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What the Oscars’ New Diversity Initiative Does — and Doesn’t — Do



Green Book would be safe from the Oscars’ new diversity and inclusion standards.
Photo: Universal Pictures

I like to imagine that, hidden somewhere in the depths of its new museum, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has a gigantic dial that it is continually adjusting to find the policies that will create the least public outcry — a doomed endeavor, since no matter the course it charts, our hyperpolarized atmosphere ensures the Academy will be scorned as full of both out-of-touch gatekeepers and thought-policing totalitarians in equal measure. And yet, like Sisyphus, it keeps trying anyway. You have to respect that.

This week’s Oscars controversy was the reveal of the Academy’s long-promised diversity and inclusion standards, first announced back in the hothouse environment of June, when every elite institution was trying to get ahead of the summer’s racial reckoning. Starting with the 96th Oscars in 2024, movies hoping to be nominated in Best Picture will need to jump through two of the following four hoops: (1) The film must feature underrepresented groups, either in substantial roles, the overall ensemble, or in its narrative themes; (2) a certain number of key crew members must be female and/or queer, nonwhite, or disabled; (3) the film’s distributor must employ apprentices or paid interns from underrepresented groups; and (4) the company must have female, queer, nonwhite, and/or disabled executives in its marketing, publicity, or distribution teams. (For the two years prior to the 2024 awards, putative Best Picture nominees must also submit how many of the standards they meet, but won’t be disqualified if they don’t hit the benchmark.) The full text of the standards is below:

Besides the somewhat predictable fearmongering about “woketopians,” the Academy’s announcement sparked a social-media parlor game, with Awards Twitter trying to figure out which recent Best Picture nominees would miss the cut under the new rules. As far as I can tell, the standards are loose enough that there aren’t any. The Irishman? Thanks in part to Mexican cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, it would be safe. The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Two of the screenwriters, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, are women. What about a war movie like 1917? That was co-written by one woman, Krysty Wilson-Cairns, and produced by another, Pippa Harris. Given the prevalence of female casting directors and costume designers in Hollywood, as well as the sheer number of interns, I suspect it would take more effort for a modern Oscars contender to fail these standards than to pass them, especially those released by large distributors. (How the new rules will affect tiny art-house studios is the one qualm that I do share.) Indeed, the Academy’s rules are modeled after the BAFTAs, whose D&I guidelines did not prevent them from having their own #OscarsSoWhite controversy earlier this year.

Which speaks to the strange logic of the initiative: The Academy is both heralding a step forward for greater representation, while also reassuring worrywarts that nothing substantial will change. So, what’s the point of all this?

I can think of a few things. First, there’s value in codifying standards everyone already abides by. A norm can be easily thrown aside; a rule can’t. Enshrining these benchmarks in the Academy rule book also ensures that workplace diversity continues to be front of mind during awards season, something as important to the movies’ multimillion-dollar awards carnival as release dates and screener access.

But more important, it’s a sign that the Academy is increasingly comfortable stepping into the role outsiders have long assigned it: Hollywood’s official ambassador to the outside world. If it’s going to be held publicly responsible for the industry’s problems — something its employees have long grumbled about in private — this is the Academy stepping into that responsibility and, for the first time, dictating terms of its own. It’s an interesting, and slightly surprising, power shift. But not an unwelcome one.


Bartenders Name The Best Whiskeys Finished In Non-American Oak Barrels




At its best, whisk(e)y can be almost inscrutably complex while never losing touch with its simplest building blocks. While there are various styles and rules for each unique iteration of the spirit, whisk(e)y is essentially just an alcohol distillate made from fermented grains and aged in wood barrels. Like beer, it’s elegant in its directness but contains endless possible permutations.

The aging process, in particular, has benefitted from tremendous industry-wide creativity in recent years. After the initial barreling, many distilleries are now opting to finish their expressions in unique barrels. These include staves that once held sherry, rum, cognac, and even maple syrup. This additional level of maturation imparts unique and memorable flavors into the final product.

To find the best whiskeys finished in barrels beyond the standard first or second fill American Oak, we asked a handful of our favorite bartenders for help. Check their picks below.

The Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask

Mitchell Meredith, general manager of SOFF’s at JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa in Miami

The Balvenie 14 year is a complex Caribbean Rum cask finished scotch. The subtle peaty notes are rounded out by the vanilla notes of the Oak Barrel and the molasses notes in the rum. It’s a perfect expression for an old fashioned style cocktail — try it with the addition of chocolate bitters.

Redbreast Lustau

Carlos Lopez, bar manager at Stitsville Fish Bar in Miami

Redbreast Lustau brings the best of both countries’ products together — Irish whiskey and Spanish sherry. The sherry barrel imparts an extra sweetness that pairs well with the caramel and nutty flavors of the Redbreast.

Stranahan’s Sherry Cask

Jess Thorson, bartender at TORO Kitchen & Lounge at Viceroy Snowmass in Snowmass, Colorado

You have to go with Colorado’s Stranahan’s here. I really like their Sherry Cask. It has a rich flavor without being too sweet.

Angel’s Envy Finished Rye

Hayden Miller, head bartender at Bodega Taqueria y Tequila in Miami

Angel’s Env Finished Rye has such a versatile flavor profile but performs well by itself. The rum finish is not overbearing but still stands out — delivering the rum-notes one would naturally expect.

