing..

While twinkle already getting emotional already because of her motherly feelings now this all making her more since the moment she see Rahul and listen his words really his face saying lott how much he is hurt she sees him always a happy person who makes other happy but he having this much sorrow in his heart her thoughts why this all unexpected things happening with them why they didn’t realise and see now everything coming in front of them one by one and shuddering them completely..

Twinkle too started crying resting her head on Kunj’s.While another side Meera who cuddles Adarsh and crying badly Jaidev making kids sleeps.

Another hand Rahul who sat down on the lonely road on the bench little raining is there he crying while thinking this all and thinking about Anjali..

Kunj raises his face and seeing twinkle who sobbing he cupped her face.While twinkle too cupping his face and joint their foreheads held each other hands tightly let the tears fall down.
Why you cry….ing haan he said in breaking voice. She cupped his face.
I can’t see you like this Kunj it’s hurt me a lot when I see you like this she said.He smiling painfully she wiped his tears while Kunj too hers.
I’m so bad making you cry in this condition he said.

You aren’t bad balki you are the best and even Rahul too never thought that man who always joking making fun of everyone deep inside he is so hurt it’s like a joker.

pain. Is not always in tears sometimes it’s present in the smile.Smile because it confuses people because it’s easier than explaining what is killing you inside She said. Kissed on Kunj forehead. Jo di ne kiya that was completely wrong with Rahul Kunj I don’t know fully but today whatever he said and get it after that she really wrong ek decision run everyone life she said.

I know and I’m too his culprit twinkle he said.
Your mistake just you think that moment like a brother just she said. He hugged her.

I can’t bear more twinkle now if I stay around this all get mad will say something to do which I don’t want she suffered lott I don’t want to become the reason I will see Rahul and apologise him I know my sorry can’t heal his pain ever but I try my best do whatever he wanted twinkle he said.

Haan kunj we will talk to him.Break the hug.Look at me let’s go from here Kunj it’s all hurting you and rest too whatever happened it’s not good she said.
You are right twinkle for Jaidev sir happiness I stay here but now can’t more tomorrow we will go he said.

Kaha jayenge kunj yah socha hai Twinkle said he held her hand.
Socha nahi hai pata bhi nahi hai jaha zindagi leke jayegi waha hum saath haina kya dar hai he said and both smiled.
Yes, we are together she said..

{Jaane kis ki lagi
Hai yeh dil se duaa
Jaane kis ki lagi
Hai yeh dil se duaa
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye

Koyi aahat na thi
Koyi dastak na di
Aake rooh mein meri bas gaye
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye

Main akela tha
Ke ghamon ne ghera tha
Tu mila to khushi mil gayi
Labon pe mere thi koyi dhunn kahan
Tu mila mausiki mil gayi}

Tu na hoti mera kya hota Twinkle I thought you are my life trouble but you are my support system after Rahul I will die if I’m alone in this situation he said.
Shh don’t say this you always help me and handle me too I’m your wife now than and more I can’t see my husband like this I’m doing for my sake samjhe mr sarna she said and he nodding in yes and hugged each other back.

And Rahul went to anjali home he keeps calling her.. but she is not taking his call he standing near the main gate. While she was passing from the window her eyes went
On someone she checks and it’s Rahul who standing he too see her Rahul holding the sorry board. Anjali turned and tears escaping from her eyes.

(Waqt ne the diye
Humko jitne zakham
Tere aane se wo sill gaye
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye)

He knows she is too suffering like
Him just pretending to get angry but she is not..

Bas Meera adarsh said and she started coughing he makes her drink water and wiped her tears.
I’m very bad that’s why I suffered lot still Rahul is right Adarsh I hurt him I didn’t think about him once what he will feel after me I leave him middle of the mandap I hurt each and everything just for my love sake that love didn’t give just pain that’s why babaji hurt me lot I choose Virat over Rahul you know he always with me help me always stood beside him but me uske pyaar nahi kar pai he do each and everything for me still I break his heart still he did this all didn’t say uff in this years always in front of my eyes but today I never thought he had this much in his heart for me meera said..

Bas whatever he said it’s right Meera that was your past you did mistake you get your punishment too now I’m with you na don’t worry I will rectify your mistakes I will sorry Rahul I know my sorry is not enough but still I will do because I can’t see my wife like this you know na I really love you since the day when I saw you and we promised your pain is my your each and everything is my even your mistakes too I’m with you always no matter he said she just adores him.

How can someone love me this much how can babaji give me husband and life partner life you when I’m so bad she said. He cupped her face.Nobody is bad it’s the situation and circumstances make the people wrong and take such steps that’s it he said.she smiled painfully.

You are the miracle of my life Adarsh if you and my kids not come in mg life I would have died I never thought my one-step will hurt this much Adarsh thinking why don’t babaji that day die me my life always saved me when I’m so bad she said.

{Dil kare tera
Ho sanam shukriya
Toone kar di haseen zindagi
Apne seene mein woh
Tujhko de di jagah
Ke karunga teri bandagi

Ab sada ke liye
Faisla kar liya
Ek pal na tere bin jiye
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye}

Pagal ho don’t ever try this I will kill you meera now you aren’t alone thinking about us kids after lot struggles we get happiness zindagi itni aasan hoti toh log zindagi ki value kese kar the you realised your mistake Meera and I know because I saw you in that guilt killing yourself we will makeup everything talks to your parents I will disclose and remove this chapter from my wife life forever that’s my promise to you whoever gets hurt because of you I will sorry to them I’m not just your better half In goodness and happiness even in your bad time and sorrow , mistakes too he added.
Itna pyaar why?? She asked him.
This question you asked always and I have same answer pyaar pe control hota toh koi pyaar karta hi nahi it’s uncontrollable Meera agar tumhari control hota you never did this mistake dil pe kisi ka zor nahi hai he added. She hugged him tightly.
I’m lucky to get you Adarsh she said.

The scene turned back to Rahul Anjali come down with an umbrella. Went towards Rahul.
Why you standing here Rahul she said.
I wanna talk to you Anjali he said.

We will talk later Don’t stand here you will catch cold go back to home I told you we will talk after when I come she said.
I come here to take you chalo mere saath he said.
I need time Rahul mentally not well she said.
Please he said.
Please Rahul and how you got this wound haan she said and after seeing his forehead wound.
Pata nahi he said.
Acha you don’t know anything she said.
Chalo andar before you get ill she said and take him inside he started sneezing she took him in her room and give him clothes.
Go and change before catch cold she said and he went in the washroom..

She brings hot coffee for him he comes out she gives him a towel and he wiped his hairs. And sat on the bed.
Drink this coffee you will feel better she said he just take not saying anything. And drinking. While Anjali gets first aid box sits opposite of him.

I will do your dressing she said and started doing his dressing he just looking at her did his dressing.
You doing this all for me why what I did with you after Anjali he said. She having tears in her eye.

Acha I didn’t learn jo jaisa karta hai uske saath wesa karo you are my husband I can’t you in this condition no matter baat humhari jo bhi hai baat ke time pe ha woh she said..
Why?? He asked.
Hm tumse hi seekha hai acha karte jao phal ki chinta mat karo bas she said and went in side.

Sleep it’s not good to go in this heavy rain I will informed mummy ji they must be worried about you haan side table medicine hai for you take and sleep she said and went out of the room.Rahul smile painfully take the Medicine he was very tired mentally and both physically too quickly dozed off after Anjali come and see him covered him with the blanket and caress his hairs.
What he did with himself she murmured.

Kunj cuddling twinkle while Adarsh hugging Meera consoling her and Anjali caressing Rahul’s hairs and kissed on his forehead.

Sometimes you have to accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how they use to be. Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They’re the ones who deserve special places in your heart. Sometimes we need someone to simply be there not to fix anything, or to do anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we’ are cared with you for and supported..

Today Kunj having twinkle while Meera having Adarsh and Anjali somewhere angry but can’t turned her face with her husband Rahul.
Partner is very important in life just not to stay together with us when we are in pain we have them to share our tears and can cry on her shoulder when our face drenched with the tears she and he can wipe out our tears Stand beside us consoles make us believe you aren’t alone we are TOGETHER ❤️…

Jaane kis ki lagi
Hai yeh dil se duaa
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye
Humko tum mil gaye mil gaye}

Night passed away like this.
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Twinkle didn’t disturb Kunj let him sleep. While she feels like vomiting she went in the washroom and throw up.after she gets freshen up. Went downstairs she knows after last night meera must be not well.

She makes breakfast for everyone she went in the kid’s room. Both woke up and Jaidev behind them for brush she went to them.
Sir, you go and get freshen up I will see them she said.
Okay, beta he said and went.

