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Watch: Sidharth Shukla blushes when asked about Shehnaaz Gill, promises to work with her when she has time



Not many of us see the hard work of people behind the screen. Line producers are regarded as an important pillar of support by filmmakers. Gopi Krishna Narravula has been one such widely-respected line producer in the Telugu film industry. Taking to Twitter, Mahesh Babu has congratulated him on bagging his 100th film.

“Glad to know that Gopi Krishna Narravula has completed his 100th film as a line producer/foreign shoot coordinator with #SarkaruVaariPaata (the ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’ actor’s upcoming movie). It all began with ‘Bazaar Rowdy’ in 1988 which I was a part of (sic),” Mahesh wrote.

He described Gopi Krishna as a “hard-working and dedicated member of our film fraternity”. Mahesh added, “Had some wonderful memories working with him all these years. Congratulations and wish you the best always Gopi garu!!”

‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’, directed by Parasuram Petla, will go on the floors later this year. Starring Keerthy Suresh as the heroine, it will hit the screens in 2021.

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Pavitra Bhagya 25th September 2020 Written Episode Written Update




Pranati tells Jugnu to wear her school shoes. Reyansh brings another set of shoes for her. You don’t need to wear those boring shoes. Jugnu agrees. I don’t feel like going to school after seeing those shoes. I will wear these only. Pranati brings breakfast for Jugnu. It isn’t a fashion show. It is so late already and you aren’t ready yet. Reyansh tells Jugnu to wear those boring shoes before this volcano bursts. Pranati says I will. I have been telling Jugnu to sleep on time but she does not listen to me. Jugnu shouts as the comb hurts her. Why do you try to comb my hair when you don’t know how to? Reyansh teases her. Jugnu high fives with him and hugs him. Pranati smiles. She makes Jugnu’s ponies. Reyansh packs Jugnu’s bag. They are all smiles as they help Jugnu get ready for school. Dadi and Kesar are watching them from the door.

Reyansh gives money to Jugnu. Eat something in canteen. He changes his statement as he notices Pranati staring at him. Pranati feeds and paratha to Jugnu. They have a hearty laugh. Kesar says they are such a cute family. May God bless them. Dadi glares at her. Pranati is trying to woo Reyansh. I am not blind. I can see it very well. I must stop this before things go out of hand. Kesar says what if this actually becomes a happy family. Dadi says what if you lose your job and a young helper replaces you. Kesar asks her why she keeps threatening her. Kesar leaves. Dadi holds her head.

Armaan tells Dadi about a problem. She tells him to handle the problems himself. He mumbles that she shouldn’t drink so much alcohol if she cannot digest it. We have almost lost our gym business and we will very soon lose the alcohol business too. Dadi becomes alert. He shares that women canceled their membership at once. Gyms will close if this continues. Vardhan Bhaiya’s news is responsible for it. Dadi gets angry with Pranati again. She is the root cause of it. Find an actor or model, click some pictures and then upload some pictures on social media. Include concessions or appoint a bodyguard behind every girl. He agrees.

Dadi wonders when will Pranati leave her side. Mallika says everything is in your hands now. I did my part already. Any news related to Vardhan Bhaiya will stop airing soon. Dadi compliments her. You care so much about this family. Mallika nods. I am going to be Reyansh’s wife and this house’s DIL after all. I did what a good DIL should do for her in-laws. Dadi agrees. This is your house only. Mallika says right now I only want Reyansh. Did you speak to him? Reyansh happens to walk past Dadi’s room. He notices Mallika and walks away. Dadi tells Mallika to wait for the right time. Mallika says I hope you know what will happen if my wish is not fulfilled. I have only one bad quality. I don’t know how to be patient. Dadi says even I don’t have the patience to hear threats. Mallika says we must not test each other’s patience then. It will be better for both of us. You would know that better. Take care. She leaves. Dadi fumes. How dare she threaten me!

Pranati tells Reyansh that she forgot Jugnu’s drawing book in car. He offers to bring it. The key is in the room. She is headed upstairs when she collides with Mallika. I am so sorry. Mallika tells her to be careful. It is your habit to make mistakes intentionally. You do something wrong but someone else has to bear the brunt of it. Pranati asks her if she is done and walks away.