Edradour Sauternes Cask

Jeremy Allen, bartender at MiniBar in Los Angeles

Glenfiddich has been doing an experimental series with different releases finished in different barrels, which was pretty successful. The Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask is also hit among bartenders.

For something more niche, I love Edradour Sauternes cask. It’s the perfect kiss of wine from the wood, it adds and lifts up the scotch, instead of covering it up, like some with a heavier hand.

Woodford Reserve Five Woods

Daniel Gamiño, assistant food and beverage manager at Banyan Tree Cabo Marques in Acapulco, Mexico

Woodford Reserve Five Woods, which is aged in five different barrels — various sherries and ports. The delicate results deliver flavors of red fruits, confit plums, dark chocolate, raisin, hazelnut, dark caramel, and coffee. It’s balanced and full-bodied.

This whiskey is a great pairing for steaks and aged meats.

Isaac Bowman Port Finished

Andy Printy, beverage director at Chao Baan in St. Louis

Isaac Bowman Port Finished is one of my favorites in this category. It’s all port wine on the nose and for just an instant on the palate. It almost immediately gives way to cloying baked fruit and pastry. The finish brings back more French oak and just the right amount of spice.

The Macallan Amber

Efren López Fernandez, bartender at Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

In my opinion, Macallan Amber is a great bottle aged in more than just oak barrels. It’s because it has a lot of flavor of malt, caramel, and honey. Like all of The Macallan’s expressions, it’s finished in sherry butts from Jerez, Spain.

Angel’s Envy Cask Strength

Zach Wilks, bartender at Anthony’s Chophouse in Carmel, Indiana

Angels Envy Cask Strength is unlike anything I’ve ever had. It’s so complex with great fruit notes along with butterscotch and toffee notes also. I love this bottle.

Hudson Whiskey Short Stack

Sebastien Derbomez, brand advocacy manager at William Grant & Sons

What about maple barrel?

I’ll challenge you to try Hudson Whiskey Short Stack. Short Stack is a toast to those late-night haunts in New York City, and the characters that inhabit them. Distilled from hearty New York rye, mellowed in American oak, then finished in Vermont maple syrup barrels. Bold rye spice is rounded by a subtle maple sweetness.

Consider this your new whiskey to impress your friends and family.

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Nontoxic Cleaning Company Truman’s Has All Of Its Membership Bundles Discounted By 20% Today




The team at Truman’s has a clear goal: to supply families and households with excellent cleaning products that are nontoxic and totally safe to use around kids, pets, and even adults.

To that end, Truman’s has discounted all of its membership bundles by 20% today, which makes it easier than ever to take advantage of everything the company offers.

Here’s how it works: The company currently offers membership bundles, which allow you to receive certain products each month. For example, the Truman’s Home Care Membership Bundle ($29) includes 30 Get a Load of This laundry bars, 30 Your Dish Is My Command dishwasher bars, 6 Reporting for Doodie toilet bars, plus free shipping.

The Toilet + Dish Membership Bundle ($25) includes 30 Your Dish Is My Command dishwasher bars, 12 Reporting for Doodie toilet bars, and free shipping. Truman’s Toilet + Laundry Membership Bundle ($25) will take care of your family’s laundry situation each month, including 30 Get a Load of This laundry bars, 12 Reporting for Doodie toilet bars, and free shipping. The Ultimate Toilet Membership Bundle ($21) includes 18 Reporting for Doodie toilet bars.

Each of these bundles also includes a Truman’s Membership ($2/month), and every membership bundle priced over $21 includes 20% off Truman’s products.

Truman’s explains the beauty of its membership service and why it works well:

“Nobody needs a gazillion cleaning products with harsh chemicals cluttering their cabinets, and our planet certainly doesn’t need the plastic empties. That’s why we offer non-toxic products that reduce shipping and plastic waste while effectively cleaning your clothes, dishes and home surfaces. It’s a concept so novel that Fast Company has honored Truman’s as a World Changing Idea.”

You can snag your discounted membership over at Truman’s today!

Psst: If you choose to purchase an item from this post, LittleThings may receive a small cut. Each item and price is up to date at the time of publication; however, an item may be sold out or the price may be different at a later date.

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The Mandalorian to have season 4! Giancarlo Esposito hints about Season 4!!!




The first live-action series of Star Wars which is titled “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” has been set for four seasons. The series began in the year 2019. Giancarlo Esposito has said that the star wars series will have four seasons. Read out the blog post to know about this!!! gagner de l argent au casino

The Mandalorian is set for the fourth season of the series:

The first live-action series of Star Wars which is titled “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” was released last year in the month of November. As soon as the first season of the series was over, the series was renewed for its second season. The second season was completed shooting before the pandemic took its toll which resulted in no delay of the series. Now, the series is supposed to have other seasons too

Know what Giancarlo Esposito said about the fourth season of the series:

The Mandalorian - Star Wars Live Action Series Title and Synopsis Revealed - YouTube online dobbelsteen

reactoonz In a recent interview, the star of the series, Giancarlo Esposito talked about the fourth season of ”The Mandalorian”. She said that the team has already started their work for season 4 of the hit Star Wars series. The actor said about the vastness of the universe of Star Wars. He said that we all are living in a universe that is very large and huge where there is much to explore and find. So the team and the fans need to lay the groundwork for the depth and breathe that will come to other seasons i.e. Season 3 and Season 4. These two seasons would be where the fans would really get answers.

The news of the fourth season of the hit series is really exciting for the fans. Hope we will get an official nod for the fourth season of the series soon 98 us to aus.

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