What happened to cuties twinkle said.
Mummaaa they said.
Mumma sleeping today maami will give you both bath chale she said.
Okay, aria said twinkle take them and give them a bath after she makes them wear the clothes they get ready fully. She brings them down give them their chocolate milkshake they happily drink while Adarsh comes he knows Since last night his babies need them. Meera who sleep just sometimes before.

Adarsh comes and sees them twinkle already ready them even made them drink the milk he smiled and went to him.
Thanks, twinkle Adarsh said.
Acha no need of thanks, she said he smiled.
Your breakfast?? She asked.
Meera he said.
Breakfast leaves karna not the solution you take even feed di till than I will see your saala too she said.
Okay madam he said. Twinkle went in the room to give Jaidev breakfast than went into her room. Kunj woke up already was talking with someone on phone about something already freshen up.

Good, you woke up come have your breakfast she said.
You have twinkle he said she forcefully made him sat on the bed.
You don’t want but I want look at my tummy rats running what about our baby she said in a very cute voice he smiled and feed him she too has..

Even Adarsh too made Meera feed forcefully then kids entered in the room.
Mumma what happened to you Aarush said both sat on their laps.
Nothing missing my babies did you drink your milk? She asked.
Yes, maami gave us bath even chocolate milkshake too they said,
Okay, she said and cuddles them..

After Kunj and twinkle come down with a bag Jaidev sees them and surprise they went to them meanwhile Meera and kids along with Adarsh come downstairs they to see them.
Kunj what is this Jaidev asked?
Sir We going from there Kunj said.
But why what happened kunj Jaidev said.
Nothing sir please try to understand me I don’t want to stay around this all things it’s just hurting us di and rest too. So I took the decision not stay here haan don’t worry sir I’m not going anywhere here only in the Amritsar Shenoy sir give a case so usko dekha na hai yah I’m okay bas inn sab twinkle ko pareshan nahi kar na chahta hu she is not in the condition sir truth on your fighter I m not weak Kunj said.
I know my officer is not weak I truth you kunj go I wouldn’t stop you today go he said and hugged him.
Thanks, sir Kunj said. Kunj turned and seeing Meera who is sad he went to her.
Take care of yourself di okay and sorry for last night he said and hugged her then two cuties.

And you both trouble your mumma and papa lott and haan take care of yourself he said.
You going maamu they said in cute and puppy voice.
Yup babies but I will come to meet with you my promise and we will go for a picnic and games too he said and bend down sit on his knees.
Even maami too you taking with yourself aria in sad voice twinkle too com.
Yes, ab maami toh meri partner hai 😝like you both always stay together I will bring her too he said.
We will make more cupcakes for you both she said and they get sad Kunj and twinkle kissed on their cheeks and cheers up.They get up. Take care of yourself Adarsh said Kunj nodded in yes.
Bye twinkle and Kunj said and went from there..

:::Soon twinkle and Kunj reached to a place?
Where Kunj she asked.
Humhare ghar he said and come out of the car and bring too a man give Kunj a key.
Thanks, he said and he went.
Our house?? She said.
Yup, now we will stay here our sweet home I buy for you kunj said.
Really she said.
Yup, he said and she hugged him.They went inside its small bungalow but very cute and beautiful as well.. both seeing the house.
Did you like?? He asked.
I loved it how you did this? So quickly she asked.
Hmm, I’m kunj sarna you know Me he added she cuddles and kissed on his cheeks.
I know my husband is superman She said.
Both sit together after twinkle and Kunj together arranges the wardrobe while whole-house already setup each and everything was there in kitchen too..

Twinkle went and oder veggies online after she gets others necessary things too. Making lunch for them.While Kunj gets busy in his laptop.

He went?? Adarsh Meera said and gets sad.
Don’t worry about him Meera he is right to let him too beta and please you don’t get a sad look at kids you know they understand your face even they too get sad please for them Jaidev said and went.

Meera papa is right kunj did correct he is not running away from anything facing everything it’s good and one more thing stops blaming yourself for everything and saying you got me?? Mene koi eshaan nahi kiya hai tum pe Meera I just love you you just did one mistake understand someone fake love real love comes in his words that’s it meera I accepted you with all things I don’t mind ever and you suffered enough I see you feel that pain. You get the second chance see it’s impossible for Kunj to bring you out of the jail but he did it na his love for his sister make it possible you said your heart never beat for anyone but my love and determination did it beat your heart again for me. One time in the life we get sad we will not have kids ever disheartened but didn’t leave our hopes and fight you suffered for having a baby you fight with each and everything
Meera today we have two kids thanks to babaji things look impossible but it doesn’t impossible if you want anything you can possible anything in this world dekhna soon your parents too accept you and forget everything but needs time give them love can possible anything Meera trust he said she nodded in yes and he kissed on her nose and wiped her tears..

While twinkle makes the lunch and set everything on the serving trolley.. he was busy in his work she entered in their room.
And went to him..

Kunj leaves everything come let’s have lunch together she said and called him. He shut down his laptop and looking at her.
What is this? This much food why? He asked and went to her. It
Bas maan kiya apne pati ke liye banane ka your favourite foods she said he smiled she place on the table.
Great even I want to have your food he said and he sat down on the couch and twinkle served him she too sits and both started having.

Tasty 😋 he said she smiled and they teasing each other’s and enjoying the lunch.

After twinkle did her work than she gets tired they both had the simple dinner Kunj give her medicine both sleep leave everything thing side..

Rahul too gives Anjali space and get busy in his work.He and Kunj both working on the same case again along with their teams while twinkle off duty due to her duties if anything is there she talks to Elena and Aryan from home only.

2 weeks passed away twinj shifted to their own house Adarsh handling Meera takes kids and her for outing cheering up her mind Kunj talk to her and tell they are absolutely fine. Even tej too fine now. Kunj gets happy but they didn’t meet with each other.Twinkle and Kunj completely somewhere get sad but what to do can’t do anything.

Kunj have meeting he getting ready twinkle calling him for breakfast he went down With his tie.

You can’t get ready without me kunj she murmured and tied up his tie now sit have your breakfast she said and he sat down and have his breakfast along with her.

When you will come?? Haan she asked.
Don’t know when the meeting will get over Jaidev sir and other authorities kept the meeting he said.
Okay come soon I’m waiting for you she said.Kunj gets up and went to twinkle acha bye take care yourself don’t do any work maid will do it he said and kissed on her forehead he didn’t go before kissing on her forehead it’s like a ritual for him. And kissed on her cheeks.
Ahh, she moaned.
I will come soon twinkle he said she hugged him tightly Because of her hands dirty.
Okay bye love you she said.

Love you too he added and took his bag and went from there.

Twinkle having the breakfast and smiling.

In these few weeks, their life changed never thought. They were very scar she was not Kunj how they will live here how they handle but everything happened so nicely today they both happy in their small house with each other.They missed their family most Kunj who every day thinking about his parents from dadi he gets in formations. 

Kunj went for a meeting that was in Amritsar only each and everyone come Jaidev and Adarsh come while Rahul too.After that night they both didn’t talk kunj itself not don’t want to hurt him more.Everyone took Their respective seats and soon they meeting started all giving their points.
While Kunj looking at Rahul.

While twinkle along with maid clean the house and tell her normal work after maid went she prefers to make 3 times meal for them itself only.

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She made the dinner and get freshen up waiting for Kunj just then someone bells the ring.
Kunj maybe she murmured and went to open the door and open the door found leela and rt standing.
Maa and papa she shouted leela hug her.
Yes, you toh didn’t miss us but we lot so come to meet with you leela said.
Great maa, even I’m missing you both come inside she said.

They both come inside and looking at the house both settled down twinkle give them water and tea also and sits with them.
Very beautiful house leela said.
Haan maa kunj buy for me she said.
But beta you both standing here rt asked? Twinkle tell them each and everything.
That’s why we come here papa he was really exhausted with this all things she said.
Good but where he is? You are alone in the whole house in this condition? Rt asked. she giggles Kunj went for his meeting and he will be there anytime ab alone toh rahna hi hoga tab tak papaji and mummy ji but we both are really happy missing everyone here she said.

We just worried about you but after seeing you better twinkle puttar leela said.
Aur sab kese hai?? Bhai Bhabi Aleena bring them too? Twinkle said.
They went for some function we both get bored so socha yaha hi tum se mile leela Said.

Good idea nahi toh I was coming bas not getting time she added.By the time Kunj come he sees leela and rt.
Kunj you come see maa and papa come twinkle said Kunj nodded in yes and went towards them.And sat beside twinkle.

How’s you kunj puttar leela asked.
Good leela maa aap log he looking down.
Hum sab bhi by the way your house is really beautiful leela said Kunj give faint smile leela and rt can see his face and understands what going through he is.
Twinkle brings coffee for them. They talk for sometimes Kunj just listening.