Mallika stops Reyansh. Let’s party. He asks her what she means. She reminds him of the kinds of parties they used to have. He notices Pranati looking at them. What has happened to her? Why is she listening to our conversation so carefully? Armaan follows his brother’s gaze and notices Pranati near the staircase. Mallika says let’s relive the old time. Reyansh wonders why Pranati seems upset. He says yes to Mallika. She speaks of the plans. Reyansh repeats it loudly for Pranati. It sounds like a great idea. Mallika asks him if he really liked her idea. He nods. She hugs him. Reyansh does not hug her back but smiles looking at Pranati. She heads inside. Mallika asks Reyansh if he really liked her idea. He pushes her away. Are you crazy? I have no interest in parties anymore. Go and have fun with your friends. Armaan smiles. Mallika says you just told me. Reyansh says I don’t feel like doing that now. What will Sameer think of this? Go home. He and your Papa will be waiting for you. She leaves.

Reyansh stops to think why he wants to know what Pranati thinks about him. First, I should find out if she is actually thinking about me or not. Does she really care about what I do?

Dadi is looking at some papers. Pranati comes there. Dadi gives her a pen. Sign those papers. Pranati looks at the papers. Dadi says it clearly states that you are withdrawing your complaint against Vardhan. Pranati takes the pen from her but closes it instead. This will never happen. Dadi snatches the pen from her hand. This is about my family. I will punish him if he has done something wrong, not police. This is about my family! You started this mess so you will clear it. Pranati says you are trying to hide Vardhan’s mistake. Dadi reminds her that Vardhan is my grandson. Pranati says he tried to molest me and I have proof against him. I will make sure he gets punished. Dadi tells her to sign them quietly. I have incurred losses because of you. You think he will be having some problem in jail? We are Khurana’s. we can make hell heaven for ourselves. Don’t waste my time. Sign these papers. Pranati refuses. Dadi threatens her. Pranati is about to reply when Reyansh says she said no and that means she wont sign those papers.

Reyansh walks in. I am sorry Dadi but Pranati will not withdraw her case. Pranati looks at him in surprise. Dadi asks him if he has lost his mind. Your brother is rotting in jail because of her. Reyansh reasons that he is there because of what he has done. Dadi asks him if he isn’t ashamed. You are telling me what your elder brother has done wrong. You were not like this before. What has happened to you? She glares at Pranati. Reyansh tells Dadi he isn’t trying to go against her. Bhai made a mistake. He does not even regret it. He must be punished for his misdeed. He dint molest only Pranati. He has done wrong to you as well. He makes her sit down and holds her hand. Why do you want to save him? He is your blood, your grandson. Are you not forgetting it that you are a woman too? A woman gave birth to him and another woman raised him. You helped him in business. You gave him the freedom to make his own decisions. He chose to molest a woman instead! He has insulted your upbringing by doing this. I wouldn’t have intervened if it wasn’t about your dignity. No one else is more important to me than you. He has raised a question on your dignity by molesting Pranati. I will not let anyone malign it!

Dadi says I understand everything but I will punish Vardhan for his mistake, no one else. This is about our family’s name. Everyone is bad mouthing us. We must get him out of jail. He is our blood after all. I taught you all to stand by each other in case of any problem. She holds the documents for him. Reyansh says sorry to her. I wont help Bhai till the time he wont apologize to Pranati. Epi ends on Pranati’s shocked face.

Today’s written update will be published soon

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‘Batla House’ Review (3.5/5): John Abraham’s Class Act Lifts This Gripping Tribute To Police Officers




10 years after the Batla House encounter, John Abraham and Nikkhil Advani bring on screen the controversial and political event on screen. The case still has not got its closure and the answer to ‘was it real or fake?’ is not clear yet. Does this adaptation resolve this 10-year mystery? Read further.

  • Director: Nikkhil Advani
  • Screenplay: Ritesh Shah
  • Cast: John Abraham, Mrunal Thakur, Ravi Kishan, Nora Fatehi, Manish Chaudhari, Rajesh Sharma and others 
  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Date releasing: August 15, 2019
  • CBFC rating: U/A
  • Duration: 146 minutes 
  • Reviewer Rating: 3.5/5

Setting the scene 

Blasts have ravaged Delhi, killing 30 in September 2008. A few days later, based on an investigation, Delhi Police Special Cell decide to raid a flat at Batla House where alleged terrorists are hiding. However, things don’t go as per plan as two alleged terrorists get killed in the encounter, two escape and one is arrested, while one police officer also loses his life.  


‘Batla House’ traces the story of ACP Sanjay Kumar (John Abraham), who heads the investigation team that conducts the operation, resulting in the encounter. However, residents of the area, media and politicians term it as a fake encounter of ‘innocent students’. Kumar, who is already facing a troubled time with wife (Mrunal Thakur), not just is attacked with allegations in a media trial, a departmental inquiry for the fiasco, but also suffers a mental breakdown over the deaths, including of his colleague (Ravi Kishan). His rollercoaster journey, strategising the way to get hold of one of the escaped terrorists, proving the authenticity of the incident to his seniors, ministers and towards the end, to the court, while battling his own demons, forms the rest of the story. 


