Since the last couple of months, we’ve been coming across reports concerning the Picture-in-Picture mode on WhatsApp. This attribute was seen on the Android beta version of the app. As its title suggests, the PiP mode enables users to see videos within WhatsApp at a floating or pop up window. It will permit you to continue to browse inside the conversation window. Notably, this attribute supports YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other movies.

Following the testing for a month or two, the WhatsApp PiP style was rolled out into the secure version of the app. Going from the current reports, the steady version of this Android app on the Google Play Store using all the model number 2.18.280 has obtained the PiP mode attribute.

New WhatsApp features

WhatsApp possessed by Facebook was getting a lot of new capabilities. It’s been hitting the headlines on a regular basis because of its ton of features which are under testing from the beta version. Lately, the iOS edition of this app received the category calling button. The identical attribute is under testing from the Android beta version today. This feature will permit you to create a sound or video phone to one or more members of this group. You have to add participants prior to actually placing the call.

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Additionally, there are reports that the business is creating the dark mode attribute for your app. It may make it easier for consumers to browse the messages as the text will look more straightforward. It’s also stated that the battery life of these smartphones will be made better with this capacity. The app can also be working on the capability to playback sound messages consistently in a loop manner.

Another latest attributes that WhatsApp has received include the ability to respond to messages by swiping right from the telling panel. Additionally, there some reports the drop down telling panel will show a record of these multimedia messages such as videos and photos without really opening the particular dialog. However, there’s not any clear image on when precisely these upcoming features will be rolled out into the messaging app.


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