Now chalte hai rt said.
Arey leela have dinner with us than Kunj said.
Nahi kunj puttar phir kabhi we getting late you and twinkle enjoy take care of yourself beta if anything help wants do let us know we are there for you both leela said Kunj nodded in yes. Leela and rt went while twinkle sat beside Kunj.
Kya hua hai sadu sarna went for the meeting but seemed like something else she said cupped his face pulling his cheeks.

Nothing Rahul? Twinkle dekha nahi jata hai use aise kunj Said.
Acha let’s talk to him you didn’t call your best friend for our new house mere haath ka khana kha ke he will be okay she said Kunj giggles and pinched her nose.

Now don’t be sadu I like your smile she said.
Okay meri maa leela maa ? And uncle here Kunj said.
Just normally come to meet us what is this my maa is leela maa and papa uncle 🙄twinkle said.
I’m like this he said.
I know sadu she said and they went in the room.

Twinkle give him his clothes Kunj changed quickly than both sat for dinner.
How’s it? She asked.
Like always best he said. He telling her about the meeting?
Even Abhinav sir call me too but I told him right now it’s really difficult for me to come hq she said.
Tell him na you can’t till your delivery he said.
Hmm even I’m thinking same she added. After dinner, they went for walk in their garden..

Later come kunj went in the kitchen while twinkle laid down and applying her night lotions.. Kunj entered the room with the glass of milk.
She closed her eyes as soon as she sees him. He sat opposite of her.
Take your medicine darling and drink this milk too fast kunj said.
No Kunj I don’t want this milk even I don’t like too she said and making faces.

It’s not for you for my baby samjhi drink fast otherwise case kar dunga he said. He gives her medicine than forcefully making her drink.
No Kunj I will puke she said.
No worries he said and anyhow complete the milk. She has done and crying faking.
You are very bad I will do a case on you my husband torturing on me for his baby she said.
Ho really when you going for the case he said and wiped her lips. 

You spoiled my mood she said and frowned while Kunj giggles and pulled her towards himself she looking at him. She captured his lips both started kissing each other while twinkle pushing him to try to break the kiss but Kunj wasn’t leaving her in this case she pukes and pushed him hard.
Whatt is this Kunj said😧.
I told you I will puke even you not leaving she said and went the washroom and throw more.. while Kunj take shower and clean the things after both laid down she taking deep breathe.

Now fine?? He asked.
No, she murmured and closed her eyes while Kunj went down and bring her favourite ice cream comeback to room.
Twinkle come i have something for you he said.
I don’t want anything she said.
Arey gets up na she finally sits in laying position.
Ice cream for your mood he said she smiled And Kunj feeding her ice cream she too him.
Now fine he said.
Yup, she said and pecked at his lips cuddle Kunj..

Missing everyone here lott waha kitna maza aata tha family ke saath kunj she said.
Hmm kya, Kar sakte hai ab he said.
While cuddling each other both sleep peacefully..

4 months leap nothing has changed everything is same to same. Anjali comes back home but not saying anything Rahul too leave to teased her let the babaji do whatever he wanted same Meera too.While Kunj was busy behind twinkle in her pregnancy They enjoying every bit of it their parenthood early times before the baby her pregnancy time.

She is fourth months pregnant now her tummy come out a little bit.
At night she checking herself in the mirror keeping the cushion inside the clothes and seeing how she will look after fully baby bump Kunj come out of the washroom and see her giggles fully went near her.

What are you doing?? Twinkle haan he said she immediately take out the cushion.
Nothing she said.
I saw you siyappa queen he said she blushed.
Woh bas I just checking how I will look with the full baby bump Aryan saying I’m looking panda today she said Kunj seeing her.
Hmm, 😝yup he said.
Kunjjj very bad she said.
Kidding you looking so beautiful in all way twinkle it’s natural do you know he caressing her cheeks after pregnancy you becoming more beautiful How I’m controlling myself I know only he said and winked at her she blushed.
Acha she said.
Yes, He said.
Huh, I told you take me for the shopping but you don’t have time for me my all old clothes get tired due to my pregnancy she said and get sad.
Okay, meri panda tomorrow I will take you for shopping and take whatever you wanted he said,
Really she said.
Haan, really he said and pecked at her lips she hugged him.Both dancing and giggling while twinkle pulled him on the bed and come above Kunj.

It’s been a long time didn’t take your advantage she said and winked at him and moving her finger on his face.
Are you mad?? See your condition it’s not good for baby and you he said.
You shut up phd ki hai kya pregnancy mein haan 😣she murmured and bite his cheeks Kunj giggles.

Both started kissing each other twinkle teasing Kunj while Kunj just giggling to see her.He comes above her slightly kissing on her neck giving her love bites.She moaning his name. Suddenly she pushed Kunj in the side he was shocked.
What is this twinkle he said.
Ab mera mood nahi hai she said and cuddles the blanket.
Goodnight 😉she said.
What goodnight tere mood ki aesi ki tesi siyappa queen you and your mood swings he said and itself giggles.
Kesi hai khud start karti hai beech me chod thi hai not fair I will take my revenge from you later baby he said.
Let’s see my baby will see you 😏she said,

Abhi baby aaya nahi hai 🙄just chanting his name he said.
Huh jealous she murmured and turned her face while Kunj smiled on her antics he cuddles from her give her back hugged she smiled and both sleep happily.:

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Twinkle woke up fast and murmuring this and that Kunj too woke up.
Stop blabbering in the sleep siyappa queen he said.
Huh, you woke up she said.
Yup baby he comes above her. Now I will take my last night revenge he said.
No no Kunj please she said and pleading.
Hehe, look at yourself siyappa queen he said and bite her cheeks and kissed on her forehead.
Good morning he said.
Good morning you too I’m hungry she said with pouty lips.
Okay, my panda you get to freshen up I will make today breakfast for you he said.
Okay, darling, she said Kunj went in the kitchen and make the breakfast while twinkle gets freshen up. She comes down he making the breakfast she making faces and gesturing him.
Now toh stop seducing me 😝he said both laughs out Kunj made her sits on the kitchen slap.They share a morning kiss.

After Kunj feed her breakfast really tasty Kunj she said.
Hmm eat you have to take medicine too he said.
Why you behind me cursing me lott why I get pregnant she murmured.
This you think before always ready to jump on me 😝he said she slapped him playfully. After Kunj too get ready he is free today Twinkle do her work after.

Now let’s go for shopping she said.
Yes darling he said and held her hand they went for shopping. Soon reached the mall and went into the shops Kunj seeing dresses for her while he is so Choosy😬.
Twinkle take this please he said.
Okay, she said then twinkle even takes something for Kunj too after she takes him in baby shops.
Why we come here? He asked.
Look at the things Kunj kitne cute hai let’s shop for our baby she said and keep her hand on the belly Kunj mesmerised to see her love for her unborn baby it’s totally correct mother love for her baby it’s unconditional.
Your wish he said and she started shopping for baby Kunj it’s so cute she said and cuddles the small small things even Kunj too with her.
But we aren’t sure we will have a boy or girl?
Twinkle said.
Koi na we will use all things on our baby simple Kunj said.
Great idea kunj too seeing the things it’s damn adorable he started imagining his baby Soft toys and shoes many things there both take without thinking.

Kunj pays the bills and looking at the shopping bags both laughs out after had the lunch in a food court than come back to the home both laid down on the couch.

Uff itni shopping man I will not go next time with you kunj said.
Okay, even I don’t want she said. She made coffee and snacks for them after at night oder dinner from outside twinkle is tired had dinner.

In room twinkle scattered everything in the whole room.
My baby cute clothes she said and cuddling him Kunj just watching.
Kitni pagal hai tu yaar he said.
I’m for my baby every day counting days she said showing him the dress which she brings for her wearing.
Looking pretty na she said..
Haan, always he added and kissed on cheeks. She keeps each and everything back in the wardrobe feeling dizzy just then.
Are you okay Kunj scold her and made her laid down.
I m telling you rest man but you never listen to me then he said she Making faces.
Take medicine and sleep fast otherwise I
Will throw everything he said and showing her eyes she takes the medicine.
I want milk but with chocolate powder she said.
Okay bringing he said and went down and bring for her she drinks.Kunj giving her oil massage she felt so good after she takes Kunj laptop and seeing online things for the baby.
Twinkle soja yaar we have time for this all things he said.
Huh mujhe neend nahi aa rahi hai see this baby blankets I’m ordering which one do you want blue your favourite and pink is my what’s say she said.
Kar tujhe jo karna hai abhi mera yah haal hai don’t know babaji after baby what you both will do with me Mad I’m sure he said.
Yes, she said and ordered.
Take your sadu laptop she said and Kunj getting irritated but can’t do anything she rest her head on his lap he patting on her Forehead.