There is a not a single dull moment in ‘Batla House’; the movie is gripping from the word ‘go’ till the end, and the credit goes to the direction and editing. 

It goes without saying, ‘Batla House’ rests on the broad shoulders of John Abraham and he uplifts it with a stupendous performance. From the portrayal of his troubled equation with wife, hallucination scenes, investigation of the terrorists with verses from Quran, or beating up the accused, the actor nails the role to the T. It won’t come as a surprise if he is finally honoured with an award, after a string of patriotic roles. 

The supporting cast is outstanding too. The roles of the police officers and the terrorists are all played convincingly. From the supporting cast, Ravi Kishan impresses even in his brief role, Manish Chaudhari never quite gets its wrong. 

Mrunal Thakur and Nora Fatehi don’t have much to do, but they do their job fairly well. Rajesh Sharma as the overconfident lawyer is one of the highlights. 

The writing by Ritesh Shah, known for movies like ‘Pink’ and ‘Raid’, deserves a special mention. Dialogues do justice to the story, though it might seem heavy at places. 

The action sequences are extraordinary and the entire sequence of John chasing one of the terrorists, right till the point he fails to catch him, is marvellous. The picturisation of the sequences add to the build-up, though the movie isn’t much about the action, but more about what happens after the encounter. 

The background music is brilliant as it manages to keep the tempo high throughout the movie. The songs, two of them, do justice to the plot and Nora’s ‘Saaki Saaki’ act will be something that’d draw the audiences to the theatres. 

On the flip side, John’s equation with his wife might seem as deviating from the plot for some, while the hallucination scenes might have mixed reactions. The monologue towards the end might seem too preachy. Some sequences like the scene in Nepal was out of the blue and more focus could’ve been given to the facts that brought the Special Cell to Batla House. The reason why Kumar and Co waited one year to go to UP to nab the accused was not justified. Like ‘Talwar’, Batla House tries to present various versions of the incident, but this one does take a side.  

However, overall, ‘Batla House’ is an impressive action thriller, aided by impressive performances and fine direction, that gives a fitting tribute to the police officers. 

What works: Direction, performances, action sequences 

What doesn’t: Could’ve been crisper and more detailed   



Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment.

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Director Singeetam Srinivasa Rao Tests COVID-19 Positive, Says ‘it’s A Mild Infection’




Veteran movie director Singeetam Srinivasa Rao on Wednesday, August 16, shared a video to reveal that he has been tested COVID-19 positive and is currently under home quarantine. He also disclosed that he has a mild infection and is self-isolated inside his room.

“Hello everyone, just wanted to tell you that I was declared COVID-19 positive on September 9. I also wanted to tell everyone that the infection is mild. However, the doctor has suggested home quarantine and self-isolation,” said Singeetam Srinivasa Rao in the video. 

“Since I’m self-isolated, my food is kept outside my room’s door, which makes me recall my hostel days,” said Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. He also revealed that he is currently reading books and writing scripts to pass his time. Here’s Singeetam Srinivasa Rao’s video: 

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Singeetam Srinivasa Rao on his fight against COVID-19 

Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, who was tested COVID-19 positive, a few weeks ago, said that he is recovering from the virus and is better. He exclaimed, “Medicines are doing their job, and I’m doing all that I can do. I’ll be alright soon.” Singeetam Srinivasa Rao also warned everyone to take good care of themselves.

“COVID is a serious thing. It finds ingenious ways to attack you, so one has to be very careful,” added the director. 

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Meanwhile, Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, who turns a year older on September 21, said that he would not celebrate his birthday this year. Since his quarantine finishes on September 22, he will postpone his birthday celebrations, said Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. He also thanked all well-wishers and fans who sent him messages asking about his well being. 

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Singeetam Srinivasa Rao was last seen in Krish’s Kanche. The movie, starring Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal has the veteran director in a cameo. Interestingly, Kanche was Singeetam’s last movie. He has been on a hiatus for the past five years. 

He last helmed Welcome Obama (2013). The movie, starring  Urmila Kanitkar, Rachel and Esteban in the lead is the official remake of Marathi film Mala Aai Vhhaychy! (2011). The film opened to mixed reactions from the critics and audiences, with the latter heavily criticising the pace of the movie. 

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Get the latest entertainment news from India & around the world. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news. Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment.

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