Soon she sleeps after Kunj covered her with the blanket and Went in the side and doing his work..

@ as usual Day Avantika and tej missing Kunj really very badly but they can’t do anything they really upset With him. 

Twinkle feeling uneasy today don’t know.
Kunj don’t know why I’m feeling so uneasy today she said he cupped her face.
I told you yaar rest but tu impossible let’s go to dr he said.
Nahi you go I will manage myself you have work you I’m okay it’s normal in the pregnancy she said.
Nahi I will see my work later first you he said.
Baba, I’m fine you go she forcefully sends him for work after she went to the hospital.

Dr tell normal it’s happened to take medicines and diet properly that’s it twinkle get relief. She comes out of the hospital her eyes went on the anjali who was there she went to her.

Hi Anjali?? Twinkle called her Anjali turned and sees twinkle she surprised to see her belly..
twinkleee she said.
Haan madam me she said. 
You are here in hospital twinkle asked?
I come to visit my relative and you?? She said.
I come for my checkup she said.
Really congratulations I don’t know about you she said.
I know come with me twinkle said and take her with herself her home. 

You sit here she said and bring water for her and oder maid makes tea for them.
Drink she said and give her glass of water.
Anjali drink and looking at twinkle.
I’m pregnant I know you don’t know time kaha mila humhe milne ka aur where are you?? Twinkle said,
Here only but happy for you and Kunj really Anjali added. Twinkle comes and sits beside Anjali.

Anjali I know each and everything twinkle said and takes her hands in hers Anjali looking at twinkle.
I know you are upset with Rahul and uncle and aunty too your anger is justified but he is not wrongfully twinkle said tears escaping from her eyes.
Really twinkle he hides so many things from me anjali said.
You are right today I will tell you about me and Kunj. Do you know even I don’t know about Kunj Was an agent and even he don’t know about me too. The most important thing I get work to spy on Kunj she said Anjali stunned.

Yes Anjali and before Marriage, she tells her everything when I and Kunj see each other in the HQ office was shocked to see each other when our mentors introduce us completely shocking we are from the same place but don’t know about each other more I was guilty again I’m misunderstood Kunj like always. Like everyone he gets angry with me because I hurt him I misunderstood him he scold me hurt himself after he understood my situation I just stuck in my duty nothing else Anjali same Rahul we can’t tell anyone about us not allowed about their situation it’s totally different Rahul hurt you I can understand your feelings, I’m not denying you..

Today see Kunj leave his house we come here and staying away from our family whatever Kunj did for his sister he is wrong he admitted even Rahul too and whatever Rahul did just for his friendship. She cupped her face both having tears in their eyes.
You are really blessed have a husband and life partner like Rahul Bhut Kam logo ko milta hai aisa insaan anjali I’m not saying normally nor Rahul told me after this all Kunj too was hell guilty because of him today his best friend in this condition he can’t see him like this. Ab tak jab bhi Rahul ko dekha hai hasta hua pulling everyone legs now seeing him like the lifeless body it’s hurting each and everything anjali. Rahul ne apni dosti nibhaai hai aur kunj ne apne bhai hone ka farz galat hai they hide everything from their parents that night we all see how much pain Rahul having in his heart.

He really loves you anjali please forgive him he needs you right now kuch nahi milega bas dard she even tell about how Kunj giving her divorce.
Kunj toh didn’t even think about our baby thinking if I stay with him can’t stay happy anjali take such a big step we both doing mistake but on right time our mentors made us understand today to see we don’t have anyone but we are together that’s not enough but fine he cried but I’m there for him to wiped his tears I never seen him so weak during this all things many times see my husband fully break down give up
I can’t do anything because I really don’t know anything whatsoever I get from their talks one thing is sure they both didn’t think about anything after outcome also
Just get ready to do anything for Meera di

And you should proud of Rahul he is your husband he fighting for our country Anjali please from Kunj side I’m sorry she said.

Please twinkle your don’t I’m not angry he is an agent and rest things we don’t have pyaar between us kab Shadi hui bas ek truth tha woh bhi nahi tha aisa laga me kya karu anjali Said.
Kes ne bola mere aur kunj ke beech me kya tha you know in what circumstances humhari shadi hui we both hate each other fight didn’t like but with time after staying together get understand I’m I can’t live without him we just leave everything on babaji even that thing too not Kunj did with me it was Vihaan she tell her about that too she shocked.

I always hurt Kunj Anjali but he always leaves the things he gives me one more chance to me and our marriage today see us we both loving each other and soon going to become parents humhara apna bacha aajayega kabhi nahi socha tha your and Rahul life less complicated than us when we get happy how can’t you..

Have faith on babaji Anjali on your husband most he really loves when you leave him he become mad Please give him one chance twinkle said Anjali hugged her.

Twinkle I never wanted to hurt Rahul but my pain he hurt us and everyone that’s it and I don’t know this much about this all hum toh apne pati bhut pyaar karte hai she said twinkle break the hug and wiped her tears.
I know anjali forget everything give one chance to your relationship twinkle said Anjali nodded yes.
Good girl she said..

Other side in the office Rahul and Kunj sitting the cabin alone rest went for home. He doing his work in the side while Kunj just looking at his face..
he leaves the work and went to him with a coffee mug and sits beside Rahul.
Coffee Kunj called him.
Hm nahi rahul Said.
Really Kunj said he looking at Kunj took the mug from his hand.
Thanks, Rahul said.
Acha ab tu mujhe thanks bolega kab se kunj Said. Kunj shut the laptop.
Kya hua?? Kunj Rahul said.

Tu bata tujhe kya hua hai haan yah kesa hal bana ke rakha hai tune rahul kunj Said.
I’m absolutely fine Rahul said.
Lying with me now haan why you hurting yourself do me not yourself I’m really sorry Rahul jo mene liya tere saath I didn’t realised apni behan ki toh help kar Rahu inn sab me apne dost ko hurt bhi kar raha hu I’m very selfish really he said crying in front of him.

You don’t be jo Hua I forget Rahul said.
Really please forgive me rahul today you are in this condition just because of me anjali leave you because me tera koi fault nahi hai me kya karu tere liya yaar I don’t know kunj said Rahul smiled painfully.

I don’t want anything from you Kunj and I never get angry and sad with you. You are my best friend tere se kese honga
Haan that night I said lott in my anger i m sorry I m not mean it even Meera too Rahul said.
No, whatever you said absolutely right because of Meera we hurt everyone kesi ke bare mein nahi socha humne Rahul kunj added rahul hugged him.
Hum acha hi kar ne gaye kunj hume kya pata aisa ho jayega nobody is ready to understand us I try to explain everyone Anjali but they aren’t ready to listen me once me he said.

Same my condition bas I have twinkle pata nahi kabhi maaf bhi karenge kya maa aur papa humhe Kunj murmured. After they wiped each other tears.
Tu sorry mat bol Kunj please he said.
Toh Kya bolu jab bhi tujhe aise dekhta hu apne aap pe itna gussa aata hai kill myself hasta muskarata insaan ko kya bana diye mene kunj Said.
Pagal hai twinkle ke dialogues tu bhi Rahul Said.

Huh uski baat hi mat kar siyappa queen dancing on my head kunj said both chuckled,
How she is?? He asked.
Absolutely fine today not well don’t know kya bola dr ne because of me she suffering lott that’s why divorce de raha tha pagal ladki ko but samajh thi hi nahi hai kunj Said.

What divorce?? Kyun? Rahul asked Kunj to tell him each and everything whatever Happened after that.
And she is pregnant Rahul kese kya karu don’t know leave Jaidev sir house too take my own house staying here In pregnancy I can’t let her suffer with me kunj said.

You did absolutely right itna sab hua you didn’t tell me rahul said.
Acha 😏saale dev das bana hua hai apni anjali madam ke liye hu kunj Said.
Woh toh I’m she will be fine with time jayegi kaha Rahul ko chod ke 😉he said and both laughs out.
Hasta hua hi acha lagta hai tu Rahul kunj said and both hugged each other.. 

Chal saale tune toh apne ghar pe invite nahi kiya me hi chalta hu Rahul said.
Chal yaar kunj said..

Well, Anjali and twinkle making dinner while laughing.
When time went pata hi nahi chalta hai Anjali twinkle said.
I’m really happy to see you both happy anjali added.. just then door bell ring.
You see I will check maybe Kunj twinkle said and went to open the door.

She opens the door and found Kunj and Rahul?
Rahul twinkle said.
Yes, me shock to see here Abhinav sir Stella turned panda Rahul said and giggles there.
Huh, twinkle said and went inside they both went ahead..

Nice house man Rahul said and jumped on the couch. While Anjali come out and Kunj and Rahul Surprised to see her here.
Anjali Rahul said gets up.
It’s good you bring Rahul Anjali bhi here twinkle said..

While Anjali back to the kitchen Rahul looking at Kunj and Kunj to twinkle.
twinkle gestures Kunj he understood. Both Kunj and Rahul get freshen up.

Without saying anything twinkle and Anjali lay down the dinner on the table.Kunj and Rahul come and took their seats. Anjali and twinkle served them and sits beside their husbands.
Have my and Anjali food today twinkle said both having and they too. That silence killing them fully.

Now Rahul and Anjali don’t behave like lovesick puppies twinkle said Rahul giggles out.
I told each and everything Anjali she understood your side twinkle said and Rahul looking at Anjali who to look at him.

I’m sorry Rahul I reacted lott Anjali said Rahul held her hand.
No, you are right absolutely I hurt you for each and everything I’m sorry really mera intention kesi ko hurt karna nahi tha he said.
I know it’s okay leave everything Anjali said blinking her eyes twinkle and Kunj smiled.
And whatever happened because of me Anjali not Rahul fault Kunj said.

Fault kesi ka bhi ho but we hurt everyone
Rahul said..she hugged Rahul finally their matter solve.
Thanks siyappa queen Kunj whispered in her ears.
Your most welcome sadu sarna she murmured.

Thanks, twinkle Rahul said.
My pleasure 😎she said dramatically all laughs out and have the dinner with laughs finally after a long time..

After dinner, they sat together and teasing each other’s most Rahul to twinkle Kunj and Anjali just laughing.
Aryan 🤣shocked after see finally Kunj get relief haina Kunj rahul said.
Yup Kunj said. Twinkle giving back to Rahul back. He throwing cushion on her.

Ahah Rahul yaar pagal hai pregnant hai meri biwi and you siyappa queen sit here now jumping later will cry kunj said..
ya, babaji kunj totally changed kese flip hua hai tu 🙄rahul said.

Huh, koi flip nahi hua hu mein samajh bhut drama queen hai she is don’t know baby kesa hoga mera kunj Said.
You are gone I’m sure teri life ka biggest and unsolvable mission honge dono maa aur bete Rahul and laughs out rest too while twinkle pulled his hairs back..

I will see you all twinkle said😏..
then they have ice cream together feeding each other wife’s twinkle cuddles Kunj while Rahul to Anjali they click their photos than twinkle shows them whatever they shop for their baby.

Arey Arey Abhi baby aaya hi nahi kunj yah haal iska 🙄rahul said.
Huh, you will not understand even this sadu too when your wife get pregnant than come to me twinkle said.
Leave yaar no one can win with her pura din baby baby chalta hai isska kunj said and twinkle went in the room to keep everything back.

Bas ek achi baat hai pata nahi chala time aur in sab bataao ka Rahul she really handles me and everything too I can’t thanks twinkle enough she stood beside him like a pillar Kunj said.
I can see I told you ya siyappa queen teri life ka Turning point hoga you will feel blessed today seeing you happy with
Her I’m really happy yaar baap ban jayega tu toh bada chupa rustam nikala bey 😂rahul said.. twinkle back after chit and chat.

Now husband and wife stay happy no more drama twinkle said Anjali nodded in yes.
Bye and thanks yaar Rahul said and they hugged each other’s after they went to their home..

Uff twinkle and Kunj laid down you did best twinkle Kunj said.
Ya toh karna hi tha kunj she said.
I’m happy finally they are happy together Kunj added. Aur what dr said you?? He asked.
Absolutely fine it’s just normal she said.. after talks they sleep..

After Rahul and Anjali patch up kunj was really happy one guilt is over from his heart.Twinkle went to her mother house while Kunj for his work.

At [email protected]
Meera wasn’t feeling well she went to mandir even tej too they prayed didn’t see each other. Meera was coming down she was busy in her thoughts don’t know when she mis the step and falls down from the mandir staircase badly all people come around her she drenched in the blood.

After seeing the crowd tej get confused to see this.
What happened he asked someone?
Someone falls down from the staircase he said tej was going but when his eyes went on Meera and were shocked to see her and he runs to her and away from the crowd..
please side meri betiiii come out tej mouth.. after ages Meera was blinking her eyes tej took her head on his lap.
Meeraaa kya hua open your eyes Arey please bring ambulance meri betiiii tej shouted while Meera just smiling that word meri beti was echoing in her eyes if she dies today than she is happy after ages she listens to this word from her father mouth she gets conscious with a happy face tej shocked and lift Meera in his arms and take her to the hospital.

Soon dr comes and take Meera in the ICU room.Tej informed Avantika saanvi was with Avantika only within no time whole sarna family come to the hospital they thought tej accident happened.
Tejjj Avantika said.
Avantika woh Meera he narrate her everything they all shocked most Avantika.

Saanvi in formed anjali she too shocked and tell Rahul from Rahul Kunj and Adarsh and Jaidev get to know they were too shocked. Kunj not in the stage when twinkle get to know from Anjali she immediately went to Kunj and in Hustle kunj and twinkle reached to hospital. Taneja’s too arrived itself.

Kunj went to reception asked about Meera twinkle see Avantika she gestured to Kunj. They went to everyone dr was coming out from icu room.
Dr was my sister Meera Kunj asked in breathing voice.
Can’t say anything right now she lost blood lott her condition is very critical dr said and went from there floor sleep from Kunj shoes. While all Sarna’s looking at twinkle baby bump they don’t know about her pregnancy they were completely shocked to see her..

Kunj handles yourself twinkle said and made him in side chair all sad for Meera while Avantika crying so badly.
Why life taking our test this much tej today meera in this condition she murmured and hugged tej who was too worried for his daughter while Anjali and Rahul handling tej and Avantika while twinkle Kunj.

Like mads Adarsh comes to the hospital he was with his babies bring them too Jaidev come there.
Papa where is Meera Adarsh asked Jaidev?
I don’t know Jaidev said went to Kunj.
Kunjj Meera kaha hai adarsh asked. Kunj not in the condition just tears escaping from his eyes.

Arey man I’m asking you where is my wife he shouted not seeing they were in the hospital.
Rahul comes to Adarsh. Adarsh handles yourself Meera in the ICU right now Rahul said.
Kese hua yah sab Arey you all blaming here na today happy Adarsh said Jaidev seeing Adarsh while aria and Aarush with their care taker in side seeing them just..

Adarsh see Meera from icu room window she connected with machines tears escaping from Adarsh eyes.
Papa if something Happened to Meera today me kya karunga mere bache he said and hugged Jaidev..

Kuch nahi hoga adarsh have faith on god you have to be strong for our babies Jaidev said and caressing Adarsh back he sat in the side like idiot.. while aria and Aarush went to Adarsh.
Papa where is mumma Aarush asked..
haan why you crying even Kunj maamu too aria added. Adarsh just cuddles his kids.
Bolo na mumma kaha hai they both blabbering while all seeing them and tej and Avantika stunned to see kids and they calling Meera mumma they both are her babies.they started crying fully.

Don’t cry come to dadu mumma is absolutely fine she just went to dr kuch nahi hua you both go home we will bring mumma with us Jaidev said and lifts us, but they were not ready than Rahul take them with himself..

Dr come to them. We need a signature on the papers before doing her surgery dr said.
Adarsh gets up i m her husband dr kuchh hoga toh nahi na Dr meri biwi ko adarsh Said.
We try our best to save her but everything is in god hand dr said with heavy heart Adarsh signed on the papers.

Soon Meera operation started all praying for her. The nurse comes to them.
We need blood for a patient she lost her blood lott right now we don’t have her blood in any blood bank nurse said. Kunj gets up.
You try in another blood bank kahi toh hoga nurse.
Meera ka blood group already very rare Adarsh said while tej gets up.
I will give her blood my and Meera blood group was same tej said all looking at him most Kunj..

Come with me nurse tej and tej went to nurse Kunj let the tears falls down from his eyes. Tej giving Meera blood and seeing her feeling bad to see her like this while Kunj and Avantika or Adarsh seeing them from the side window.tears rolling down from their eyes.

Rahul brings them back from the side when they stop crying.Adarsh wipes his tears and went to aria and Aarush sits down on his knees meanwhile tej come after blood.
Papa mumma they said.
He cupped their face mumma is fine you both go and don’t need to cry I will bring your mumma back with me now you are my good babies na Adarsh said.
We will not teased mumma tell her but come back they said making other more weak and rest too after seeing these small souls. He cuddles them and wiped their tears.
Haan, we will see mamma later Adarsha and send them home with the caretaker.Tej and Avantika looking at Adarsh..

Dr comes outside Adarsh went to him.
How’s my wife now Kunj too how’s my sister both showered questions on him.
Wait for you both surgery was successful we can’t say anything till she didn’t get conscious wait for that dr said and leave from there:
You don’t worry Adarsh di will be fine absolutely Kunj said.
How can I’m not worried about my wife to look at her condition chances kaam hai uske kya karunga mein you all just blaming on her haan she is wrong but itna bhi kya ek chance sab ko mil tha hai why not Meera Kunj if you all not happy because of her woh kaunsi khush hai apni life jo kiya usne uska mila chuka hai usko you and rahul know still you both said so many things to her.. kya hoga mera bacho ka agar usko kuch hogaya if something happened to Meera today I wouldn’t leave each and everyone he said and went from there..
adarshhh kunj gives him voice..
you don’t worry about him Abhi gusse mein hai he said this all Jaidev sir.
I know sir Kunj said.all sit and waiting..
Twinkle you sit please kunj said.

She sits beside him they all waiting.
Kya hoga di ko twinkle Kunj said.
Kuch nahi hoga kunj babaji haina twinkle said and held his hand while Avantika and tej went to mandir and praying for Meera life.
I said lott rubbish about Meera god please today save her uske do bache hai unke liye tej said both sit in side and crying.

Ek ke baad ek yah sab humhare hi saath kyun tej aaj Meera in this condition Avantika said crying..
mene kya kya nahi bola uske baare mein but can’t see her like this unse jo kiya no matter end of the day she is our blood tej said Kunj listen this from the sidewall.he feeling so bad life is really unfair with them.

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Meera still not get conscious making everyone worried. Kunj seeing the medicines and all’s and send Rahul to his parents Rahul bring them and give something to tej and Avantika they hugged Rahul.
Don’t be weak uncle and aunty she is not weak fighter hai Woh she will fight today also you don’t lose your hopes Rahul said console them.

Twinkle is pregnant khushi said to Avni.
Hmm we don’t know about her Avni added. While Adarsh went inside the icu room and seeing Meera he sits beside her holding her hand.
Meera what you did with yourself haan. I’m with you still.. now get up fast our babies waiting for you. For me meera I will die without you he said and resting her head on the bed recalling their all moments with each other..

Twinkle if something happened to di today i can’t forgive myself kunj said to twinkle.
Don’t let negative thoughts come in your
Mind Kunj Meera di will be fine dr ne kaha hai twinkle And wiped his tears..

Adarsh come out and went to Jaidev.
Papa you go and aria and Aarush must be crying with caretaker you know them I’m here for Meera if anything if there I will call you you go please see my babies Adarsh said.
Okay, I’m going you don’t worry kuch nahi hoga Meera ko jaidev said,
You do somedays papa aap toh itne officer ho call other drs for Meera I will call Meera drs from London yah Sahi rahega papa adarsh said.
Shh, I will do something you calm down my son Jaidev said and went from there..

The whole night passed away in this still Meera is same to same. Everyone in the hospital only Kunj telling twinkle to goes home but she is not ready to leave him alone.all get tired but can’t go home situation is so sensitive right now..

At morning Rahul and twinkle anyhow feed something to Kunj and Adarsh and tej and Avantika..

Dr come and went to check Meera is
Same still.While Meera coming in sense she opens her eyes and nurse see this and called dr.
While Meera with lot difficulties saying Adarsh name Kunj and Adarsh along with tej and Avantika entered in the room rest in side seeing Meera who open her eyes.
Meeraaa calms down Adarsh and held her hand while she just looking at tej and Avantika who standing in front of her eyes.

Mer… bach…..eee she said with heavy breathing.
Aria and Aarush is absolutely fine ghar pe hai papa ke saath you don’t worry about them you need rest Adarsh said.

Haan di everything is absolutely fine Kunj said and while Meera started taking heavy breaths all shocked to see her..

Diiiii kunj tries to calm down her.. dr come.
You all outside please they all went and give to injection Meera when she comes in control than dr let everyone meet with
Her but stress right now not good for her.

Please don’t give any stress to Meera right now Adarsh said and went from there after everyone went home because not allowed to stay hospital..

Meera is out of the danger but still not fine fully Adarsh shifted her to home with all proper medical treatment..

Both kids see Meera and cry than said they will pray for their mumma..

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All come to see Meera at sinha mansion while Kunj and twinkle and Rahul there only for kids and Adarsh..

Mummy ji and papaji don’t worry about Meera di right now she is fine twinkle said and give them water..

Tej and Avantika went to meera room.She laid down they sit beside her. She opens her eyes and found her parents.
MA…pap..a she said tears escaping from their eyes Meera’s too.. they just looking at each other not saying anything.

Meera closed her eyes you both go from here and please don’t waste your tears for me I’m getting what I deserve and I’m really sorry she said:. She tries to get up.

Don’ttt Avantika said and helps her.All come in the room. She removes her oxygen mask taking breaths with all difficulties.

Meeraaa Adarsh shouted she shows him her hand.
Today let…m….e Ada..rsh she said..

Don’t know when I get this chance in my life today I get.. I’m really sorry maa and papa I don’t know how I will sorry you both for my deeds and mistakes I don’t know in what words she said..

You aren’t well you need rest tej said.
Heh, I did so much with you both still you thinking about me let me die there at least your pain will less after what I have done Meera said tej looking at her who having tears in her eyes..

Huh, itne bhi bure nahi hai hum na me jo tum ne kiya toh tumhe mare ke liye chod du tej said.. tej gets up.

Please papa listen to me once today I don’t want anything from you. You don’t consider your daughter I’m happy because I lost this right by own but uncle and aunty and maa and papa in this Kunj and Rahul totally innocent there is no fault
Theirs whatever they have done for me I’m the real culprit they aren’t please papa don’t turn your face with Kunj he loves you both he hides from you both because of me hurt me not him me aapki achi beti nahi hu but Kunj aap dono ka acha beta hi hai because of me he become bad in your eyes and liar she said tej turned to her..

Rahul come near yes sir today let us explain ourself later is your decision whatever you people wanted Rahul said. Adarsh held Meera hand and wiped her tears.

Please listen meera us otherwise yah kahanni aise hi rahegi adarsh said.

Okay fine do and tell kya clarification dena hai tum sab ko haan tej said to sit in side couch.
They don’t know from where they start..

Say na now I’m waiting tej said in loud voice.Meera takes a deep breath.

Papa me and Virat was in the same college there i meet with him first I don’t know he was behind me I ignored him but he was really very sweet with me we both went for coffee and started knowing each other even I started living I don’t know you will be fixed my alliance with Rahul never.
When I realised I love Virat I went to you
But I can’t tell you I don’t have strength because I heard your and raj uncle conversation you and he fixed my and Rahul alliance. I don’t have any issues with Rahul he was my best friend if I didn’t meet with Virat in my life I would have happily married to Rahul..

Everything happened so fast I even try to tell Rahul but every-time suck than our wedding day come that time I don’t know what to do I love someone and going to marry with Rahul it’s wrong aap hi toh kehte hai pyaar karo toh use nibhana seekho I just run away from the house but Kunj saw me outside..

He taking me to you but I begged in front of him and tell him about my love I love someone, not Rahul and I can’t do anything that moment nothing is important for me then Virat I completely become blind because of me kunj get ready and he helps me to run Virat was waiting for me to the airport I went..

Didn’t think about anyone mere baad sab ka kya hoga ek baar me nahi socha mene papa Meera said..

After me and Virat marry with each other in London I call Kunj he tell me about you all I was too shocked but I’m helpless now I can’t do anything I finished everything.

I was happy with Virat but missing and that guilt always on my heart I hurt you and leave everything.Become selfish in love. I get pregnant in some months my happiness doubled Virat took me to his family there we stay but due to some things he bring me back to London.

No contact with Kunj my these days I blessed with a baby boy. One day I heard Virat talking with his brother was shocked to know he just played with my heart he doesn’t love me he used me for his motive that blast happened in London he was behind that I was completely broken not in that condition say anything and do..

When he is not at home I call Kunj immediately before tell him anything he comes and cut the wires and get to know I get to know about him.He tortured him I beg in front of him leave me but he was so bad to lock me in the room I already called Kunj..

anyhow I run from the house with my small baby he was running behind me I was screaming for the help but nobody come for my help in front of my eyes he shoots my babyyyy Meera said and cried so badly while all shocked and looking at her..
I can’t do anything in front of my own eyes my own so-called love and Husband and for whom I leave my family everything he killed my baby that was his baby too Meera added.Kunj wiped his tears..

Haan, I help Meera di maa and papa when she told me about Virat and her love I don’t know what to do but can’t see her like this I help her to run from the marriage Tej come to Meera who really crying.
Kunj sits beside tej down.

That moment I think like as a brother didn’t care about Rahul Meera run whatever humiliation we bear we all know I feel guilty and realised what I did I try to tell you papa but your health wasn’t supporting I thought if you get to know I was the behind who help di to escape from the house and her marriage you will break down already you broke after Meera di.. in my stupidity I did one mistake I don’t want more papa do I shut my mouth..

Contact Meera di and get to know she is happy I told her what she did we don’t want her she just think about herself because of her today I lied with My parents too.

Meera di call me I didn’t hear clearly what she saying but one thing is sure is not safe something is there I went to London’ immediately when reached to Meera di house there no one was their the whole house completely scattered here and there I was finding di and Virat come outside asking people they too don’t know about them..

After one week while searching about Meera di and complain about her in the police station I went to Inquire about di there policeman told me she is in the jail she behind all those attacks I was shocked and request him to let me meet with my sister once.
When I went and see Meera di in the prison I was stunned her condition not less than any lifeless body..
[email protected]
Diii what are you doing here haan what is this where is Virat and baby Kunj asked.
Don’t take his name Kunj he is killer of my baby Meera said.
Whatt Di kya hua tell me how you reached here Kunj asked.
Kunj after killing my baby Virat put all allegations on me and called cops and they thought I was behind the attacks and real criminal they bring me here Kunj mene kuch nahi kiya hai Meera tells him to rest story too..

How can he did this di he loves you kunj said.
No Kunjj he never loved me I was just his pawn of his game he used me just kunj meera said and falls down on her knees Kunj shocked there he doesn’t know what to do.. flashback end.

I didn’t reach on the time papa that day if I did then today my sister not in this condition that night I didn’t help her instead of taking her back to you that was good but I too idiot like di..

I don’t know what to do one is thing is sure anyhow I have to bring out my sister from here I try for her bail her bails got rejected every-time because the case was really not small than I meet with a lawyer who told me it’s impossible Meera to come out of the jail needs proofs to prove her innocence.

I promised di I will bring her out and Virat have to pay for his deed that day I took the oath and I went back to New York my own studies there anyhow give my exams but one thing rolling my mind Meera di just
I have to bring out from that hell she is there somewhere I’m the reason too.
I thought that time to tell you you can help after all your are such a big business but again I stopped myself one day then I can’t take it this guilt anymore I went to dadi and tell her each and everything about Meera di what I did she was shocked and angry with me many days than she understood my point dadi bhi meri koi help nahi kar sakti thi one dadu when Rahul asked me why I’m staying like this I can’t hide I did enough I tell him each and everything he was shocked to know without listening to me he went from there because of this all I hurt my best friend I explain himself than he comes to me said karna kya hai ab that was his word I was shocked to hear this..

I need to bring out my sister Rahul Kunj said.
Don’t worry Kunj we will bring out Meera Rahul said.

And maa and papa I didn’t think about myself I was really angry with Kunj first Meera even he too but kya karta I can’t see my best friend like this even Meera too when heard about her my pain is less in front of her..

We both take the decision to bring out Meera but how??? Don’t know.court need proofs which we don’t have and we don’t know anything than one day our one a friend become police officer kunj and me looking at each other.

And I heard a lot about dadu from dadi I always want to become like him do something for my country but that was just in thoughts never took that things seriously one way Was left to us we have to find out each and everything that not possible like this.
I searched lott than I lied he too we going India for some work.

We come to Delhi there we both for go Civil Services exam for that we both have to clear all the stages of Civil Service Examination we give us best don’t know what our result will come, papa, if Rahul wasn’t with me i can’t do this luckily we both passed in our exams and selected then go for our training we did our best
Karna hi tha Meera di ke liye.. i m doing for my sister and he did for our friendship.

After everything we both become AN ATB SECRET AGENTS KUNJ SARNA AND RAHUL MALHOTRA ITS LIKE A dream for us.We both send to New York due to our mission we both working under another senior agent.Always lied with you doing some course that was bullshit we learned how to hide our identities in our training we aren’t allowed to tell anyone about us.
Our life becomes secret.
After working hard we appreciated lot then we both meet with Jaidev sir who comes in our life like a godfather I can’t thanks him enough in my life..

We both working under him there I meet with Adarsh we all co teammates sharing great bond my aim just my sister one day when I get promotion Jaidev sir asked me after seeing me..
I told him about Meera di and Virat I promised him I will give my life to my duty I just want one help my sister and punishment Virat babaji with me he encouraged me lott and ready to help me when I study about Virat get to know he was brother don MP whom finding he was behind all the attacks Kunj giggles.

Ab Virat mera apni behan ka culprit nahi tha many million innocent people died because of him I promised that day to myself I will take for each Thing revenge back from him..

He was my mission and it’s not easy to find him. After a lot, I finally found him he was standing me and my sister face flashing in front of my mind he was shocked to see me. I didn’t waste a second because I can’t tolerate him I immature shoot him but not easily how he suffered my sister like that way only he screaming for the help but nobody come to like for my sister finally he dead I took my sister revenge from that day by killing him maa and papa I get relief but I will when my sister will be out.

After Virat, I proved Meera di innocence Jaidev sir really help me today meera di out because of him and Rahul who become the better hacker.. 👅..

Finally, a court gets ready to released Meera di I was so happy my sister out of the jail and fully innocent. We are going from the court there don’t know how Meera and my accident happened it was planned or not don’t know di was already in the jail ended she just living but nothing is left in her body.

Her condition was a really bad huge accident was I was okay after Meera di went in the coma I thought I win but what I get my sister to become lifeless death body
Koi na I have one hope she will be fine I went back to New York me and Rahul.

Jaidev sir promised me he will see Meera in my absence after 6 months di get conscious and we went to her get so happy and tell her about Virat but she didn’t react anything papa don’t know what happened that lose of her baby
Left really big impact on her more she tortured in the jail.. itna sab kiya but meri behan toh khush hi nahi hai. Ek din aisa nahi tha jiss din she didn’t cried can’t see her but what I can do for her. I tell her we will take her back to New York and I will tell you all about di and us but she denied she cant face you all and she doesn’t have any strength now I didn’t force with her.
Adarsh and Jaidev sir take her to their home there di treatment was going on kunj said.

And papa I don’t have any reason left to live try to kill myself always Adarsh save me he was there for me helping to come out from my trauma I feel irritated but he behind me o my Meera said.

Adarsh giggles because when I saw her fell in love with her at the first sight I didn’t tell about her she doesn’t want to live always said her heart not beating anymore I promised I will make her smile and beat her heart too. In Kunj absence, we handling her in full security because after Virat Death MP was mad and finding us mostly Meera he doesn’t know about her Adarsh said.

I can’t walk was on the wheelchair Adarsh taking care of me I don’t know why he eats my head lott I can’t run from there also.

Kunj and Rahul back to London to see me meera added.
I told my papa about my feelings for meera he doesn’t know what to say just warn me after all kunj ki behna thi I scared lott finally papa tell Kunj about me he was too shocked didn’t say anything Meera heard about that Adarsh Kunj wiped his tears.

When Adarsh told me he loves di and I saw him how nicely he taking care of Meera di jabki uska koi rishta nahi hai meri behan se aur mujhe bhi apni behan ki Zindagi ko phir mehkana tha she stays happy and Adarsh was best for her because I know him and Jaidev sir I get ready for their marriage but I warned him If anything happened to my sister I do with him worse then Virat she is very precious for me ek ki toh behan hai meri. Rahul too suggested me best decision di wasn’t ready but I didn’t listen to her tell her she did enough now I will do and she has to listen to each and everything..

I know meera di wanted her shadi like a fairy tale and I wanted to fulfil her that wishes so she can get happy somewhere Kunj said.

Very beautifully our marriage done I feel run from there too but what I get I did it one time for that still suffering.My small brother did my kaniyadan really mean for me after shadi I didn’t accept Adarsh I told him I don’t know whether I will become a good wife or not he just said dekhte hai kya hota hai. Like before he irritating me more now he gets licence official, after all, I’m his wife can’t do anything.. he understand me like no one after Kunj papa he makes me live again to teach me the value of life..

I was forget everything and was happy but again life Is unfair with me whenever I see any baby remember my baby that wound still fresh kuch nahi bhulti thi because virat breaks me like anything I can’t trust anyone again and love In my life for Kunj happiness I marry Adarsh..

I can’t Conceive baby really painful for me I want a baby.was crying every day I want baby anyhow Kunj did everything for me but he can’t bring the baby for me I want.

Me and Adarsh doing everything all medical treatments my husband become my support system he is my second pillar
After Kunj, I can trust him now.

Finally, after lots struggles i get twins babies that were too not easy to give them birth like a world war 2 for me but I can do anything when I giving up they both were there who encouraged me my babies arrived gave me the reason to leave again I was so happy I don’t want anything they become the reason to live back again for me and Adarsh beat my heart again Kunj give me everything papa again fulfilled my life with happiness best life partner Adarsh support system life really give me one more chance I very lucky I m lucky I have a brother like Kunj who didn’t think about his happiness just waste his life behind me
Whatever I’m today because of him and Rahul.. they all tell them each and everything how she suffered they don’t have any clip to show them she get enough.. tej and Avantika just freeze they never thought about this in their wildest dream both brother and sister rest their head on tej lap and crying.
We really hurt you papa but my intention never to hurt you I don’t have any way left Kunj said.
I’m sorry papa please forgive me I bear lott now i can’t she said and raised her face.
I will go from your life aapki beti aapke liye kab ki mar gai thi forget this all things like a nightmare but not Kunj Meera said,.

Tears escaping from tej eyes don’t know what to say..
he looking at Meera ek baar bol ke dekhti Meera haste haste tumhari shadi me karwa tha why you need to run like looser haan jo pyaar karte hai woh bhaag the nahi hai apne pyaar ke liye ladte hai look your parents we didn’t fight for our love still doing never run we leave our family in front of them bhaagna kesi cheez ka solution nahi hota hai Meera if that day you come to me and Kunj bring you haan I will get angry but kab tak Meera baap hu kabhi toh pigal tha me at least you will not bear this all but you did what you want aisa nahi hota hai if you think you did because me and Avantika did but humne aisa kuch nahi kiya tha pyaar kiya hum dono ne fark yah hai humhare families didn’t understand our love still that pain we having still what our crime today we are staying with our family happy in New York I have everything but not having my family I can’t leave Avantika she is my everything papa thought I choose my lover over him aisa kuch nahi tha I don’t want to leave him and nor Avantika I make me do this I never understand my love today also he considering all his family not me my family see your mother everyday she hoping today my father will accepted her with a smile she bears their all taunt never complain me about that I know it’s hurt her yah hota hai pyaar Meera not that screaming middle of the roads haan I love you sacha pyaar iss ko nahi bolte hai hume bhaag ke ki hai shadi you all tell us it’s true but after shadi we went to our families they didn’t accepted us aur lagta hai kabhi karenge bhi nahi.

After years get you both feel like we will stay happy koi nahi tha humhare pass ek humhari choti si family you all and my best friend after you distance comes in our friendship too I wouldn’t say you you get your karma you hurt us but your pain not karma for me. If you understand me situation maybe something else today my and Avantika was already very complicated never thought my kids also that’s why take you both away from this all things what Kunj did for you very big thing you have a great brother and he had too greatest friend tumne ek baar Rahul ke baare mein nahi socha what he will feel after you you just get blind in your love meera..

after you went we both thought you leave us but happy in your life now listening this shocking for us I had that pain in my heart I father didn’t understand me but I will understand and become the friend of my kids but see today I’m not less than him i think worse than him too tej said.
Nahi papa don’t say this you are the best always I’m the bad she hugged him.. tej hugged her back..

Every second I miss you papa whom I love most in this world I didn’t care about his feelings that’s why babaji did this all with me and I’m not feeling bad I deserve this only Meera said..

Ek baar aati toh sahi Meera humhare pass tumhe bhul na aur marwa hua bola not easy for me whenever see someone daughter remember my daughter he said all smiled.. they break the hug..

Please forgive me I’m really guilty for my mistakes Meera added.
You aren’t in the condition leave it jo hua bhul jao zindagi me hota hai tej said and wiped her tears.
Aapne mujhe maaf kar diya papa she said.
Ab kya karu you maybe don’t need your father but I toh need my kids woh kehte hai na insaan wakalat jab seekh tha aur Karta jab us pe Baath aati hai dusro ke time tak waqt woh judge banke faisla karta hai he said Kunj closed the eyes feeling so guilty..

Hehe my life filmy I was wondering but
Yours too 👅tej said they giggles with tears and hugged each other.while Kunj Hugged his mother very emotional family scene 👅😂…
Just then aria and Aarush entered in the room and seeing everyone they went to the bed.
Mumma you wake up see we bring parshad for you, aunty, give us we pray for you god get well soon our mumma they aria said. Meera and tej break the hug.

Acha Meera said..
Why you crying aria asked.
Not at all she said and they hugged her.. tej caressing aria hairs.
It’s your kids never thought tej said.
Haan she said.. while Kunj gets up and went from there he can’t take it anymore twinkle went behind him.Rest comes down
Tej and Avantika or Meera and Adarsh were there in the room along with the kids.

Now you rest Meera Avantika said.She laid down kissed on her forehead..
mumma who they are they asked.. Meera looking at them before her Adarsh.

They are your nanu and nani like dadu he is my father they both your mumma. Mumma and papa babies Adarsh said.
Ho they said and smiled.

You get really good husband tej said and they went from there..

To be continued..

Most of the problems in life are because of two reasons: we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting.

Hiiii after few days later sorry guys I know you all waiting for the update.. what to do I’m ill very badly infection now well..
I try to post but in this all cant thanks for understanding my problem.
No more wait here is the your episode finally.
Whole story disclosed the real reason why kunj and Rahul did? What story of Meera?
Too much emotional 👅👅😂..
Thanks for comments first 😍😍😍❤️❤️no words overwhelmed by your response and unconditional love❤️❤️😘..
give twinj scenes whatever you wanted don’t know kesa hai I know posting late but time mila abhi🤪🤪..
no proof reading please ignore mistakes posting in hustle 😐😐..
do let me know how’s the episode
Now target you all 😂because I can’t now..
finally everything is over and somewhere solved too..
bye love you all










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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update




Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Episode starts with Riddhima checking the teddy. Vansh comes and says did you see Ishani, she isn’t in her room. Ishani thinks I may get caught. Vansh sees the teddy and says Ishani, come out. Aryan worries. Ishani comes out. Everyone comes out. Vansh scolds Aryan. Aryan asks why do you always accuse me, I gifted her the teddy, I didn’t know she will do this, maybe Riddhima has helped Ishani escape. Vansh says because I know Riddhima can never do this, I reached your room and got your blank cheque, why did Ishani give this to you. Dadi slaps Aryan.

She says you were making Ishani run away, why are you taking revenge, I would have ousted you from the house. Vansh asks her to calm down. He says you would have ruined our family respect, its good Riddhima saw you and stopped, go and get ready, its time for the rounds. Ishani sits in the mandap.

Vansh asks Riddhima to have juice, she didn’t have anything since morning. She asks did you know. He nods. She thanks him. He says let me thank you, you saved my life and today my respect, I would have lost Ishani today, its my mistake, I failed to keep an eye on her, thank you so much, why do you look so worried, is everything fine, I don’t believe in keeping favors. She recalls everything and says I wanted to tell you something, about my past, when I was out of the house…. before marriage… Vansh stops her. Ye pyaar hai…plays….

Vansh says it was your past, we are married now, we are together and it matters to me, you also learn to live in present, you will be happy. Pandit says its time for kanyadaan. Dadi says Ishani’s dad isn’t alive, Vansh and Riddhima will do the kanyadaan. Ishani thinks I will ignite fire in your life. Pandit says Riddhima didn’t wear any suhaag sign. Riddhima says sorry, I forgot to wear it. Vansh says its fine. He takes the sindoor and fills in her maang. Kabir and Anupriya look on. Kabir says so much happened and its not affecting her, how. Vansh makes Riddhima wear the mangalsutra.

Pandit does tilak to him and gives the gathbandhan cloth. Vansh and Riddhima tie the gathbandhan cloth for Ishani and Angre. Riddhima recalls his words. She recalls their marriage. Ishani and Angre take the wedding rounds. They perform the rituals. Vansh sees Riddhima. Anupriya says I think Riddhima forgot the past and moved on, she has fallen for Vansh, what will we do now. Kabir says my pawn has gone blind in love, she has to come back to me at any cost. He vents anger on himself. Riddhima asks Dadi not to worry. They see Vansh shouting on the call. Vansh says you should send the file to Khurana by tomorrow. He goes. Riddhima says he looks worried. Dadi says he stays angry when he is hungry, it was Ishani’s marriage, he didn’t find time to have anything, did you have anything, you both are same, like kids, caterers would have gone, wait, I will make something. Riddhima says I will cook something for us, don’t worry. Kabir says time has come…. He gets angry.

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